Best Curly Hair Products For Thin Hair

Best Curly Hair Products For Thin HairLooking for the Best Curly Hair Products For Thin Hair? You’ve come to the right place

with fine low-density curls so before I get started my husband said to me as you looked at a table of about 20 products charme can you not just use one product for your hair huh I absolutely could say it again so I could

Best Curly Hair Products For Thin Hair

record it because you know the Kardashians would do that it was very funny and I was picturing like editing it into the video it was really really funny but he wasn’t into it and so as a result I didn’t answer him so yes we need all .

these products girls these options and every product that’s a different thing one day you might want like super defined curls and another day you might want it just big and fluffy like a poodle right girl the options also the reason I am showing you so many different products in all honesty so they know that you guys are located in all .

different parts of the world analytics tells me bad okay also there’s different price ranges so I don’t want to just tell you like this is the top of top you got to pick this one no I’m going to give you options within the category so my .

favorite deep conditioners that all work well for our hair types that are not going to be heavy and leaving a residue leave-in conditioners I’m not touching on shampoos because I feel like that doesn’t really make a difference with .

our hair types generally I’ll do the same thing I don’t get a lot of like residue from shampoos anything they strip your hair so leaving shampoos out leave-in conditioners gels and any other styling products that I think would be helpful for you I’m going to include so I’m going to start with deep conditioners or to start with this holy grail and .

I’m so excited to announce that it is this one here and the reason I’m excited because it’s the cheapest it’s so affordable it is under five dollars and it works so well ladies if you’re out there with damaged curls put this in a set .

3 minute miracle I on occasion in the past that left it on my hair overnight wrap my head with a shower cap and then a towel over top let that sink into my hair overnight and then the curls start coming back so if you have damaged curls give this a shot so if you don’t know about this odds the three-minute moist conditioner deep .

conditioner I use this a lot it has amazing slip I am probably not going to talk about every product as long as I’m talking about this one but I just have to emphasize how awesome this is because if you haven’t tried it you are seriously missing out and I know this work back because whenever I tell people about it they tried to come back to .

me and they say I love products attract me this is this okay try it come back and tell me what you think it’s awesome I always suggest used to to a lot of people when they have any kind of damage or they were a really good .

big conditioner that’s not going to break the bank it’s another one that I love it’s already open as you can see you can get these mostly where is it like Walmart Target see them on many places they probably even sell them actual .

bottles but for some reason there’s something very satisfying for me about buying it in the little pocket I don’t know is that with me so it is the Palmers coconut oil formula coconut oil beef conditioning protein pack for dry .

damaged or color treated hair and it is just what it says it is fantastic for your curls and it’s not going to leave your hair feeling heavy or waves out afterwards it’s going to do so it says picture here really nice and hydrated now if .

you just got paid are you feeling you know a little little luxurious I’m going I’m going to mention some more that .

are a little bit more expensive but our awesome products as well so let’s go through them really quickly the first one is by we dot and this is the curl immersion triple treat deep conditioner with coconut avocado and grapeseed oils it looks like this I’ve shown this in a video before another deep conditioner I really like is the mixture deep .

conditioner a nourishes you tangles and restores your thirsty loves with all sorts of great ingredients as well I’m .

mentioning products that have really great ingredients so that is also sometimes why products might be more expensive as well because they tend to be more natural or have higher quality higher grade ingredients so that’s .

the mix chicks one now this one I really love I featured this in my bank video when I showed you how I trim my bangs myself I loved it this is a leave-in conditioner sorry this is a mask peak conditioning mask is called a blueberry blitz reparative hair mask this is so good that I can use this on my hair rinse it out and then put no .

products on my hair and let it air dry it’s going to give me a fluffy look I actually showed it right in that video but it’s still going to look moisturize so I really really like this because if I can use use a moisturizer right a deep treatment that is so moisturizing that I don’t even need a styling product and you know it’s really good so and it .

also smells really really good as well so I do want to mention and that is by for three curls or curls now the other one that I want to mention I have not purchased in a while because I mean I have a lot of options at home and it is .

pricier but I have to mention it because I do love it I actually don’t even know what they’re not talking about it so it is the Carol’s Daughter monoi hair mask I used to treat myself to it every once in a while back in the day what .

my hair was very really damaged it worked so well your hair feels so incredibly soft it smells amazing the to downsize pricey and there’s not a lot in it so the cuts there isn’t a lot in it I just felt like I was going through it so .

fast and it felt like a lot of money to be going through so fast when you can use other things that work well as well so that’s the downside if I can find a picture of it I’ll show it here if you love Carol’s Daughter give it a shot by all .

means so I had to mention it because it really really is balm I wasn’t sure was going to say because people still say balm the next thing I want to mention is the only conditioner I’m going to mention I have to be honest I use deep .

conditioning treatments almost in the replacement of conditioner I just have no problem with that so I do use conditioner sometimes but there’s really only one that I use like over and over again and I’ll tell you the brand it is .

Oh Chi X and this is actually nothing last one that I wanted to show you what because I use it so much I don’t happen right now it’s a coconut one but I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with this brand their conditioners are the .

truth I absolutely love them amazing slips again it’s a great price as well easy to find at Walmart Target the usual suspects of smells phenomenal you just have that beautiful tropical getaway kind of smell and you know it’s just .

it’s awesome and I love it for detangling so I use that conditioner very very often now let’s get into the exciting part I feel like this part’s exciting maybe I don’t know leave-in conditioners okay so I’m going to start with some .

that has been my my tried-and-true meaning I used these longest I started my whole curly healthy curly hair journey with this many many years ago making it sound like this is like 20 years ago what’s not so the first one I .

am going to mention this one I believe was kind of like a cult favorite on YouTube anyone that was going natural or starting their healthy hair journey about five years ago everyone was using this if you had final density curls this is great for us it is the Giovanni directly than weightless moisture conditioner this is one of those products .

where if I don’t want to take a gamble on whether my hair is going to turn out how I want it to turn out this is one of the products I reach for because some products with our hair type you have to get the exact measurement .

correct you know this otherwise you have to start all over again wash your hair all over again because it’s just too heavy and the residue messes up the whole look our hair is very very temperamental so this is one of those .

products that I have rarely had issues with I will say I only apply it when my hair is sent and most of these products is not all of these products same scenario I just don’t like to take the risk with my hair type it can’t take a .

lot of product so my hair has to do wet when I’m applying this when I say wet not like sopping wet so it’s not like dripping everywhere but you know water is still saturated on my hair after I washed it and then I’ll go through .

with it I have many tutorials on my channel showing you my step-by-step process for applying product another favorite that I have used many years ago and I actually haven’t used it as much lately and now getting back to .

using it again it’s the mix chick leave-in conditioner what I will say about this you definitely don’t need a lot this with lasts probably five years I only use a very very small amount and I like to concentrate this towards the tips of .

my hair and not so much at the root because I do find that this can be a little bit heavy for my hair personally so .