Best Bald Head Electric Shaver

Best Bald Head Electric ShaverLooking for the Best Bald Head Electric Shaver? You’ve come to the right place

now there seems to be a few different varieties here of this scold shaver I believe this one called the bald eagle well the one that was sent out to me from the guys over a skull shaver is the pit bull gold I’m very excited to try this out I think this is going to be a fantastic product perfect timing for me to review this product now I’m in a bit of a rush.

Best Bald Head Electric Shaver

I’ve got to go to the gym then I’ve got to pick someone up from the airport I’ve had a shower done my beard but my hair is not looking too fantastic what we’ve got here a little before shot is three days of no shaving fantastically enough for me this product can be used wet or dry didn’t shake the head in the shower but I can use this product now in the dry over my head and hopefully it’s going to give me a much cleaner look now my first impressions of .

this product it was very nicely packaged had lots of little accessories including a spare head there was a nice little carry bag in there and even better it comes fully charged so you can use it right out of the box now we’ll talk more about the ins and outs of this product after we’ve used it but we know what we’re here for we want to see if this .

product is any good right away I’m just gonna use it out of the box give my head a little shave with it and then we can talk more about the product after really easy to use right I just grabbed it out of the box you turn it on here there’s a little on bun it shows you your percentage I’m carrying it in 96% because I’ve been playing with it a little .

bit and yeah there’s two ways to hold this of course I can hold it at the top here or I can hold it with my two fingers in here I can with my open palm I couldn’t rub it against my head so we’ve seen the piss-poor shot you can see darker on the sides hip thinner in the middle where my hair’s falling out of course guys let’s just go for it maybe .

I’m gonna turn it on no before I use this product I want to give you my assumptions I’m going to shoot this product here is going to give us a similar head shape to the Philips body group and the Philips one blade that we used it’s an electric shaver it’s not gonna give us that baby but smooth shave that we would get from a wet razor if .

it can clean me up nicely maybe it’d give me that appearance of that one day old razor shave you know this could be really good to use every day if it’s convenient I am actually expecting a little bit of irritation possibly at the front head and at the back my experience using these electric razors and sometimes they do give you a little bit of .

irritation and actually the instructions say that you need to use this product for about two or three weeks to let the skin on your head get used to it so that’s what I’m expecting am i I’m expecting a good close shave not a baby but smooth shave and maybe a little bit of irritation it should be quick to use let’s go for it guys let’s just go for it I’m excited okay  the cups hit fit really nicely on to my head and what I’m using it there’s no sort of .

tugging or pulling let’s keep going I’m gonna do this half and we can compare it quickly  okay so I’ve done one half of my head there you see this this side and that’s this side maybe you can see this should be a nice contrast in the two sides so far so good let’s keep going and let’s see how we get on with the rest of the head .

pushing hard a bit harder trying to get as close as I can get it [Applause] [Applause] okay there you go so we’ve just done the first head shape I’m down to 81 percent battery after the first head shape first impressions my scalp is a little bit joy from that so if you’re using it on the dry mode you are still .

gonna need to moisturize that head on here where there’s no hair pretty damn smooth I’m not gonna lie and actually it’s pretty damn smooth all over the place I did go over it lots and lots of times because I wanted to option just about to go out the door mate and I want a nice clean head shake though I don’t want to have to go ahead and. 

redo it so it did go over it pressing nice part and you know what that is damn impressive very comparable to the one blade and the filter body groom and if not you know I’m gonna be honest it might even be just a little bit smoother there’s a couple of bits here where the hair is a little bit longer I might have to touch those up a little bit .

 but of course the hair in those parts are naturally a lot thicker anyway so that’s probably to be expected now my first impressions when I pull this thing out the box I think I might mention it’s very light okay it’s very lightweight it’s not heavy at all and I was worried a little bit about the quality of it but so far it seems so good right .

it’s very easy to hold very easy to use it could not be easier to use and thing I like about it the shape of these cups okay they all can flex they all can move the head itself moves also it is very comfortable the way it sits on your .

head it sits nicely for a nice full coverage of those blades onto your scalp so super easy to use it didn’t take too long a little bit longer than I was expecting I did have to go over it quite a few times now no major irritation thus far could be a little bit tender in these areas a little bit later on but nothing to scream about no pain of course I didn’t .

cut myself or anything like that a little aftershock do you think comparison there it looks smoother that’s for sure my hair not as dark as it was before I think very nice not bad at all I mean this of course it is a little bit of a first impression review I’m gonna have to try this out in the wet in the shower and see what it’s really made of maybe .

we can get a closer shave in that shower first impressions guys I mean very good it could not be easier to use if you’re one that struggles with those cuts with those razor burns and you want the ultimate convenience the ultimate quick tool to shaving your head or this scar shaver this pitbull gold looks very very promising again we’re. 

in the market of convenience here I might want I enjoy shaping my head I don’t like to rush it I enjoy using my creams using my different types shaving gels brushes razors I enjoy it so I’m not looking for product really that I can rush with but sometimes like today gotta get out the door in a minute and I need a nice clean head grab this .

but it off boom I’m out the door little bit of moisturizer we’re done let me know if you’ve tried this product one of the other things I’m a little bit concerned with is it says that you need to replace this head every two or three months if you use it regularly and a little bit expensive if they do give you that little replacement one and of course. 

this can be used on your face if you want but having the name skull shaver or the company name skull shaver of course we know it’s intended for our beautiful bald heads that is my review of the skull shaver the pitbull gold .

version I won’t let you know how I get on with this over the next few weeks and if you have any questions about it drop them down below if you want to grab one of these I’ll put the link in the description box below this isn’t a sponsored video or anything like that they were kind enough to send this out to me