Best Combs For Pomade

Best Combs for PomadeLooking for the Best Combs For Pomade? You’ve come to the right place

mad man why are you sitting on the counter like a savage madman what kind of greaser rockabilly nonsense are you on about are you sitting there smoking cigarettes in the kitchen okay today we are talking about combs

Best Combs For Pomade

brushes hair pics and degrease in them all these dirty combs brushes pics we got to grease these and the gonna show you a good old-school cheap easy fast way to get all the grease and the hair and the crap off of your hair styling implements now some of you can’t that are already established and in Greece and for a while you guy.

are probably gone mad man I already know how to do this I’ve done this before it’s pretty easy and simple I know I get it but I’ve had requests to do this video and this is you know more for some of the younger cats or people they’re just getting into the greaser scene that are using the pomade and the different hair products and are now .

finding that their their combs and brushes are getting gummed up with you know you know petroleum gunk and pomade and hair and all kinds of stuff they don’t want to sit there trying to pick it out with your fingers get it out .

of the teeth of the bristles so this is this is for now alright so if you’re not interested in this you can watch it if you like see all my tomfoolery and that I get up to or you can click off whatever it’s fine I’m not gonna hold it against .

ya love all ya learn about shattering and smoking the cigarette here I put the show anyway I’m gonna get on with the damn process and give you guys a quick easy way of decreasing your hair styling implements your combs your. 

brushes your hair picks dig it alright maniacs so what are we going to need to partake in this adventure of cleaning your hair styling implements well first off you’re gonna some kind of a plastic container you can use an old coffee .

can plastic container old Tupperware something you don’t mind getting you know a little a little dirty and wet and greasy and all that kind of crap so I’m just gonna go with this little blue plastic container and then followed up by .

your Don or Ajax or some kind of dishwashing soap that fights grease or petroleum products the soap doesn’t really matter like I said as long as it’s some kind of a dish soap that degreases you know plates and forks spoons .

knives it’ll do the same thing with your combs and brushes and then of course the brushes combs and hair picks themselves put them in here actually go down put them all the way down in there alright the next step is we’re .gonna go ahead and run the hot water yes you heard me hot water you don’t have to make it super super scorching. 

hot you can make it warm but I would say I would go with hot enough you put your fingers in you’re not comfortable with you dig we’ve got to let the water warm up okay you got your bucket for your little plastic tub .

with your combs and your brushes and all that you got your soap go ahead give it under the water and start pouring in the soap like so as you can see we’ve got some bubbles we’ve got some foam in there you don’t need a .whole lot of dish soap this stuff goes a long way so just let the combs and brushes so the hot soapy water as you can see right here we got the combs got the brushes you can move them around a little bit everything soak dinner. 

move them around get them situated right there all in there you can get them in there all right so those are soaked in I’m gonna let them sell for about 20 or 30 minutes like I said you go 20 on the light 30 on the heavy you don’t .

really have to go too much it doesn’t take a whole lot just give it time give the water and the the dish so time to break down the petroleum you know in the products soften it up so you can pick a lot of that stuff out and then I’ll. 

show you what comes up after that all right guys so these have been soaked and long enough and you’ll start to .notice when the hair in the petroleum loosen up it kind of just sometimes slides right out of the teeth of the bristles of the brushes and the combs so that’s kind of when you know it’s ready to go and you can start the s.

crubbing process now for the scrubbing process you could use some kind of like little brush I found this old little .

dog toothbrush I used to use this would work just fine as you can see it’s got the little bristles right here it’ll work just fine I actually have never used this for cleaning combs those for the first time and then you can use a little screwdriver for picking just picking out the little particles and crap cuz you’re gonna want to scrub these up also if. 

you have like an old toothbrush or some kind of like you know hard bristled brush that you don’t mind getting wet and soapy you can use that as well it’ll work just fine all right so let’s start the process go comb by comb as you can see the crap in it is starting to slide right out I mean you can literally just pick this with your fingers just pick with your fingers throw it back in the water and I’ll show you why in a minute also go ahead and wet the brush and you just take it like so see how the bristles are getting in there between the teeth and it comes right out give you guys a

view of what I’m doing here the water get the soap and then just kind of scrub it after you’ve picked it out of the teeth you can just kind of go like this and scrub it like so like that that one’s good to go just run it under some cold. 

water rinse it off put it in there okay let’s get into some a little bit more difficult like this hairbrush is you notice there’s all kinds of hair gunk and crap in this hairbrush that’s where this comes in handy the little screwdriver I

mentioned just take it and go pretty much straight up just go right between the bristles see how this is now coming out there it is so it in a water to see this is a little bit more complex to clean because this is all built and

this is my my little roller brush this is real great for slick in the hair back and doing duck tails and all that kind of cool retro greaser stuff greaser gonna get all that crap out of there’s a lot of it in there to see I haven’t done this brush in a while so it’s gonna take a little doing this is where it gets a little challenging but just get it in there get the the screwdriver in there or some kind of you know implement that you can pick with just go up between the

bristles and just start loosening it up at least see it on a roller brush like this you probably would really want to clean this more often than I have I need to be a little bit better about keeping this thing a little cleaner because

then you get the build-up and then it’s kind of hard to get out I’m gonna go ahead and put that back into soap a little bit more okay you got your hair pick pretty simple you can literally just use your fingers to slide any of that

extra stuff out of there then you take your brush and then just kinda clean it up like so like I said guys nice and easy nothing major nothing to it nothing to it but to do it rinse it off okay of course we got the wooden comb from

locks and I want to definitely keep this thing clean cuz this is kind of like a novelty comb I’ve never had a wooden comb so let’s go ahead and get that cleaned out real quick definitely want to take good care of this comb this bristles in there all the stuffs out of it like that make sure you get it in there like so and then again simple process

just okay then you need to come to a combs such as this where you have smaller bristles that’s where that brush really comes in handy some of the big stuff on the big Brussels you can limit just take your fingers like I’m doing it

right now just pull it out the water no big deal but you’re gonna have to get the brush in there on the smaller

bristles to really get this little crap out of there especially up by the base of it you definitely won’t wanna get here your bristles in there get them working get those bristles in there between the column teeth see on combs like this

it’s a little bit more difficult to to get it going but takes a little more time but hey do the best you can no one’s perfect make sure you start at the top and work your way down try to pull it as much of that stuff out of there as

you can from the base all the way to the end that’s that’s go ahead and give it a rinse [Applause] okay now we got the comb from United Atlantic just pull all this stuff out as much as you can and again this is where your bristle brush comes in very handy because it’s small bristles small teeth this will get in there and really pull that kind of gunk and crap out like .