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actually in order to do this I need the products it’s a series where we take a look at popular hair product brands and see for the money are they good kind of good or not so good we’ve covered vo5 and gatsby in the past so if

Best American Crew Pomade

you’ve missed any of those episodes we’ve got a playlist for you right up here today we’re talking all things American Crew and bit of a spoiler I’m not a huge fan but we’ll get on that in a bit if you do want to check out any .

of the products that I mentioned in today’s video I’ve got them linked for you down in the description below also guys if you haven’t check out my Instagram yesterday I did a pretty big unboxing I got some new clothes some .

nice stuff that I’m really diggin if you want to know more about the brands and future stuff like that check out my Instagram that’s it I say that again it was yesterday well it doesn’t really matter like I’m just letting them know like. 

I upload stuff so American Crew was started by David rakuyo in 1994 which is the year I was born so I’m 23 for anyone who wants to know and here’s the thing regardless of my personal opinion on the performance of the .

product I got to give credit to American Crew as the brand that really put men’s grooming on the map before American Crew the beauty industry was dominated by women’s products you know marketing towards mainly .

women and it wasn’t really until American Crew that men’s grooming started getting some serious attention so .

because of what American crews started they are one of the biggest and most recognizable men’s hair care brands in the world and it’s all down to the fact that they were one of the first ones to do it and they did it really well so .

you got to give credit where credit is due now remember that this series is largely based on the performance of the product compared to how much they cost so the apply was roughly $5 per jar Gatsby was roughly $10 per jar and .

American Crew depending on where you pick it up is going to range from between $10 to about $18 in other words a little bit more pricey in today’s episode I’ve got four products to break down for you from American so .

let’s go ahead and start out with the packaging each normal size jar comes with each normal size jar comes with three ounces of product except for the boost powder of three ounces that would be a lot of powder and I’d say .

three ounces is a good amount of product each product has a solid color to differentiate them from one another .

and I mean other than that there’s not really that much to say they each have a very clean and tidy design and they give off a very timeless aesthetic basically it’s very safe looking packaging it looks classic it’s fine and with that said. 

let’s go ahead and dive into our first product fiber so fiber is American crews most popular product and I think for obvious reasons it’s there hi hold low shine product it’s what most guys look for in a product when it comes to the Best American Crew Pomadescent it’s it’s pretty light it’s pretty citrusy it’s not offensive so no complaints on the scent scooping it out fiber has .

a very buttery consistency kind of like kind of like cold butter but not frozen butter it’s not that stick breaking it down feels fairly creamy but you can definitely feel that waxy consistency as well the wax enos makes the .

breakdown feel a little bit chunky but it’s easy and then applying also not much to complain about here it applies smoothly for the most part with a slight sticky feeling but you know compared to a number of other low shine products out there it’s completely fine and then we get to the result me fiber is an example of a very standard .

typical hair wet I guess the job done I guess but to me the performance is is it’s just kind of average at bat also I would classify fiber is more of a medium hold than a really a high hold for my the length of hair that I have right .

now it works quite well so if you have about four inches of hair or less this will probably get the job done if you have longer hair I wouldn’t rely on fiber to keep my hair up next up this is a fun one this is one of my all-time .

worst hair products and that is American cruise molding clay I’m sure by now most of you know that I love hair .

class yes this is a hair clay that I do not love molding clay claims to be a high hold with the medium shine and first. 

of all I’m not sure why you would want to put any amount of shine on purpose into a hair clay hair clays are .

known for providing amazing hold and amazing texture and by adding shine in there you’re kind of diluting from .what a hair clay is known best for but anyways the scent the scent is my favorite part about this product I really like that smells Brill mass it smells masculine but again it’s not overpowering its kind of citrusy and minty at the .

same time I’m a big fan but that’s about it that’s that’s the only thing I like about that when it comes to scooping it.out it’s super easy as it’s even easier than fiber to scoop out but even though it’s easy to scoop it’s it just feels a .

little odd and it has a very greasy oiling feeling to it that just it just doesn’t feel not and that oily look and feeling is. 

a big theme with this product breaking it down results in a high shine on your hands as you can see here and then. 

applying it it’s it’s very easy but again it’s a very greasy feeling as a result you get a shiny greasy finish and it’s a .

shine that just it just feels gross to the touch as well and that shine takes away from the control a clay should have. 

so I don’t get that high hold sense out of this either also texture isn’t great again mostly due to that shine what I’m trying to say is shine and clay products these are two things that shouldn’t be combined together I’m of the .

opinion that this is a product that just shouldn’t exist pretty simple also you need soap to get the residue off your hands after you finish using it moving on to forming cream which claims to be a medium hold product and
medium shine as well the scent like fiber it’s a little bit lotion II as well it’s very light it’s not offensive it’s .

completely fine neutral sand forming cream is definitely the lightest and creamiest of the bunch to scoop out and when you start to break it down you start to feel some tacky feedback that said application is really easy there’s no tug or pull at all and as for the result like the clay it’s a pretty shiny products but I’m a bit more forgiving because creams can and do come in many different ways so if they wanted shine they can add shine that’s fine and even .

though it is a shiny finish it doesn’t feel as greasy or as gross as the clay does so that’s Elise but I feel like this product works best for a more classic looking hairstyles which is why I didn’t go for the textured quiff as I did in my previous hairstyle when it comes down to it if you’re looking for a product with medium hold and medium s.

hine forming cream is pretty true to its name it does it does both of those pretty well that said personally I’m not usually looking for shine in products unless I’m going for a pomade and finally to top off our list we’ve got American cruise boost powder which claims to be an antigravity volume powder with a matte finish whose powder. 

is different from the rest simply because it’s a powder and boost powder is simply meant to add a little bit of hold and texture to your hair for most hair types I would recommend using boost powder in addition to your normal .

styling products most of the time it isn’t strong enough to use as a standalone but if you do have thinner hair you might be able to use boost powder on its own as a styling product for the most part though I would recommend .

pairing your boost powder with your normal styling product it does a good job of adding texture so that gets a check and it is also very mattifying so if your hair is kind of oily or shiny this will help absorb some of that excess .

shine it’s a simple product but it does work well and this brings us to the conclusion for the price is American Crew good kind of good or not so good drumroll please I’m gonna say not so good again I admire what American .

Crew has done to pave the way for what men’s grooming is today they were and they still are leaders in the industry so I’ve gotta give them credit for what they’ve accomplished but a lot has happened in the 20-plus years .that American Crew has been around and there’s a lot of options out there today and with all the options that we have out there there’s no real time that I would personally pick an American Crew product over something else t.

hat works better except a boost powder because this is quite a unique product and it also works well as an addition to your normal styling product but yeah if you want to try some some quality products out there on the market I’d. 

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