Best Beard Trimmer For Barbers

Best Beard Trimmer For BarbersLooking for the Best Beard Trimmer For Barbers? You’ve come to the right place

on’t see much videos out here so I want to tell you guys what trimmers are preferred for beginners what remembers us professionals prefer over other trimmers with time and things like that of course when it comes to barbering everybody prefers something else depending on the volume and the quality of haircut you want and all

Best Beard Trimmer For Barbers

that other stuff alright oh let me take my picking which ones I want to talk about first and I guess I’m going to try these the andis trimmers which are the basic well these used to come in great now they come in black which is great um and they have a new style um this trimmer is the preferred trimmer for everybody starting out in the whole barber industry and the beauty industry this trimmer is reliable it doesn’t break down as easy the blades are. 

easy to change in case you drop them these things are pretty much indestructible if you think about it the wire is great um just a great trick overall trimmer for a beginner and somebody that’s actually starting out the barber career I recommend this for everybody professionals alike definitely go for this because it’s a great product um it’s. 

lightweight the housing is great because it has a grip um I really I want to make this video pretty much unbiased what I mean by that is I don’t want to lean towards any other company because every company has their great pros and cons and everything else oh great for great for our keeping this is an overall grade machine alright let’s .

move on to the next one which is the end of skyliner um I like the Sai liner oh this thing actually I feel like it definitely makes sharper lines than the then the t liner um this machine actually uh you know it’s lightweight also. 

it has a more sleeker design does not have a grip that’s one of the cons of this machine but it’s still a great machine comparable and Eve in my opinion even better than the TT liners um definitely if you’re a beginner this is great also to start off with but I would reckon I would lean towards the T liners more than these for our beginners great. 

machine you know cut you could hear cutting great great machine overall let’s move on to the next one all right um these two machines are really similar so what I’m going to do is I’m going to review them together so we have the wall hero along heroes and the wall Detailers these machines are really similar to each other the only .

difference is that the wall detailer of the wall heroes here um they were designed a little bit a little bit more to look like the wall clippers the five star Clippers and the seniors um they both cut really sharp um I wouldn’t I wouldn’t really put these in the hands of a beginner because they end up scratching a lot the skin they don’t really know .

how to pretty much uh you know put the lungs where they want them to then you’re usually freehand and it’s it’s a machine that can really scratch a client up you know really irritate a person’s skin um these are the ones I use uh in every day they’re very lightweight great machine you could feel that the the quality in the machine still a plastic. 

machine unlike other machines that are a little heavier band machine for just spending the whole day cutting here so these two very much the same very comparable this one doesn’t have the Y T the T Y but this one has the T water um they also saw the wall Detailers without the T wide for those people who want to smaller a smaller blade. 

on their tremor see alright uh and lastly I’m going to show you guys a trimmer that up a lot of new barbers and a lot of well not new barbers but everybody is starting to like catch on to these trimmers they’re great trimmers and they’re the the other hand is detachable trimmers these trimmers are great because they’re super lightweight they. 

don’t feel like when you compare these two side-by-side this one’s definitely heavier um this thing cuts just as well as the t liners except the super light it has a shaver a shaver switch so it has a shame its way so you can switch .

these out these are detachable you can detach them you can put them back together like so great trimmers definitely go check these out um for all you guys out there that want more reviews like this subscribe definitely give me a thumbs up and leave your comments in the comment section if you have other trimmers that you want me to review let me know I’ll do another video in the future Auto Clippers