Best Beard Trimmer Under 50

Best Beard Trimmer Under 50Looking for the Best Beard Trimmer Under 50? You’ve come to the right place

So we made three top picks that excel at different beard lengths, so you can pick the trimmer that works best for you. The Wahl – PowerPro 9686 was our best pick for full, bushy beards at up to one inch. It’s also the best value. The Panasonic – ER-GB370K was our best cordless beard trimmer, and best trimmer for average-length beards up

Best Beard Trimmer Under 50

to a half-inch. Finally, the Philips – OneBlade Face + Body was the best for stubble. Before selecting the beard trimmer that’s right for you, here are some important features you should consider. The convenience of cordless trimmers is obvious, but did you know by going cordless you could be sacrificing motor speed? Also, keep in mind. 

that all rechargeable batteries will stop working eventually. Blade size is also an important consideration. Wider blades help you trim more quickly and get straight edges, while narrow blades make it easier to trim precise details. Waterproof cordless trimmers are easy to clean because you can rinse the blade directly. Also, if you have a shower mirror, trimming in the shower will help you avoid little hairs all over your bathroom. None of our .

finalists came with both a charging stand and a travel pouch–though many included one of those items. While good accessory pouches are easy to find, charging stands are not. Therefore, we preferred trimmers that came with their own charging stands. Comb-toothed attachments on your trimmer will help you keep the your beard at a consistent length. Some are clip-on, some are adjustable, and they all have their own quirks. Some of our .

finalists included accessories such as nose hair trimmers, narrow blade detail trimmers and foil shavers. We thought the nose hair trimmers were a good bonus, but the shavers were basically useless. Now that you’re familiar with the important features, let’s talk about how we tested. After growing and maintaining his beard for .

six months, our resident “beard-in-chief” progressively trimmed down his beard-catcher to a baby-face using our seven best beard trimmers. Check out more detail on these tests, the full beard trimmer review and more. Visit . Let’s talk about our top pick for long beards, the Wahl – PowerPro 9686. This kit cost only about $25 yet comes with the biggest set of attachments of our finalists. It even comes with a detail trimmer blade that works well for nose hair. If you need longer clip-on attachments for blending out a longer beard, this is a .

complete barbershop in a bag. Using the longer attachment guides, like the No. 8, can help prevent you from accidentally taking a chunk out of your beard. However, the No. 8 is still only an inch long. If you want a full Gandalf-length beard, you are going to have to learn how to trim with a comb and a bare trimmer blade. In this .

regard, the Wahl’s T-shaped blades works well for freehand shaping. The Wahl-PowerPro scored best with our testers for trimming long beards because of its versatility for shaping and blending: this kit includes everything you could ask for. That said, the PowerPro’s adjustable guide did not work as well as others we tried. Therefore, if. 

you don’t need any guides longer than a half inch, you should opt for the Panasonic instead. Wahl includes a zip-up pouch to keep your accessories together. It’s hard to read the numbers on the black plastic when you’re fishing through the bag, but a bit of white paint on the size markers helps a lot. The Wahl – PowerPro 9686 also comes

with “stubble guides”, which protect your skin while cutting closer than the one-sixteenth-inch guide comb. We found these worked well for preventing scratching, but didn’t trim nearly as close as the short settings on other models. The Wahl – PowerPro’s bare blade trims closer than the Panasonic and about the same as the Andis. However, you cannot ‘zero-gap’ the PowerPro’s blades for maximum closeness. The biggest drawback for this trimmer is keeping track of all its accessories, which are mostly good for $25, but not great in quality. By the way,. 

if you are looking for this wide array of attachments, but want something cordless, we recommend the Wahl – 9818. Our favorite cordless trimmer was the Panasonic – ER-GB370K. The Panasonic’s motor is strong for a cordless trimmer, but also quiet. The sturdy adjustable guide makes this model ideal for those with beards less .

than half of an inch. We love that you don’t have to worry about this guide popping off or getting lost, like some of our other finalists with lower quality attachable guides. The Panasonic’s built-in adjustable guide worked best because its long teeth prevent “dipping” into your beard while trimming tricky areas. It also has a wider blade that was perfect for twice-weekly trimming. However, because of this trimmer’s long teeth, trimming directly under .

your nose can be tricky. Although the Panasonic’s battery doesn’t last as long as some of our other finalists, its convenient wall mount charger makes it easy to charge. Another big plus for the Panasonic is that it’s waterproof, meaning you can clean it without taking it apart and use it in the shower. Finally, our best trimmer for stubble was. 

the Philips – OneBlade Face + Body. The Philips has a unique blade design, which allows it to cut along both edges. Its blades are much thinner than most trimmers, so you can get very close to the skin without risking getting scratched. The bare trimmer shaves close enough to create some contrast with areas in which you use its .

shortest attachment. This allows you to leave some fuzz on your face, and clean up the edges with the bare trimmer blade–giving that perfect “rugged but not lazy” look. Another notable trimmer for maintaining stubble .

was the Andis – Slimline. This trimmer was designed for lining up perfect edges on barbershop fades, and allows you to “zero-gap” the blade halves to get a closer cut than regular trimmers. However, “zero-gapped” blades can .

scratch easily, so the Philips still has an edge for casual users. The Philips – One Blade is halfway between a trimmer and a traditional electric shaver. It doesn’t give a totally smooth shave and its guide combs won’t help .

with longer beards. The longest attachment is still shorter than a No. 2, at three sixteenths of an inch. However, it is the perfect tool for maintaining short beards or groomed stubble. It also makes a great body hair trimmer. The Philips comes with separate blades and a body hair comb attachment, which you can.