Best Beard Trimmer For Long Beards

Best Beard Trimmer For Long BeardsLooking for the Best Beard Trimmer For Long Beards? You’ve come to the right place

I’m gonna be doing now before I get started with this review I just want to say some things I’m about about a lot of new gadgets and technology like you know every year or every six months we get some new type of technology that comes out that looks brand new it looks fresh as a new design to what we’ve already used and with that being

Best Beard Trimmer For Long Beards

said I’m applying this to this particular Panasonic hair trimmer if you already have like like an andis hair trimmer or beard trimmer or if you’re a barber you probably won’t need this device here and I’ll go into a little bit more why but every year you get these new devices I kind of do the same thing and then people I know a lot of people kind of wind up buying the same thing all over again because you’ve seen a lot of comments like on Amazon eBay .

Best Buy or Target where you can buy these products you hear a lot of people say oh well it doesn’t cut it doesn’t do this my such-and-such trimmer that I had before this works if you don’t like if your old trimmer breaks down then maybe you are in line to get a new one but if you already have like hair devices I mean hair cutting devices .

and things like that you probably don’t need this okay with that being said we’re going to get the review started this here this is the bag that comes along with it and the only thing that can be stored in this bag is this so your other stuff is kind of just hanging out I don’t know if you want to put like put them in a plastic bag but this is the .

only thing I can fit in there and if you see some of the other things that come along with it it’s kind of you see you can’t zip that up okay so just don’t you guys know that that it only comes with a bag for this and the bag is it will keep it from getting dust on it but it’s not too protective okay now here is the Panasonic hair trimmer the ER – GBA t i’ll let you take a look at it here yep now if you get any clothes here here’s the power button you know this is. 

the where the charges so when you plug this in these three buttons light up red takes about an hour to charge and you can use it for about 50 minutes I believe and excuse me here and you also have to forgive me a little bit here I know I’m not when working without my tripod so I’m kind of uh macgyvering everything here now here is the pop-up trimmer you can get a bit closer look on the pop-up trimmer here so there you go and you see that okay .

and then you can slide that back down locks into place now also what you have here is a little valve we when you wash it the hair can come through the hair kind of goes through here and this is also a clip for the the trimmers there but this is the trimmer itself here and I’m gonna pull the trimmer out now this part separates from it now .

this also is very important take a look at that you see that rocking in the back there okay but this is how it looks when it’s unattached in the direction say if you look here right on the front of there you’ll see up here that it says .

that you can put oil on these three piece on three sections here one two and three and then four and five you see that so tells you have to oil that and it’s very important because you’ll see a lot of reviews online that says that the .

hair pulls if you boil this properly the hair does not pull now here’s also another feature is that you can lift this up and open it and you can take this little brush here and you can see this is the this brush is specifically made for this device you can tell did get this into focus a little bit more and you can just you can brush a hair off so you rust. 

a little bit of hair off there and you can also get sorry about that focus there people but you can get in there so I think you kind of get the gist of that and then once you clean it and wash it you can pop the piece back on voila there you go now also the the big seller of this device is that you can actually have up to I think 39 settings or 40 pre settings so it goes every half millimeter so you have one one-and-a-half to two and a half okay now also you .

see two letters here am okay now what a stance but the a and B stand for are basically these here okay your guards so that a guard you would read the a guard with the a setting so a represents one all the way through 10 and okay in millimeters so you see that right now it’s set on eight and a half and you just put this on okay now you see on .

the side here there’s some grooves that you can slide this into okay and it slots right there in the back and you see you see the a there on the back and it locks right into place this is how it looks on okay and you can pop it right off okay now so anything anytime you’re using the a guard it works with the eight what’s with that settings a which is. 

one through ten now and this is also this guard here is also for short hair and your beard okay now this setting is for longer hair okay and it works of course naturally with B eleven through twenty and I’m gonna put this on and let you see how it looks and of course it slides right here into the grooves on the side okay you see that hasn’t locked into place now you hear that click is locked into place securely alright and this is how it looks on to be .

guard alright okay and B represents like eleven eleven and a half twelve to twelve and a half all right now the third guard we have on here is this is for the close body trimming shave and this is how this looks now with this on this .

doesn’t matter these little guards here doesn’t matter this cuts at 1.5 millimeters if I’m correct okay and basically this you can like women if you want to trim your legs you can do that or some people if you have if your her sooth .

kind of person you may want to maybe trim your back or trim behind your neck or you you know the only thing is though that it does leave a little bit of hair there so it’ll look smooth but you it won’t give you that baby bear skin smooth feeling but it does work it does do the job on that now the only thing I have to say here too is that make .

sure you always you have to oil this every time you use it you have to wash it you wash this off in a new oil it and that’ll keep the blades from pulling your hair because you won’t you’ll you will not believe how many reviews say oh this pulls hair okay and they’re not reading the instructions which it brings me to this little handy booklet here. 

it is very very vital that every person that purchases this Reese through this thoroughly because it shows you I’m gonna flip through here very quickly it shows you how to cut the hair you know it shows you what motion to cut what so you can get the best results you’ve seen especially right here like on the hair it shows you to do in a crisscross design to make sure you get all the hairs because sometimes we’re beard trimmers and hair trimmers .

you tend to miss certain hair so you have to go back over it if you have to go over it once go over it twice you know just don’t sit just don’t trim it once or or half-ass trim it and say you did the whole thing and it doesn’t work sometimes you may have to go over twice okay personally for me I think the device is good if you don’t have any .

other hair trimmer to use okay that’s just me if you don’t have any other hair trimmer or this is like your first four-way foray into this type of field this might be good for you but if you’re a person that has a beard trimmer you already have a beard trimmer you have andis clippers or you know you have something that can already like cut .

hairs effectively you may not need this like I said a lot of times companies they just they redo products they bring them back out again or they just a ream they send out a new model new design and they charge you $100 this is retail at $99.99 I would say that this is better at maybe seventy nine ninety nine that’s for me I just don’t it just I .

just don’t feel that this is worth $100 it cuts okay but like I said my andis is a lot stronger it’s not something I would normally use this right here is the adapter and charger charger with the adapter for it like I said a charge is pretty quick but if you’re a person that already has equipment that you cut hair with you probably won’t need this but if.