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Best Clay PomadeLooking for the Best Clay Pomade? You’ve come to the right place

air if you missed the video where I got some platinum blonde highlights done and check that out up here unfortunately well my hair was more gray than it is now it looks like the toner is already kind of fading out it’s a

Best Clay Pomade

little bit more yellow but hey it was great check it out if you missed anyways today I’m showing you guys some solid hair clay product hair clays of course being my favorite category of hair product so I’m excited I’m excited to. 

show you guys some of the products that I’ve been testing out for a little while now all four of these products are created by home brewers as in people who actually create formulas and products in their own house I love .

supporting home brewers because you can really see how much passion they put into their work and often you’ll get products that look and feel completely unique but still function the same and sometimes even better than a lot of other mainstream brands out there alright bloom on is not mainstream but bloom on products are good also guys if you feel like there are any hair clays that should be on this list that I haven’t mentioned or even any hair products that I haven’t tried before that you love definitely let me know down below I love to get my hands on .

some new stuff so let’s start out with first hands styling clay and the holy black New York matte clay these both in my opinion are good options for people with shorter hair styles first up we’ve got first hand styling clay which has .

no mention of how much hold or shine or matte finish it provides but don’t worry I got you covered in terms of scooping it out there’s a bit of a waxy consistency it feels a little bit like a hybrid between a clay and a wax and this. 

makes sense because the ingredients list kale in clay first and then beeswax follows that immediately afterwards one thing I love about home-brewed products is that most use nearly all natural ingredients and as far as I can tell. 

with first hand all the ingredients are a hundred percent natural so everything that makes up this product is natural that’s what I can tell when I read the ingredients list the breakdown with the product is fairly easy again .

you can feel that slight waxy consistency in the breakdown but overall it’s an easy breakdown experience application is also easy and nearly fully Tugg free as well it goes in very smoothly now as for the result out of the .

four clays that we’ve got here today first hand stunning clay has to me the least amount of hold it feels very lightweight in your hair which is fairly uncommon for most hair clays and this is the main reason why it would be most suitable for shorter hair time it’s a great option for people who are looking for a more lightweight clay and .

for people with shorter hair who don’t really need help with volume but you need more help with just kind of controlling your hair and making sure you know it looks it looks alright that’s what this does a good job at doing next up we’ve got the holey black New York matte clay which claims to have a firm hold and no shine also a water-based formula which all of these are our water-based so it says no shine and that is for sure there’s no shine in this. 

product in fact it’s quite a dry clay out of the four clays New York matte clay is the creamiest feeling and easiest to scoop out and similar to first hand it also has a waxy consistency in fact to me this product feels more like a wax .

product than it really does a clay product but it does have kale and clay in there so it is you know it is clay it has clay in there it’s quite product so this is a very unique clay product it’s not something that I’ve really ever experienced before when I was using this stuff when it comes to breakdown it’s no surprise that it’s super easy because of how creamy it is it’s also easy to apply but interestingly it starts to dry very quickly the finish that I got .

was surprisingly dry definitely the driest out of the four clays so anyone who really appreciates a very matte finish you might like that clay is also very lightweight and when you run your hands through your hair you can barely .

feel any product it gives off a very natural finish it doesn’t provide tons of texture like a lot of clay products do instead it leaves your hair looking and feeling very natural almost like you don’t have any product in it at all and .

next up we’ve got the two hair clays that I believe would work for slightly longer hair and that’s mostly because both of these have more hold first up we’ve gotten this dal Jaques grooming clay which claims to have a firm hold .

first of all I love the nostalgic branding very old school and their products smelled great especially may find it over here fruit scoops this one fruit scoops water based pomade smells exactly like fruit loops like exactly 100% like fruit loop cereal so I like that I’m not going to spend too much time on this clay simply because out of the bunch .

this is most similar to traditional heavy clays which I’ve talked a lot about on this channel now that’s definitely not a negative some of my favorite products ever are traditional heavy place such as cavalier clay Bob bloom on that’s .

a traditional it’s a great product but out of the poor grooming clay is the thickest of the bunch it’s thick to scoop out you got to apply some pressure when you’re emulsifying and it applies like a traditional heavy as well you can .

feel it going into your hair that’s that thickness there’s a little bit of tug but to me it’s really it’s really not that bad Best Clay Pomadeand the result you get a slight shine like you do with most traditional clays with great hold and really good texture texture it’s a safe solid hair clay and finally we’ve got flagship dead seed clay which claims to have a firm hold and .

it also says water-based but they’re all water-based now this one is fun to you the consistency is thick but it’s also creamy at the same time it’s smooth to scoop out but you still have to apply some pressure and yeah the most interesting thing about this product is definitely the consistency it has a consistency that feels and look kind of like. 

damp sand like if you’ve ever been to the beach and you grab some sand from underneath the ocean it kind of feels like that but not as wet it has a certain grit to it which you can feel during the breakdown and to me that really fits. 

in well with the brand because I mean it’s called flagship Dead Sea clay it makes sense that the product feels a little bit sandy I think it just works really well as an overall package however that slight sandy feel does not affect the performance of this product at all it’s not like clumpy in your hair or anything like that in fact the result is .

pretty right amazing texture great hold and again like nostalgic it resembles a traditional heavy clay a little when you do get it into your hair also my hairstyle lasts for ages when I use this stuff I can easily go all day without worrying about it falling down or anything like that the one gripe that I have about this clay is that it takes some effort to get it out of your hair and off your hand you’ll definitely need soap to remove it from your hands and you’ll definitely need some shampoo to get it completely out of your hair depending on how much you use you .

may need two rounds of shampoo but just like that guys those are four fantastic hair clays that I’ve been enjoying I think that they’re great home brewers in general pretty great people you should give them some support as well .

again let me know down below if there are any hair clays or even just generally hair products that you love that you think I should check out I’d love to get my hand.