Best Drugstore Eyebrow Pomade

Best Drugstore Eyebrow PomadeLooking for the Best Drugstore Eyebrow Pomade? You’ve come to the right place

I need to help a meet of freaking just got oh hey guys welcome back to my channel today’s video is going to become a comparison video and also just how I do my brows at the moment kind of video and then comparing

Best Drugstore Eyebrow Pomade

two different products actually one drugstore and one high in price and the one set of the comparative date is going to be some brow products as you can see I’m not wearing my brows today which is like so crazy I feel so weird not having my brows on especially when I’ve got so much eye makeup on you’re sexy so difficult for me to .

do that today because I just like I don’t have my cellphone spencey hydro products I’m going to compare today of both like brow pomade and this work is from honest Russia it is the one called approximation because lon and .

that it’s going to be up against the Nick Cave and praying to the brows made and this is also in color blonde so that you may or may not know an Isetta its highest makeup friends and they are very very well-known for all of their .

brow products it’s actually interesting that doesn’t you know what here’s a brow friend but I really want to compare them to makes and a bit more of a drugstore makeup right that I actually haven’t tried anything and spraying onto the brows amazed yet so I’m really excited about that it’s a bit more inexpensive and for some people a bit easier to get your hands on if you’re on a budget for example so let me just read out loud would be .

claimed on these boxes this one’s better if you’re waterproof route to the ideals of scoping defying and calming to be precise trousers won’t fade must freeze creamy formula glides on skin and I said to hair must have oily skin and 

humid climates tighten cap to prevent drying so is the waterproof formula it claims me really long wearing as well as very nice creamy formula and always just grazes humid climates like for example if LA area where it’s really warm but maybe also in Copenhagen was really like rainy and just really weather as you mainly don’t know I have 

tried this one before it is a long time ago analysis almost forgotten and I must be honest this one oh look seems to be waterproof and it says how to use this angle brush into the main outline and fill in browse to a desired shape and thickness then then brush brows with a spoolie brush second seek control freak eyebrow gel I’m not going to be doing down because I don’t want to help it out in any way they will form those so that they farm well on their .

own hopefully so I’m not gonna be using any settings yellows whatsoever that’s the claims that’s how to use them and without further ado this is get them in the brown I get to make sure there is no difference with that I’m going to be using the same brush for growth of this mate I’m going to be using the Mac 266 brush which is an angled brush so it just when you guys can’t even see my brows in tiny more as you may be able to see us all wake up a lot .

of brow in myself already so that helps a lot these kind of brows to mates because it doesn’t seem to stick on to and not just skin so firstly before actually getting it in the brows we just show you the packaging of these products 

because I also see like that makes a bit of a difference because I like the tiny seeing a product you can definitely tell which one is high in and which one is drugstore I’m sorry for the packaging when it comes to that and the Sasha wins 100% I like the different blast to kind of things last yard and feels very heavy very luxurious and I love the stamp of yellow surfacing or logos on the list or value sets if I made in the color as well so Peggy came from – –is on point and can fold it and then when it comes to mix packaging um it is definite bit more tested is also kind of a frosty tested on container and then the only thing that I would say is right about that which is not as heavy .

which means icebreaker traveling doesn’t take up too much space either but I do know about mixes and they don’t really care them about the exterior the product they want the actual colors to be on point in the difference who .

made you get action for grams and in the in the next one gets five grand Wow I was pretty finger there was a way .

more product in this one than this one now you can size it down the little right here on the screen so you can see what they retail for but now let’s get them in the brown and then up that would be on second one in this brown .

and I do apologize for my horrible neighbors right now they’re running I was downstairs I don’t here is the actual product of the ants that you want and definitely dipping the brush she has me into their because as you can see and as you can see if it makes a dent already from the very beginning so it is very very creamy and don’t want too much product as one you want to be able to filled it up so if you can see that was just from the first dish that I .

made in there and as you can see it cost to do the entire life bottom line of my brow green eyes very smooth very creamy once again to the creaminess is one husband correct so that a success brows done guys as you can see this 

excuse different color wise and really liked it but you know why here is how much product I used approximately so I shouldn’t see there’s only some small is dense in there and I actually make sure not to get too much side .

under this brush is how are you very creamy formula if you get too much on at once you will not get into control it’s going to be way too much so building up is definitely the way to go as you can see my brow is definitely really full on I’m presently like that but if you want to go for that more natural stuff brow you definitely need to be very very careful because once again you’re very pigmented and they’re very creamy as well so a little goes a long ways .

but when we’re looking at the shade and the edges of my brows it doesn’t look untidy actually if you like that it was very easy to me to get in clear line also that Confederate out of time avoid fear in in the beginning of the brow that. 

is very nice and equipping more natural that way to tell I had to read just a tiny bit with another brush I don’t .

know if it’s because of this brush or the primate but it got a bit what we all the hair so just retouch it with singie brown liner brush from zoeva just too good a bit more precise and it’s definitely how I like my brows to look and .

yes I cancel this love it so now let’s change the brush to a clean warm and then go to the NYX pain training when you go to the browser made so here is what the product looks like on the inside and one thing I know is straight ahead is that if you look at this site it is actually as if it separates on the sides of the tube or jar which in my mind kind of health has been more dry in texture because if you saw the second one that one did not do that at all color wise looks very nice a bit more as she actually then Jian did problem 81 but let’s get it in the brass and see tip in .

there already now I can tell there’s a difference in the texture this one feels way more but once again to see how it is in the brows because it is drier I just feel like I need to pick up a tiny bit more product I already know who tell this one is way more actually than that one that was a bit more school being it on its own or medically it’s not a golden color but I shouldn’t see that one is definitely more actually more gray undertone of that one because I’ve .

got a more Goldy coloring my hair that one works better for me I love you’ll be able to see but I use so much product and I took those baths Viviane again and again and again because I felt I think the tension was very very .

dry repair to the texture or we feel which was so smooth so creamy there is a world of a difference definitely okay telling was that one was a bit more difficult to get to gracious dates to the skin and to the hair then it started to go .a tiny bit crumbly enough crumbling the gist is that a to settle into my smaller hairs and be a bit more clumpy and just not a smooth in texture I feel like I have to use way more product to get the finish that I wanted for my brows .

but also I just felt like that it was not even close to pants me easy to use as she did brow pomade one because it .was definitely more drying texture so just do you guys also we can also see them from a distance compared to each other there’s definitely a difference I’m going to say that in a second but just looking at them from a distance.

f I did like this I would like this side and it with you like this I’m like this side as well so there’s no than the performance that mean anyway she will for me but I must say test your white finishes wise and just how easy do work I will personally prefer for right now at least the Anastasia Beverly Hills one and now I actually kind of get .

why there’s less product Indiana Saoirse one than in the mixed one because as I said before I have to use more products from a next one because it is a bit more drying texture I’m not trying to say that one product the other isin’t really want to compare them and then you can make up your own mind about what you like and what you prefer but now they kind of wait some hours I want to see how well is the form on their own I’m going to go .

grocery shopping so I have to go outdoors whether it’s really weird at the moment is very cool very frosty and sometimes a bit snowy and rainy as well I’ll return to you guys in the night time then we’ll have to see how well .

this last they’re on their own episode I haven’t sent them down with any kinds of setting gels or powders or creams or whatever they’re going to last all by themselves and they both came through waterproof and long-.

lasting so we’ll have to wait and see about that but I’ll talk you guys in one sec for you and in some hours of me oh.hey guys oh it is very very late oh very very early the next day I went out clubbing with some friends and so on and crazy it is yeah almost frequency eight and that I didn’t wanted to check you in on makeup and on the brows .

because that was what I promised you guys and then suddenly I’ll spontaneously I just my club and he wants opinion in 2017 and for myself so I’ve done that already I already can see but the Browse section still is pretty .

damn good and let me tell you I’m in farting so that’s pretty cool so as you mainly not remember this probably fear was the one with the SSS zebra from made and that one over there was the NYX payment frame overall we just say. 

that most of them had lasted so so well I must say I’m really impressed so they’re definitely both really long right just overall when I look at them I think I still prefer the deep rocks made just both of the coloring also just with .that is still very very precise one have to send their I do see a tiny bit of fading or we see random PMC it son it is definitely faded a tiny bit more let me just say overall they both have done so well that if I have to pick a favorite it. 

would be the different age just for them to see the color the texture as well and to showed you earlier for yesterday so weird so let me just say if you’re on a budget and you want to save some money this next payment frame is so .

good as well I personally think this one’s price of it it is definitely worth it but yeah thank you so very much forwatching please if you did like this video and like them actually so did you do my videos that I actually came back .

here on camera then sneezy big huge like for me that would be so nice of you guys and then we know there’s other comparison videos you wanted me to do in the comment section down below because I want to sum all these videos I fishing.