Best Beard Trimmer For Black Men

Best Beard Trimmer For Black MenLooking for the Best Beard Trimmer For Black Men? You’ve come to the right place

check me out lines are looking nice and crispy on that side same on this side the week is going a lot better I told you guys last week so many different things went wrong this week is turning around for the better I’m gonna start this video off by saying I take very very very good care of my stuff from everything I own my barber tools my shoes

Best Beard Trimmer For Black Men

just everything my clothes just anything that I own anything that I pay for anything that somebody else pays for and gives it to me I take care of it because I want my things to last with that being said let me show you guys some different things of examples how to take care of my stuff these trimmers that I got about a month ago I still have .

the box for it right so I still I don’t necessarily put these back in the box but I still have the box just in case I need to take them back which I might actually do and I’ll get to that in just a second this comb that I got a long time ago I actually throw the date on go to date up that I purchased it zone every time I’m done using these actually put .

these back in the package the original package that I got these out of the cut buddy that I’ve had for quite some time every time I’m done with it I put it back in the case my wall Detailers when I’m done with them I actually put .

a velcro strap on them and wrap them up and put them back in the drawer nice and neat you know in a box with all my other barber tools with that being said of me taking care of my stuff I expect the things that I own to last since I do take care of him so when my wall Detailers broke last week and actually they broke even worse the .

frame cracked when I tried to tighten them so I’ll throw a picture of that up and show you guys how those went even more down here than they already were but anyways I try to get in contact with wall I’ve been trying to get in .

touch with him for so many times I called him a thousand times sent some emails they never replied they never called me back or anything until they must have done some little trick I don’t know how people do this other .

people have done it to me before too but they were able to leave saij on my phone without my phone even ringing it’s like they don’t want to speak to the customer life they just want to tell you what they’ve got to tell you and go about their business this came out with the wall clipper corporation I’m calling about your detailer that is still .

under warranty you’re more than welcome to send that back to us for repair or replacement I’m going to send you an email with the return instructions to Ana a te thank you and even after they left that message I tried to call them right back caught him back like three times in a row they did not answer what they did not send though was .

prepaid postage so what I feel they’re going to do and what I think it was going to happen for me looking up other people’s um reviews about the wall Detailers any Clippers that go bad pretty much they’re just going to have me paid to send the Clippers back to them it’s going to cost about ten dollars or so the ship the Clippers back to them .

they’re going to fix them and then when they’re ready for me to actually receive back they’re going to say look we fix your Clippers but now you got to pay the $20 repair fee if you want to you know if you want them back and by .

that time when they already got your Clippers when you already paid your money to send them out you’re going you’re going to be stuck paying that the twenty dollars or so whatever they trying to charge to get them back so I feel that’s why they don’t want to talk to the customers and that’s what I’ve been trying to ask them but I feel like if. 

my stuff is under warranty still I’ve had them for less than a year maybe just about a year actually um but however long it is they’re still under warranty and I don’t feel like I should have to pay for anything if it’s not my fault that .

they broke but even with that being said I did need some clippers to line my beard up this week so I decided to go to the store and pick up another set of Wall Detailers right I plan on taking these back I just needed them because I ordered some other Clippers as well but I didn’t think they were going to be here as fast as they did so in addition. 

to the wall Detailers that I just picked up actually if you guys want to see my actual review on these go ahead and click the card that popped up in addition to that I also got the anti super liner that just came in these actually delivered to me were delivered to me very very quick and these are the Clippers that I use actually to not only line .

my beard up but to shave my head and let me show you guys what I mean by shaving my head part just a second first I want to show you guys a comparison between these Clippers now these ones right here are the wall G Clippers these are some of my first trimmers and these are the wall Detailers I’m going to show you guys the .

difference in between I mean the difference between the blades one of these blades is a wall T wide and the other one is just the regular t blade this one actually says T wide on it the one on the Andes doesn’t say anything right but they are the same size and if you think about it if you look real close it looks like the Andes maybe just a tad bit. 

larger so these are the T wise it’s the same blade that’s on this just different brands right um these are very very very very sharp when I first got them I was kind of like you know that’s real cool like I love how sharp they are but I think I might like these even more I’ll have to you guys might have to subscribing I’ll keep you guys updated on .

these but I use these for the first time today and these things cut like butter I swear to god these things cut like butter I touched him up onto my neck I didn’t feel nothing these when you put them on there you’re gonna be like I like you know it’s not really going to hurt too much but you gonna know that on their putting in that work these .

ones right here I kind of had to look at my beard like is it cutting but it was definitely cutting you can see how sharp this line is there was definitely cutting but I wasn’t feeling nothing as I was doing it I promise you they were. 

cutting like butter another really cool thing about these trimmers that these ones don’t have these have a detachable blade check this out whereas on the wall Detailers you would have to get the screw and unscrew it and everything which can cause the frame to crack how it did and the other set that I’ll show you guys these ones we .

want to change the blade or adjust there anything and pops off just put pressure on there with your finger boom pops off and it has the same rotary motor inside that the wall Detailers have so that that thing right there just spins around and it makes these uh Clippers slide back and forth now I do see what people were talking about .when they said these may be a little harder to set um since you know there’s the detachable piece under there but I .

really do like this you know you can just you place it underneath right here kind of sticks up at the top hold it down put some pressure on it boom and they say the reason this blade comes off is because you can get different .

sized blades and different things and adjust them the way you want them and just snap them on and off and it’ll do some work in addition to that though you can pop this back off it also came with a shaver head now this is .

really really cool because these Clippers cost about $65 or so right the anti super line it cost about $65 for the trimmers and this came included with it and if you don’t know what this is it’s the same exact thing as the wall custom shape if you guys want to see a review on this go ahead and click the card that popped up but pretty much it is the same exact thing check these out it’s the same shaver head on there this one is just a lot smaller .

detachable versus this big old clunky thing right now this thing did do a decent job but I think this one actually did a better job like way better I do still have to wait you know a day or two to see if this thing is going to make my .

head react the way the wall custom shave did but so far man my head super smooth super shiny too because I put oil on my head as well so it’s real cool though because you guys can just sit this thing right on top of here and just .snap it in just like the other other thing boom pop it on there and I actually believe you’ll get a lot more power out of shaving your head with a corded trimmer or you know corded products versus these ones where they even go .

versus these ones that are cordless you know though in the Box these things say they last about an hour after using these things maybe like three or four times I think they died actually about like 20-25 minutes it really ain’t holding up to the hour that it says so I do have to let them sit for you know a couple of minutes and I turn them .

back on after their plug game it seems like the full power comes back these you’re going to get steady power with the cord Bowl use these today to shave my head and the head is super shiny these are the same way to put your .finger on it put some pressure on BAM they pop off you change them real quick put some force BAM is that quick to change the blades on these things man I really do like the fact that the power button is on the side and it’s like .

actually a switch versus a lever I’ve never actually tore my beard up with this but I have accidentally hit the switch right here on the bottom if you guys can see it I’ve actually accidentally hit that switch and made the trimmers .

come on or these are borrow for like sixty five dollars online and for them to come with very sharp trimmers and also the trimmer head is a very very good deal because these wall custom shapes these go for about maybe fifty five sixty dollars just to do the shaving you know it’s got a little detachable a little pop-up trimmer on the back if .

you guys can see that there but who needs a pop-up trimmer we’re gonna have an actual real tea blade trimmer you know so I think these are a very good deal um I really I guess I won’t know how durable they are until I’ve had. 

them for a while but they do seem very very durable to me they do seem very well built you know so we’ll see how they go my first impressions of them though I do love them there’s not too many clipper companies that you can .

really rock with man is either going to be Andy’s whoa or the new line that’s coming out bevel I’ll keep you guys updated on which ones I like better told you guys I’ve been rocking with the wall Detailers for about a year now .

they they were very sharp they cut me up real good I really really loved them but I guess they’re just not durable man like I said I take care of all my things and that this didn’t last man Oh in addition to the t-shirts I told you .guys all selling the person I ordered this t-shirt here is yours right here say more than I’m actually wearing right now got your shirt done anybody else that wants to buy a shirt go ahead and go to the website that’s actually on .

the shirt Indian on one comm slash beard gang and um also want to let you guys know if you guys are not in the US you might have to give me some extra time to figure out how to deliver outside of the United States you know .

because the post office is trying to through a whole different process saying I need different forms and everything like that to be able to ship other places and I’ve never had to do that before so it’s going to take me some time to .

figure it out also what you guys should know already which you may know from the video where I showed you guys the shirts in the first place but all these shirts are handmade one at a time and I don’t make them until they .

are ordered so you do have to give me time to prepare your shirt and get it delivered I’m sorry I don’t have you know a thousand shirts is ready to be shipped out I do them one at a time because I already spent my money .

buying you know like 50 shirts and the materials and everything like that so I’m going to place those materials on the shirt as they’re ordered you know to help me save money and things like that but anyways with that being said I hope you guys found this video helpful.