Best Close Shave Electric Shaver

Best Close Shave Electric ShaverLooking for the Best Close Shave Electric Shaver? You’ve come to the right place

I made this list based on my personal opinion and I tried to list them based on their price quality durability and more if you want to see the price and find out more information about these you can check out the links below in the description and the comment section alright let’s get started with the video at number five it’s the remington f-

Best Close Shave Electric Shaver

550 800 the remington f-550 800 is a budget-friendly electric razor that even though it’s been on the market for a couple of years is still being purchased which definitely means something so let’s reveal what makes it successful this unit has a compact black and silver body the Pak stainless steel blades at the top the pop-up detailed trimmer which will let you style your facial hair a power button a convenient LED display that’ll notify you about the .

battery status so you’ll always know when it’s time to recharge moreover the f5 8500 can perform whether corded or cordless which I particularly like because as the manufacturer states if you charge it for five minutes this unit will offer you enough power for a single shave so for the price you pay this is more than good but if you charge it for 60 minutes the battery may last up to 20 days of Shaving however this may vary in practice since everything .

depends on your usage when it comes to the shaving itself well this model uses the pivot and flex technology which basically means that it’s steel foils will gently follow the contours and angles of your face in order to maximize your comfort while shaving most of the users claimed that they were satisfied with the shaving quality and speed another great thing about its blades is that they won’t irritate your skin and cause accidental cuts which .

is always welcome because nobody wants to deal with pain while shaving for your information once you’re done shaving the f5 has washable components so you can effectively clean it with water within a really short period of time I have to admit Remington did an excellent job here overall if you’re looking for a budget electric razor that combines an affordable price with a highly effective performance than Remington f5 8500 is the one for you at .

number four it’s the philips norelco 9000 the series 9000 is Philips top-of-the-range rotary shaver with a pivoting tri-blade head and the option to use it wet or dry the Philips Norelco shaver in the 9000 series promises a new advanced experience in shaving with a contour detect technology the shaver moves in eight directions following the curves of every face shape and this ultimately helps cut up to 20% more hair and giving a 30% closer shave design-wise Philips series 9000 has a rather classy design with a trio of circular blades that makes it look .

somehow more advanced than the straight foil type despite the fact that Philips has been making its tri-blade filly shave models since 1956 the blades all individually pivot towards and away from the center of the head while the head itself uni pivots the ergonomics are also great such that the series 9000 fits your hand instantly and feels .

almost weightless at only a hundred and sixty grams that’s not to say that this electric shaver feels cheap or flimsy as its slimness means it still feels dense but now let’s talk about the performance the first thing you’ll notice when you switch the series 9000 on is the lack of noise it has an impressive quiet operation which will give you an .

enjoyable shaving experience considering that this is a wet and dry model which means waterproof in other words you can choose to use this shaver while in the shower or with shaving gel on however you’ll find it more effective dry and less likely to gunk up the blades cleaning the head is a simple matter of running it under a tap for a few .

minutes but take in mind if you leave the unit unwashed for more than a few days it becomes difficult to clean furthermore three speed settings are available from which to choose depending on skin type and hair type finally this particular model also has an LED display which will notify you when the battery is low so you know when to charge it to conclude the series 9000 is definitely a must-have and if you’re looking for something with these .

features we highly recommend you consider the Philips series 9000 at number 3 it’s the braun pro skin 3040 yes the Braun Series three Pro skin 30 40s is among the best and most purchased electric razors on the market due to the fact that this unit combines a durable construction and reliable performance with a price that is suitable for everyone’s budget this device sports a sleek 100% waterproof construction that consists of two foils positioned on .

the top an extra-large precision trimmer on the back while along the sides of its handle you’ll notice a rubber dot pattern which will offer you a greater control over this device while you’re shaving the handle also has a power button while slightly below there’s a conveniently placed LED display which will always remind you about the .

battery status so when you see this unit as a whole I have to admit it looks exceptionally elegant moreover the Braun Series 30 40 features the well-known micro comb technology which means this year it will capture a large amount of hair while being gentle on the spots you intend to shave and since I’ve mentioned the comfort I’d also like to inform you that the integrated blades will automatically retract with the intention to protect your skin so .

you won’t do with potential injuries another great thing about this device is that numerous users have reported that they didn’t have any issues in reaching difficult areas thanks to the foil which makes everything look and feel easy for your information you can apply foam or gel if you require better gliding as well due to the fact that the .

Braun Series 3040 performs equally well for both wet and dry shaves when it comes to the battery life most of the users blame that on a single charge you can expect to have a runtime of approximately 45 minutes while the recharge should require around an hour and 45 minutes which isn’t that bad however if you’re on the run the .

quick 5 minute charge may be enough to offer you enough battery for a single shape which is awesome overall I strongly recommend you consider this product because it offers great value for its price at number 2 it’s the Braun Series 999 3s the Braun Series 9 is the brand’s best electric shaver with 5 synchronize shaving elements the .

world’s strongest sonic technology and an intelligent Auto sensing motor to shave more hair in one stroke than any other shaver from a design perspective this unit posts a light gray body with an embed broan logo on the front which gives a great look to the overall aesthetics we also mentioned the five shaving elements which means that .

there are for cutting elements available and one skin guard that work together seamlessly so you not only get the best efficiency but also the best skin comfort in addition there are two specialized trimmers present including a titanium coating that helps you capture even the trickiest hair in every stroke so we have to say the manufacturer .

did a great job here the intelligent sonic and auto sense technology released ten thousand vibrations which means that you’ll capture hair even on a dense beard and with the support of an adaptive shaving motor your shaving experience will be elevated to a whole new level for your information there are ten different flexible head and .

floating shaping elements that gently adapt to your skin while the wet and dry feature will allow you to use these elements even on wet skin foam gel and in the shower for a refreshing and smooth skin experience to remove .

customer doubts about the waterproof efficiency I can say that I’ve used this shaver in water conditions such as in the shower and I assure you the shaver responded fantastically and no issues with the Schaefer were caused .

afterward moreover the state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery keeps performance and is able to fully recharge the battery in one hour which in my opinion is just great finally the charging stand is a small unit which minimises the space you need in the bathroom and guarantees that your shaver is always charged which allows the Braun Series 9 to withstand 50 minutes of cordless shaving to conclude despite the price this is a premium shaver which I .

didn’t find any flaws and it’s great for any kind of use at number one it’s the Panasonic arc 5 choose a suitable shaver can be difficult with all the different products variations and conflicting information regarding which one .

would be a better fit the Panasonic arc 5 is an award winning foil razor with a 5 blade shaving system and angled blades it’s worth mentioning that the arc 5 is currently the only line of foil shavers that have 5 individual cutting .

elements from the design perspective the arc 5 packs an elegant looking body meshed with black and light grey an LED display on the front to show a variety of options and the rounded control buttons so when you see it as a whole it looks really modern and elegant in addition the Panasonic arc 5 is waterproof anas wet/dry functionality which means you can shave wet with shaving foam or gel and can use this shaver cordless Lee in the shower you can also clean it under running water what are the most advanced features of the Panasonic part 5 has to be the .

shaving sensor that supposedly detects the beard density and adjust the power output accordingly which in my opinion is a great feature for people that have a sensitive skin and can’t find the right density for their needs anyway let’s talk about the performance arc 5s 502 thin ultra sharp blades are home to a 30 degree edge to cut .

hair cleanly at the base which also brings up the fact that the varied foil patterns capture and cut various hair types for clean efficient shaving for your information you can instantly engage the precision pop up shaving trimmer to quickly and easily detail sideburns and the starch or trim down long stubble before you shave as you shave the multiflex pivoting head flexes side-to-side and back and forth to follow the individual contours of your .

face neck and jaw for the ultimate in personalized comfort the panasonic arc 5 has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery and can only be operated cordless Lee it will last around 45 minutes of shaving time from a fully charged battery and that’s actually pretty decent overall the arc 5 is a high-end electric shaver which covers any kind of feature and can be used in a variety of ways for different purposes considering this we highly recommend you consider this product because you won’t regret your decision thanks for watching.