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hey guys welcome back so today’s video is one that I am really excited to finally get to make and it’s going to be the first of a series of videos dedicated to drugstore eyebrow products I had to break these up into different videos

Best Drugstore Brow Pomade

because there are a ridiculous amount of high brow products at the drugstore especially nowadays I feel like in the last year there have been a lot of eyebrow product launches at the drugstore and some really really good ones ones. 

that are finally competing I think with the higher-end products today’s video is going to be on best and worst drugstore brow pomade these have become really popular recently especially with the launch of Anastasia Beverly.Hills brow pomade and it’s a really good product I do actually have that one and I used it as a comparison and reference for a lot of the ones that I was testing out from the drugstore because I do think it is a solid product this .

is the original anastasia dipbrow pomade and i use the shape medium brown the finished result with a brow pomade when done correctly is beautiful and that extra hold that you get with the dip brow and some of the ones .

i’m going to talk about can help eliminate some other steps so i do think that they are really great products the way i’m going to do this video is pretty much the way i do all of my bests and words i’m going to start off with my .

least favorites and end with the ones that i like the best from the drugstore i’m going to try to give you a good list of the pros and cons of each because not everybody’s brows are the same you may not be looking for the same .

things my least-favorite which is from salon perfect and it is their perfect brow pomade and sorry I’m showing you an empty package here I just wanted to give you an idea of what they look like when you find them at this store .

but these are the actual two things that come in that package this is your brow pomade and then it does come with what I think is a really nice spoolie and the brush isn’t bad it’s a little bit thicker than I would like especially for a .

brow pomade but it’s definitely workable and it’s nice that they included with the brow pomade because the dip brow from honest subject doesn’t come with a brush you do have to purchase that individually and the dip brow on its own retails I believe for $18 so this package of brow pomade and brush from salon perfect is four dollars and eighty eight cents and it’s a brand that’s exclusive to Walmart I think that’s a killer steal so those are the .

things that I really love about this product the value of it the fact that you’re getting this spoolie and brush and that it does have really good staying power now in regards to the things that I don’t like about the salon perfect one it’s the fact that this one of all of the ones that I tested from the drugstore is the most creamy almost to a point. 

where that works against it it can be really difficult when a pomade is too liquidy or too creamy to get a super precise line especially if you’re new to using brow pomade however one of the best ways that I found to use this one and pretty much any of the brow pomade is when you go to dip in your brush in the product you are going to pick up quite a bit especially because it is creamy and I just barely tap in there I’m not running my brush in there .

or going back and forth just gently tap but even with that I come back to the cap and I just tap it or rub it back and forth a little bit to get some of the product off of the brush before I go into my brows and that gives me a lot more control and less product on the brush so that I can build it up the biggest con for me with this product especially is that it has a ton of shimmer and I hope that the camera will capture this on my close-up it has a bunch of silver .

shimmer in it and I do use the shade dark brown these along perfect comes in I believe three shades there’s a medium brown and then like a blonde or taupe shade and I don’t know if the other two shades have shimmer or .

sparkle in them so if you’ve used this lon perfect please feel free to let me know in the comment section if those have shimmer but I can just speak from my experience with this one and the shimmer is is apparent to me on the .

brows especially in natural daylight that is why it’s on the bottom of my list it really comes down to the shimmer .

in this product and some of the more creamy texture to this one which I think can make it a little harder to work with I was surprised buying a whole line of brow products from ardell I found this brow pomade a couple different. 

pencils and powders and you will see one of the pencils coming up in a future review but getting back to this brow pomade it is in the shade dark brown as well and initially when I first opened this one and looked at it I thought it. 

was the exact same product with a different stamp on the packaging as the salon perfect because everything about the packaging and the brush looks identical to the salon perfect and the shades look really similar to be honest I .

would say that the ardella line is a little bit more cool toned although they both are on the cooler tone of brown the other thing about this one is I found it to be slightly less creamy than this a lot perfect but still one of the creamier.ones of the drugstore options I believe the Ardell one retailed for around $6.99 so still a good value compared to the dipbrow because you are getting the brush and the product another good thing about this one is the staying .

power I found that this were really great all day I think I wore it for 10 hours without any issues there was no smudging or sliding of the product it doesn’t fade but the thing that like about this one and the reason it’s lower .

on my list is this also has a bunch of shimmer in it and I don’t know if it’s just the dark brown shade I believe the .

Ardell one also comes in three or four shades and I didn’t test the other ones but this one has that silver shimmer they look a little finer than the salon perfect but they are still obvious in my opinion on the brow so next I want to .

talk about it is one that I actually think is a really nice product it just comes down to whether or not you like this type of consistency versus a more creamy pomade sort of consistency and this is from NYX it is their eyebrow gel I. 

have it in the shade brunette and it actually looks very similar to a product from Makeup Forever called aqua brows in fact you could pretty much call it it do it because I have used both they have very similar consistency and. 

claimed pretty much the same thing so it is supposed to be a waterproof long-lasting gel which is going to add color and definition to your brows it also claims that it adds fullness and I do think that this does a really great job. 

it is incredibly long-lasting this stuff will not go anywhere I feel like you could go swimming with this and your brows would still be on now if you are not familiar with these it basically has a little spout and you squeeze the .

product out I like to do it on the back of my hand or if you have a little pallet now this doesn’t come with a brush so you want to get a brush I like to use the on Asajj of Beverly Hills number seven brush and you’re just basically .

going to grab some of the product on the brush and pretty much the same way that I would do with a brow pomade I’m going to grab the product first and then kind of wipe some of it off on another area of my hand and .

then come in and fill in my brows or create the shape of my brows and I do find that this works almost identical to the brow palming but it is a little bit thinner and consider Cinci a little bit more liquidy not a whole lot and so I .

would say that if you prefer more control this can be a little bit harder to work with if you’re new to this sort of consistency I think if you start with a really small amount and just gentle short strokes you can get a really nice .

natural defined route with this I think that the shade range in this product is great they have a lot of neutral to cool toned Browns and topes in the range and it retails for $6.99 other than the fact that it doesn’t come with a .

brush I think it’s a really good value especially if you like the aqua browse from Make Up For Ever this is just as good if not better the next one I want to talk about is one that I’ve really been enjoying and I just love this brand from the drugstore it’s from Milani and it’s their stay-put brow color I have mine in the shade dark brown and I .

believe they come in five shades and again I think that they have a pretty decent range for the drugstore especially they all looked to me to be fairly neutral to cooler tone for me the dark brown shade is a really nice cool toned .

more of a medium ash brown as opposed to like a darker rich Brown so compared to some of the other shades that I have purchased that say dark brown this one is definitely lighter this is the Milani and this is the Ardell be .

honest I actually like the shade of the Milani one a little better even for hairs dark as mine and it has great staying power I found it to be smudge resistant and wore well throughout the day didn’t fade on me but it definitely is a .

drier consistency compared to any of the other ones I’ve talked about which actually I find a little bit easier to work with the other nice thing about this product is it doesn’t have huge chunks of shimmer now I’m looking at it .

closely and I do see very very faint fine shimmer in it but it’s one of those where it is not apparent on the brows and once you start applying it you don’t know the other thing that I like about this one is the brush that it comes .

with this brush and my opinion is a really really nice one for the drugstore you get a spoolie again but this angle .

on this one is a very nice precise angle with a lot of control I find this one to be very very comparable to the hon asada number-7 brush back side by side they look pretty much the same so when you’re considering that you are .

getting this brush and the brow pomade for I believe $7.49 is what I paid at Walgreens that is a really good value okay so the last one I have here is my personal favorite from the drugstore although I would say the Milani and .

this one are pretty much neck-and-neck and it’s from mix it’s the tame and frame tinted brow pomade and this one was kind of the first drugstore one that I noticed come out and really got compared a time to the dip brow from an asada and I think it is a really really nice product I wouldn’t say it’s an exact dupe for the dip brow I .

wouldn’t say any of these are an exact dupe but I think that this one probably comes the closest followed by the Milani and I have it in the shade brunette again I think I would describe this as like a medium ash brown it looks .

quite similar to the Milani in dark brown okay so the bottom one is the NYX in brunette and the top one is Milani in dark brown and I would say they look almost identical with the next one you don’t get a brush you do have to .

use your own or purchase one and I know NYX actually sells an eyebrow brush one with an angle and spoolie I’m not sure how much it retails for other than that what I really like about this one is the consistency it is a little bit more of a drier formula I would say that this one and the Milani are the driest although I think the MA is a little .

bit drier than the next one so I find that this one is just the right consistency the other nice thing with this one is I do find it offers what I would consider a light to medium hold so staying power is great I find it to be smudge .

proof I would say it is water-resistant as long as you’re not rubbing vigorously definitely if you’re looking to save some money on the dipbrow there are a lot of options in this video my two favorite which i think are fairly comparable are the Knicks and the Milani definitely worth checking out so that is going to wrap up today’s video if 

you found this video helpful please feel free to like it if you’re new to my channel and would like to continue to see videos like this don’t forget to subscribe thank you guys so much for watching and I will talk to you all very soon have a good rest of your day bye.