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Before we get into a big thanks to Old Spice for providing the products up for this video. I’ve been a big fan of Old Spice for a long time but were in the deodorants for many years now so I was really psyched when they got in

Best Cheap Pomade

touch to do this video for their new hair products because you know if the very least they’re going to smell really good. So I’m excited to see how they actually perform. To keep this scientific just put a shirt on here – decent. I’m going to take a shower. Well I just did take a shower. I’m going to towel dry my hair and get it as dry as I can with .

a towel and then I will style my hair with the putty and I will repeat that process with the pomade and then hopefully that will help you choose the right product for your needs. I should also mention that I just got a haircut. 

just this morning. It’s a little different. Trying to grow it out a little bit so I just got to cleaned up around the sides and the back. Show you the back here. Since I’m trying to grow it out I need to let the sides and the back catch up a little bit in terms of length. So I got to cut a little longer something different I’ll keep you updated of course as I .

grow it out and go through that awkward phase. Before we try these out, let’s just see what they smell like. Fresh scent but it’s actually pretty subtle. Just try the pomade. Okay so it smells the same and it’s uh yeah it’s pretty mild. 

so it’s not overpowering which is good. You know you don’t want your hair products to necessarily be the only thing that people are smelling. Gives you like to wear deodorant that has a strong fragrance or you know cologne .

and obviously you don’t want to be competing with the hair products. So this is nice. This is nice subtle smell. It’s pleasant and it’s kind of fresh but it’s pretty mild. Alright let’s see how this stuff performs. Alright, so you’ve seen .

the difference between the Old Spice putty, the pomade both when I first style it in towel-dried hair and then also about an hour later when my hair is pretty much completely dry. My thoughts I like these products I like that they. 

have a nice pleasant but mild scent I like it there they have a matte finish, a glossy finish so my hair doesn’t look too shiny. I think the major difference between these two is just that the pomade has a little bit less hold to it. The putty has a lot of hold and the pomade has a medium hold you know but I think they’re both great products if you. 

have shorter hair definitely go with the putty you know if you’re doing like any sort of faux hawk or like spiky look.If you have like medium hair like me, I think the pomade is a great choice you just might have to use a little bit more of it or maybe even reapply it throughout the day. So I hope this helps you decide between putty and .

pomade. Big thanks again to Old Spice for hooking me so luckily I didn’t get too much stuff in this column I didn’tmess it up too much so okay rinse it off also just kind of take your fingers in all like this as you’re rinsing it helps .

get any little extra crap out of your home let’s go ahead and just kind of give this a quick one quick scrubbing there really wasn’t much in this anyway so it doesn’t really need a whole lot of work [Applause] let’s get back to the .

brush we got a ton of stuff in this brush also you can take your hand and kind of just run it over the over the bristles of the brush and see if it can pull some of the stuff out of it this one’s a pain in the ass I’m not gonna go .through the whole process of picking all this stuff out on camera I’ll pick the rest of it out and catch up with you .

guys alright alright now you got all your combs and your brushes and stuff cleaned up next step paper towel put in a paper towel dry them up a little bit like so you don’t do anything special just dry them up the Picts dry out real .

easy because well very wipers white team up and then for like your your bristle brushes kind of over the sink let that air dry no problem now for the nasty tub of greasy water what to do with it dump it outside don’t put it in the. 

sink don’t dump it down the drain just go throw it in the dirt and grass somewhere just dump it outside you dig .

nobody wants this going down their sink and getting it all clogged up no bueno can’t have it alright maniac so here we are we’ve got nice clean as you can see combs and brush you can see not too bad got pretty much all of it out of. 

there and here’s the thing after you’ve dried them off just let them air dry the rest of the way no problem unless you’re going to be using them then you know try to drown a little bit more but let them air dry they’ll be dry probably about five ten minutes again it doesn’t take that long so hopefully you’ve enjoyed this video if you did .

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