Best Cordless Hair Clippers For Bald Head

Best Cordless Hair Clippers For Bald HeadLooking for the Best Cordless Hair Clippers For Bald Head? You’ve come to the right place

that have like no action for those of you that are hair follicle challenge like I am all for those of you that really want to get a nice close shave on the head I’ve been using three at the latest head shavers clippers or trimmers whatever you want to call them and I thought I’d give you some real-world feedback so with that in mind let’s get on with it .

Best Cordless Hair Clippers For Bald Head

this is the first product it’s the Remington fast cut so let’s see what it’s like I got a feeling don’t you buy the teeth here that this isn’t going to be that close pull up the Clippers off that you would normally use four different braids and it’s got an internal battery charger here you can wash it through the back with a tap and then it will comes out. 

at this part at the front here and you just turn it on here and that’s it this is the Philips one blade and these are replaceable blades really easy to do they last a couple of months if you’re doing things like your chin moustache where your sideburns really good for that kind of stuff everyday real quick but if you use this on your head it’s great but it goes through the blades much much quicker the other thing this one does is that it cuts really really .

close so if you want the closest shade this is probably it probably is it’s not very quick because the blade is not very wide and this is the wall again it has a white slightly wider blade it’s rechargeable it has a lithium battery inside quite noisy but it is fairly quick and it does get nice and close on the blades so let’s jump right in and see what they see what they do  from that last cut if you look at the sink that’s all it got off so that’s what it did so did cut .

some they’ve not that much in there we’re gonna do the same thing I’ll slightly move across a bit on the head and we’ll see how much this  look in there you see these chunks are much bigger so it’s getting much closer cut than the previous one we’re going to go to this one which is the the Phillips one blade you can .

already hear this is cutting closer  so you can probably see from the back of my head paps that the different levels and how produce I’m gonna get alright so after three for this quick review we’ve got the wall which does a very good job battery doesn’t really last that long it does shave pretty close I like that one it doesn’t have .

any lights on this one to tell you when it’s charging or when it’s running out or when it’s even fully charged so it’s not the end of the world but it would be nice to have the lifetime on this one so far has been very good the blade lasts a long time and the battery lasts probably well a month actually but then I’m shaving maybe once maybe .

twice a week the Philips one blade I really like this one but it’s more any facial hair rather than head hair if you want a really close shave it’s this one but it takes a lot longer because of the tiny blade on it but it cuts really really close that one runs out of battery quite quickly actually if you’re using on your head so you’d need to charge that .

probably every day but then I suppose you wouldn’t be using it every day and then finally the remington one which was the is actually called the quick cut comes with its small little pouch this one very good value about thirty pounds and it’s really it’s chunky but it’s fairly small it’s medium as in weight the battery apparently lasts on this one about 40 minutes so and I actually ended up finishing the hair cut off with this one because it was good .

enough and I think I’ll probably go with that it’s the newest one because it’s blade is so wide and it’s shaped it does shape around your head quite well and it does for a quick shave so for speed and fairly closeness I’m gonna go with the remington on this case.