Best Beard Trimmer With Vacuum

Best Beard Trimmer With VacuumLooking for the Best Beard Trimmer With Vacuum? You’ve come to the right place

 i am going to be doing an unboxing video and I’m going to be unboxing this this is the Philips series 7000 vacuum beard trimmer I’ve always wanted to have one of these and they’ve always been too expensive for me to afford but this one was on special so I decided to get it and show you guys what exactly you get in the packaging okay so this

Best Beard Trimmer With Vacuum

is the packaging here it says it’s the Philips series 7000 beard trimmer less mess vacuum trimmer it is supposed to capture 90% more hair and I am assuming other beard trimmers and you’re supposed to get full metal blades a precision trimmer you’re supposed to have 20 different light settings and the battery time is supposed to last for 60 minutes running time so it seems it back um ok so it has an integrated vacuum system so basically it’s gonna .

suction the hair in after it cooks it I assume so we’ve had and then obviously you get your full metal blades they are double sharpened for fast trimming and then you have your 20 your 20 lent settings which goes from half a millimeter up to 10 millimeters generally I tend to go for about two millimeters it has an innovative lift and trim .

system for an effortless even trip ok um what’s at the side this is what you see at the side it is washable by the looks of things and okay it has a battery indicator and then you have your 60 minutes of running time and you only need to charge it for one hour which is always good because I really do not like products where they expect .

you to charge it for eight hours and some of them would expect you to charge it for 16 hours which is saying but this one is good it’s it’s a one-hour charge okay so let’s look I’m going to start but taking the plastic seal like so okay then we take this off open this up now just cook it so remove tray from the box okay so let’s see let’s start off .

with the most obvious feature here okay so this is the actual trimmer itself so I’m just going to go ahead and remove the cellophane this looks really cool oh wow this is awesome so this is a here I’m guessing the bits in the middle here is where the hair suctions okay so there is no power in this just as the pressing the power button there. 

is no power so I can’t I can try it out just yet oh this is cool so you see here closely it actually tells you the exact length a lot of a lot of beard trimmers they just give you a number guide this actually tells you literally what lens it is so this is 0.5 and when you move over that’s 1 millimeter this is 1.5 to 2 millimeters and so on that is actually .

really cool that’s really cool and these are the blades on top so shiny this is really cool this is obviously where your where your charger goes so let’s see what type of charger you get you get out of the plastic okay so this is a .

standard a tree pin charger which is a standard power plug that we use in the UK and the Republic of Ireland’s okay so and then this here it is obviously or this obviously goes into the bottom all the trimmer okay let’s see what accessories we get we get oh this is interesting instead of like a regular little brush this this almost looks like like a. 

makeup brush yes it this is for removing the hairs even though it is a vacuum trimmer I would assume that you would still have some hairs on the top this is obviously for swapping them out it’s really cool and then we have this guy this is obviously the this is the guard that you use to adjust the lens so this obviously goes assuming this way .

yeah so that’s the guard so then when you so as you can see when you turn the size wheel as I like to call it this turret this goes this rises up for the higher lance and lower it down for the lower Lance okay ah so this must be the precision trimmer it’s been talking about so the idea of this would be that you actually remove the existing tremor. 

that’s on the top and you replace it with this and then you’ve got like a little tiny one so if you’re like if you want to have like a specific type of beer that you want to like shape kind of in between the soul patch and that type of thing you can use this it’ll give you like your really good finish oh and they actually do give you this as well so you get the. 

little kind of swabby makeup brush looking thing and actually I’m not really sure what this is for everything instructor I guess I could read the instructions and then you obviously get this first for like brushing the hairs out .

now maybe this is for the vacuum something area I don’t know so that’s all the accessories you get and then you get your your instruction manual as well so I’ve just finished reading the instructions for the beard trimmer and there’s a few things I have discovered firstly I discovered what this thing is for and the next thing the second thing. 

I’ve discovered is that the chamber the vacuum chamber at the back here on this and this whole section here does not actually open some of the older models which I seen on YouTube do actually have like a little door that you can just sort of clip open and then you trowel then you can just empty all the hairs into a sink probe in this one .

does not have a door on it so that you can actually open up the channels and the holes actually here are not actually to remove the hairs these holes are only there because when this section inside that spins around while .

the vacuum function is an operation – it’s creating air as it’s spinning around and the air has to go somewhere so that’s what these holes are for and actually when the head when the hair is suctioned inside it actually suctions came the top section here so that you can actually remove all of those if you want to I guess then that kind of begs .

the question what is this for I guess this is really just for swabbing around the side of the glass we need the chamber more precisely or whatever but yeah you can remove everything and it’s actually the top chamber that suctions the hair inside the entire trimmer is actually not waterproof it is actually just the comb is actually also .

this part here which is the actual blades themselves that includes the smaller blades so the the regular blade and these smaller precision blades are washable so you can even wash these under a tap or you can wash the actual comb itself for removing any hairs that get trapped inside here those are the only pieces of this trimmer that are .

actually washable the main unit is not designed to be plunged on the water or even put it under a tap as it will probably develop some sort of water damage and obviously that will destroy your entire trimmer which you.