Best All Natural Wave Pomade

Best All Natural Wave PomadeLooking for the Best All Natural Wave Pomade? You’ve come to the right place

rains predict you too what’s up with your boy 360 GZ and today I’m here to teach you guys about unnatural and natural products all right stay tuned YouTube when it comes to unnatural products I’m gonna just keep it real

Best All Natural Wave Pomade

with y’all it’s bad for your hair alright it’s bad for your hand one one big reason why it’s bad for your hair is because it has this ingredient call petroleum in it you know I’m saying that’s real bad for your hair I don’t want to get into the details of what petroleum is mainly because I really don’t know but I know it’s bad for your hair that’s. 

the biggest unnatural ingredient in these products right here now when it comes to these products and products in general if you use too much it’s just bad for your hair I’ve been using these products since I was in like the eighth grade and no I’m not going bald I mean I’m 30 right now and it just doesn’t make a difference to me the good .

thing about these products is that it actually works this this actually lays your hair down with unnatural product it’s gonna be in your hair you notice and it’s not going to just dry your hair out I’m gonna you put it in one time .

and then you got to use it the next day know this stuff right here is gonna stick and stay in your hair until you wash it out the truth of the matter is you don’t want to use these products too much too often I mean I use this .

maybe once a month when I’m doing my crown method and this I use when I start getting my waves I mean after a while I stopped using this and I just go completely natural the reason why I use this in the beginning for one it .

holds your hair down nice it doesn’t have like a build up to where you can’t really wash it off your hands and I like that this washes off your hands with ease I mean it really helps with curling my hair listen to me when I tell you don’t get you wait no products get you in but it does the basketball assist the more you brush the more you get .

waves but this is a big assist when it comes to getting away now for those of you that just want total natural products in your hair these are the products to get I mean this is what I’m using right now I use s7 also that’s the .

natural product I don’t have you here with me to show you but I use natural products now mainly because I don’t need to really put hard pomade in my hair anymore my waves are are dope enough you know what I’m saying to .

where I don’t have to use heavy grease most natural products are light products all right they’re their life they’re not too much hold to them and they’re not going to lay your hair down as much as an unnatural product in the beginning of getting 360 waves you need something to lay your hair down that’s just bottom line you just need .

something to lay your hair down because when you first start off your hair sticking up and you just you need that do-rag whatever strengths and that you need to to lay your hair down can you get waves with just natural product. 

yes you can because at the end of the day it’s not about the product it’s about brushing your hair the reason I do the product reviews and brush reviews in a web game is to keep you guys motivated okay when you guys watch my. 

videos I know you’re like man it just gives me pumped I remember when I was watching sir Cruz he used to get me pumped I used to go out and buy all the seat ups just everything you said you get I get so I took that you know .

there’s an learn from it and you know now I’m doing the same thing trying to keep you guys pump on buying different products seeing what the different products work for your hair I mean this is the way it game you guys I mean we all want to be inspired in some way there’s nothing like giving something in the mail and it gets you .

inspired and motivated to brush I’m gonna give you guys the ingredients to this natural product right here this product is your sweet jameelah from exotics this has shea butter jojoba oil olive oil sesame oil sweet almond argan. 

oil and essential oil blend this way star is also natural this product right here has jojoba Castro tea tree oil grapeseed oil and olive oil all natural ingredients now as a waiver you’re kind of confused cuz it’s like what side do.I choose do I want to be unnatural or do I want to be natural the truth of the matter is the blunt truth of the .

matter is it doesn’t even matter to still need to brush okay you still need to put in the work put in the hours brushing products is not gonna get you ways it doesn’t even matter products will get you healthier hair in the long. 

run of course I wanna get I want to be 60 with hair but it doesn’t even matter it’s not that deep to me if I’m using unnatural products and and I’m trying to put it in my hair to lay my hair down for now okay but to each his own .

who ever wants to go natural who ever wants to go unnatural it doesn’t matter for now okay cuz now you need to put in the work and brush your hair unnatural products don’t get you ways natural products do not get you way I .

may not have all the answers in the chemical resources to tell you that I have the answers but it doesn’t even matter what I do have the answers to is getting don’t wait okay let me let me let me step in my in view let me let .

me my InFocus let me see your mom let me get him focused so you guys can see these dope waves here so I do have the answers to that you ain’t got the answers 360 okay okay okay so why don’t you explain to us what unnatural and natural products do you’ll got ant stuff we got answers this is because I lost money alright buying .

these different products is that you know I’m saying I lost money you notice how I didn’t know which one to buy I lost money Wayne got the answers 360 I’m asking you for the answers it’s a question you don’t got the answer .

stop shopping we got the answer so hold up look you ain’t got to come on here and flex on me you ain’t got a do this we could turn these cameras off right now we could turn these cameras off right now you ain’t got the answers.360 okay let’s just clear this up right now all right we could turn these cameras off like I said earlier but the fact of the matter is it doesn’t even matter okay it