Best Cheap Beard Trimmer

Best Cheap Beard TrimmerLooking for the Best Cheap Beard Trimmer? You’ve come to the right place

i’ve really settled on the beard trimmer as being the perfect option this lets me keep my facial hair at a manageable stubble of that having to maintain it or really think about it too often or we’re going to buy shaving cream or anything like that I tested out all sorts of different devices and decided that these wal beard trimmers are really

Best Cheap Beard Trimmer

the best ones out there now when I say all different ones I’ve probably had 10 different beard trimmers and then electric shavers from Braun straight razor safety razors from companies like Merck er Harry’s razors also as other

stuff and I really do think the beard trimmer is the way to go at least for me out of the beard trimmers I’ve spent time with a bunch of different options from Braun and wall and Remington and Conair a few different companies and generally the rule I use as I spent under $50 on these just because it doesn’t have to be expensive after a really. 

extensive testing I have decided that the one to get is this right here this is the wall beard trimmer nine nine zero six – seven one seven I’ll link to it in the comments you’re really gonna want to at least I would recommend you keep that serial number in mind because these things tend to look extremely alike but there’s some reasons why the nine nine zero six seven one seven is the way to go what is it about this beard trimmer that I think is .

definitively the best of the bunch it’s a few different reasons one is it’s really cheap this thing is thirteen sixty nine right now online it’s available all over the place you can get at your local target you could buy it on Amazon it’s .

available everywhere next is it’s relatively quiet it’s really not that bad wake up my wife on I’m shaving in the morning third he sings last a really long time if you look at it it’s not like doesn’t feel like it’s made well you never say its precision engineered or made to exacting standards or anything like that I bought this I just checked my .

Amazon history I bought this in July 2012 and it still works really well in fact it cuts a little closer than the newer model I got you know maybe just a millimeter or two but I can definitely notice it this model is six months old so I bought it in I guess like maybe June or so June 2016 and so I would definitely say longevity is a nice thing to have. 

with these you can see they get a little rusty a little gross but this is just surface rust this is clean off if I bother to clean it but it doesn’t affect the performance of the shave at all forth these are so great because they use double-a batteries and you can spend more and get a lithium-ion option so basically a rechargeable but there really are .

much worse and I know people think it’s better was it cost more but you want double A’s in these because if you take it and travel with this then no matter where you are in the world you’ll have ready access to double-a batteries or take some with you and you’ll never have to worry about losing your charger I’ve lost more beard .

trimmers and face razors or whatever to losing the charger than I ever have to these things actually breaking lastly this is hard to demonstrate on a video but the it offers a really tight shave so this is it without any tips on it and you can shave it like this and get a really close shave it comes with seven different lengths using the sort of up last .

extension which I just immediately throw out because I’m not interested in I sort of stylizing of my crew mean I just want to get hair and remove it from my face so yeah those tips slip on comes with a little plastic stand and a little brush and again I just throw out stuff from garbage see also is a three year warranty it’s that’s pretty crazy on. 

something it cost $13 I’ve never had to exercise that warranty but walls companies uh has been around for a very long time so I feel pretty good about them standing up for their products the company describes this as having a .

stubble look which is exactly what I would say you get and you get a short trim definitely not a shave but it looks like a somewhere between a five o’clock shadow and you vaguely shaved yesterday depending on what sort of facial hair grow if you have yeah so that pretty much covers it like I said I’ve had beard trimmers from wall and Conair and all sorts of different companies