Best Beard Trimmer For Travel

Best Beard Trimmer For TravelLooking for the Best Beard Trimmer For Travel? You’ve come to the right place

this trimmer comes with four different guide combs, depending on the length of hair you’d like to cut and it has a surprising amount of horse power for the size that it is. You’ll also get blade oil, a beard comb, a cleaning brush, and a blade guard. To be honest with you, I just threw everything in the package away. I just kept the one guide

Best Beard Trimmer For Travel

comb that I knew that I wanted to use and I just travel with that. I don’t need to carry all this extra stuff around with me. I use it for one purpose. So, up to you whether or not you wanna keep all that stuff. When you’re traveling, space and weight are both premium, and this little thing does a great job at being within the limit for .

both of those things. It’s gonna come in a 3.3 ounces and that’s with the AA battery inside of it. And if you add all the accessories, which are a total of .7 ounces alone, the entire kit’s gonna bring you up to about four ounces, which is not too bad. And as far as physical space goes and the measurements there, it’s four inches by two inches. 

by one inch. Not bad for physical space and it’ll fit in most toiletry bags. So I have been using this trimmer for a year. On the left hand side you’re gonna see the one I’ve been using for the year. On the right hand side is a brand new one. I think you can see, not much of a difference between the two. There is a little bit of rust coloring on the .

metal part of the trimmer, but other than that, it’s remained about the same and the durability is totally there. Let’s compare this thing to an ordinary Gillette razor. If we take a look at both of these side by side, the size is actually surprisingly comparable. Although the Gillette razor is, you know, quite a bit skinnier. It’s actually longer. 

than the Wahl travel trimmer and you get so much more power in this little electric piece, which is pretty nice. Now if you’re having trouble forgoing blades and you wanna use something that’s gonna get a little bit closer, .

what I do is just grab these little Schick st2’s, bust the handle off and I have this little kind of hand held nub that you can hold onto and sort of shave with that on your neck. It’s actually a pretty great combination to get the same. 

shave and trim that you would get at home. Now as I mentioned earlier, you get about eight to 10 sessions per AA battery. Now, there’s no battery indicator on this thing, so you can’t really tell when it starts to run out. So, it’s kind of a sound thing. So if we take a look, here’s how it’s gonna sound when the razor is at full power. (razor .

buzzing loudly) When the battery starts to get a little bit lower it starts to sound a little bit more lower pitched. Like this. (razor buzzing) And when it’s dying it’ll sound like this. (razor buzzing quietly) That near dead sound is one of the saddest sounds in the world if you’re sitting in your hotel room and you just wanna trim your messy .

beard and you don’t have a battery. It’s so frustrating. But it’s fine. It’s totally worth not needing to carry a bunch of cords around. So a couple of things to note. This thing is not waterproof, so you don’t want to run it under water. You don’t want to dip it inside of the sink that’s filled up with water. Just avoid that all together. It’s okay of. 

it gets a little wet. Its somewhat water resistant. You know, it’s not gonna fry if you get a drop of water on it, but you know, you can’t bring it in the shower with you. You can’t get it soaked. Another thing you have to notice is that sometimes with the way the switch is created, it’ll turn on inside of your toiletry bag. So, this typically .

happens when you’re packing it, when you’re shuffling a lot of things around. You can obviously hear it come on. Open your bag, turn it off. Another thing is these guards don’t always stay on very well. So they’ll kind of fall off in. 

your bag. They get a little bit loose here. I found that this kind of persisted more as I had the trimmer for a longer period of time. So, it’s never fallen off during operation or anything like that, but a lot of times I’m like compressing my toiletry bag as small as possible and this thing can kind of get bumped and just fall off. But, not .

that big of a deal. So despite these minor negatives, we’d still recommend the compact travel trimmer from Wahl. It’s small, it’s light and the price is hovering right around 10 bucks. So, you really can’t go wrong. Thanks for checking out the video..