Best Curly Hair Products For Frizz

Best Curly Hair Products For FrizzLooking for the Best Curly Hair Products For Frizz? You’ve come to the right place

Today we’re gonna try the best anti-frizz products for curly hair. – Mines like fine, but yeah, there’s a lot. – I wanna say kinky curls. – My is very, very thick. – We’re gonna damp our hair. (laughs) – I don’t know about this Shiela,

Best Curly Hair Products For Frizz

listen. – I don’t wanna spill this. – (screams loudly) Do I look wet? (laughs) – I have a lot of hair. – Same. – Sorry, I didn’t mean … (laughs) – Why is the frizz crossed out? – Cause we don’t want frizz. – Oh, duh! – It’s a really classy .

bottle. – Yeah, it is. – I like the smell. – It smells like roses, it smells like flowers. – When I have like stuff that smells like Skittles, I’m like, I don’t want my hair to smell like no damn Skittles. (laughs) – Here’s the thing. I don’t like .

when they say, use generously. Cause that just means I’m gonna have to buy a new one very soon. – This is so true. – I just know I’m gonna need a lot. – It smells like a rich lady. – It’s already, my hairs like absorbing it. – It’s not .

thick at all, which I like. It doesn’t feel like there’s a lot of product in my hair. – This is not helping create any sort of pattern. – It actually seems to okay. And this is like an area of my hair that gets really frizzy. – Look, it’s like .

straightening out even more. So, I can already tell with my hair this wouldn’t do well. – I feel like it’s given your curls moisture, but it’s not really giving it that pop. I like how light it feels, I don’t like a lot of product in my hair. .

Because, then it feels like it’s weighing my hair down. – I’m gonna say no to Living Proof for me, because I feel like a little wet terrier right now. – I’d probably give this for me, like a two, quite honestly. – I give it a two. – I give this .

a three. I think it’s pretty okay average. I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it either. (pop music) – Oh God, it’s clear. – More frizzy. – This is like for me the signature Deva Curl smell. – Yeah, it smells like childhood. – Ooh, I like the .

way my curls are popping. – It just doesn’t feel like it’s defining anything for me. In order for hair to not be frizzy, I have to define it with a curl styling creme. – Yeah. (laughs) – I don’t know if I actually like the texture of this at all, because it feels very slimy, like snot. I also don’t feel like it’s really penetrating my curl. I feel like it’s just sitting on. 

top of it. – I feel like this one defines my curl a lot more than the other product, which I like. – I think you put something underneath first, and I think you put this over it. – I feel like there’s a lot less stray hairs. – It’s 100% sulfate, paraben ,silicone free. – Say that three times fast. Sulfate, paraben, silicone free. Sulfate, paraben, silicone. 

free. Sulfate, paraben ,silicone free. – I think this is not the product for my curl. – I think this is for a different person. – Yeah. – I would say three to four, to be honest. – Yeah, I would give it a 3.5. – I’d give it a four. – I’d give it a 3.5. It’s a bit better than the other one. (pop music) – Caviar Cream. – This looks really bougie. – It does have caviar in the title. – Caviar. – Which I like. – Okay, so it’s real fancy. – I think whoever is deciding what these .

products smell like, is just like on top of it. – I like the way it feels. – I gotta say it feels less frizzy, this section, then when I put it it. – This isn’t really like de tangling. I feel like my hairs getting knotty. – I do like that it’s thick. – I .

like that it says heat protection, which means you can put this on your hair if you’re gonna blow dry it. – Right. – This ones a good go to, I feel like if your … At the end of the day and everything’s kind of frizzed out, and you just .

wanna do a touch up. – Yeah, that’s true. – I give it a 3.7. – I give it a four because of the texture of it, I like how thick it is. So, I have a little more faith in it. – Three and a half. – I’d give it a four for me. I like it. – I’d probably rate. 

it a four as well, as the Deva. – Yeah, I think I’d rate it a four. – My favorite is the Living Proof. _ I’m gonna go with the Caviar one to start off with, and finish it off with the Deva Curl. – So overall, I’d say my favorite would be the .

Caviar. I think it kinda does a lot of things just for this one product, which is great. – I’m gonna go with Deva Curl. Just because as much as I did like the Caviar Cream, I felt like Deva Curl comes through with the smells. And, I’m. 

a big sense person. – If I was gonna use one, I think it would have to be the Caviar one. Just cause it’s hard to find something you can put in dry hair. Did it make your hands really soft? – Ooh, I didn’t even notice. – My hand is .

quite soft. – Ooh. – I do wanna say that with my frizz, I actually don’t have much of a problem with it. I constantly have hair dressers coming up to me being like, “I know how to get that frizz right out.” I’m like, that’s just the way that my hair grows on my head.