Best Beard Trimmer For Line Up

Best Beard Trimmer For Line UpLooking for the Best Beard Trimmer For Line Up? You’ve come to the right place

 my bed for this time with the grain and this is so I can avoid taking off too much chunks of hair and keeping that bed nice and thick I’m then gonna use the corners of my treatments to just target the hairs that are bulky and sticking up and and making sure that bit is all the same size and then I’m gonna repeat this method on the

Best Beard Trimmer For Line Up

other side of my bed for my mustache I am going with the grade making sure I don’t take off too much hairs as this is a very delicate area because once it’s gone it’s gonna take a long time to go back I am then going to brush the hair up and then brush it down so this lays all my beard is down and I can see exactly what is a sticking up I’m then going to grab my trimmers without the guard this time I’m just trimmed this hey stop sticking out and making sure I’ve got that nice and clean bad shape next thing I’m gonna do is move on to my neckline I’m still .

using the trimmers without the guard so they are sharp so I can use them till I know if yours aren’t sharp then you could also just use the straight edge razor for this or for me today I’m just going to use my trimmers to line up the neckline I’m keeping it as natural as possible not too high or just below my jaw line and this will give it that big big. 

look now I’m grabbing my water spraying it onto my cheek area and I’m ready to use the straight edge razor the trick to this is pull the hairs pull the skin up and glide the razor blade down by pulling the skin it allows me to have more room to work with and avoid any chance of coating the skin and the warm water helps with .sorting up the hairs the pause and allowing that nice smooth Glide  I’m gonna dab some water onto my mustache area and then hit it with the straightedge razor the trick to this will be close close the mouth .

and pull the skin gently and glide that razor blade down  next I’m moving on to my lip line there is no really a method that I can tell you this except for look into your mirror find the hairs that are sticking out and you know cut them up chop them up get rid of them and that would just give you a nice clean look  for the .

inside of my bed I’m just talking in the head a sticking out any heads that are that are looking we are yeah just sort of clean it up get rid of all the heads are not wanted  now we’re moving onto my side line side bed line and 

all I’m doing is doing following the same method pulling the skin and gliding that razor blade toward the bed line and that’s it now I’m just grabbing some aftershave putting it on my neck line making very patient so moisturizer Playaway you’ve used a razor blade and that will leave your skin nice and