Best Drugstore Hairspray For Fine Hair

Best Drugstore Hairspray For Fine HairLooking for the Best Drugstore Hairspray For Fine Hair? You’ve come to the right place

I am going to be reviewing hair spray so on the low end we have the Garnier forties flow control 24-hour anti-humidity hairspray and on the high end we have the l’oreal paris Elnett satin hairspray now technically this isn’t a luxury brand L’Oreal Paris is a drugstore brand however this is a cult favorite it’s used by celebrity hairstylist on

Best Drugstore Hairspray For Fine Hair

celebrities and I personally have been using this for a few years now and have absolutely loved it the price range is anywhere between twelve to seventeen dollars and so for a hairspray this is a lot pricier than just a regular drugstore hairspray so that’s why I chose the lore’l nets for the expensive option for this video so to compare these two hair sprays I’m pretty much just going to curl my hair then I’m going to spray one side of my hair with the .

Loreal Elnett hairspray and the other side with the Garnier Fructis full control hair spray and then I will check back in a few hours to see how well these hair sprays hold my curls and see which one does a better job so as far as spray or mist for the hair sprays they’re both very fine and they distribute the products very evenly I have a little test here I have these pieces of paper I’m not sure if it’s gonna work or not but let’s give it a try I’m gonna go ahead and spray these papers with the hair sprays and see what type of distribution the sprays have and see which one .

has more of like a fine miss and which one has more of like larger particles because the larger particles are going to give you like harder hair just because it’s spraying in the hairspray and two globs as opposed to like very fine mist to be honest I can’t tell I thought it was gonna be more of like a myth maybe if I hold the cans a little bit further away okay so let’s try this again I’m gonna hold the cans like 10 to 12 inches away okay that’s what you’re supposed to do is I’m going to hold the cams 12 inches away to see if I can get a better distribution pattern and it is .

pretty even it’s pretty fine there’s not like large glob of hairspray on there see if we can kind of do the same thing for the norio again for a hairspray this is pretty sign of a distribution pattern you don’t see huge globs of hairspray so I guess the purpose of these pieces of paper it’s just pretty much I guess the distribution pattern of this phrase and help find the mist are for each one of these I unfortunately am NOT able to see quick enough after I spray .

these and compare them to see which one has a finer mist or more even miss so I apologize for that okay so as far as smell goes the granular for teeth has a very light kind of almost fruity smell I actually really like the smell of this it doesn’t smell bad at all and then the Loreal Elnett hairspray has a little bit of a stronger smell it smells more like .

hairspray like the classic hairspray if you think of it it’s not super pleasant like this one almost kind of is like perfume me this one just smells like a hairspray and this is actually supposed to be unscented I didn’t I completely goof and I’ll I forgot but there is definitely a smell but maybe because it is unscented there’s more of that kind of classic hairspray smell to it as opposed to this this probably has like some type of fragrance in it so that’s gonna .

have another thing to consider also I didn’t really I didn’t really consider that when I was initially doing the reviews for these two separately however with both of these the scent goes away really quickly and it’s not like a lingering smell that stays in your hair so both of these hair sprays are anti humidity the lore’l net is an extra stronghold and the Garnier Fructis is an ultra stronghold which I pretty much kind of understand as the same thing on the description for the Loreal Elnett it promises and ultra finem is that leaves hair feeling clean with a .

soft shiny finish touch so strong is full left all day still fine and disappears at the stroke of a brush and the GAR near forty description says it’s an ultra strong hairspray that provides the holding need and the natural healthy looking movement you want your style stays touchable all day long even in extreme humidity it’s a strong yet flexible formula infused with bamboo extract keeps you in control of yourself for 24 hours so what I’m getting .

from these are it’s supposed to give you a stronghold with like flexibility so it’s not supposed to feel like there’s a ton of hairspray in your hair it’s not crisp it’s not hard which is what I look for in a hair spray and I think that’s kind of why I chose these two just because I kind of aren’t comparable to one another to curl my hair for this video I will be using the Dyson era I feel like dykes and Arab curls don’t hold as well as we’re gonna curling iron curls .

and so I figured that would be a nice challenge for both of these hair sprays so this is the 1.2 inch barrel today I am using the beach waves technique and if you’re interested in finding out more information about the Dyson air app or how I curl my hair or style my hair with the Dyson air app I have a whole series for the Dyson era on my channel for this video I’m not going to film the curling process but if you’re interested in how I get these curls I’ll .

put the link in the description below or I’ll put it in a card up here alright I will be back in a little bit alright so I just got done curling my hair so this is a lot tighter of pearls and I would normally curl my hair but I wanted to give a little bit of extra room for my hair to fall so you guys can actually see just how well these hair sprays are able to hold my curls so on this side I’m going to spray the Garnier Fructis hair spray and then on this side I’m going to .

spray it the Loreal Elnett hairspray it’s gonna give it a couple of minutes to dry before I kind of let you guys know the difference and how they both feel okay so right after spraying at both the hair sprays onto my hair they both feel pretty much the same I’m not getting too much of a crunchy feeling I will note that with the Laura L net in my initial review I think what happened was I had the hairspray a little bit too close to my hair so it’s kind .

of coming out in a stream so that was why my initial review my hair I felt a lot crunchy er but because of that I held this kind of you know a little bit further away and I can definitely tell a difference it doesn’t feel as hard so I think that is going to be the most important thing when you’re applying both of these hairspray is to make sure that you stick with the directions and hold a can about 12 inches away from your hair so that it actually creates .

that mist or you’re not getting too much product at one time overall I’m really happy with both of these there is actually a decent amount of hairspray on both sides in my hair and my hair still has a lot of flexibility it feels pretty soft still and it doesn’t really feel like there’s that much product in my hair which I like so I’m very curious .

to see how both these will hold up throughout the day but I will check back with you guys here in a few hours and give you my thoughts and opinions and we’ll go from there all right guys so it’s been nine nine and a half hours since I initially curled my hair and sprayed both sides with hairspray and here is what my hair looks like so prior to coming back and doing this update I’ve honestly been sitting in front of the mirror trying to figure out which .

side of my hair held the curls better and quite frankly I can’t tell a difference I feel like both sides are pretty even so both hair sprays the car near forties and the L’Oreal Paris held the curls really well overall the curls did loosen a little bit but considering it’s been nine hours it’s honestly held my curls really really well if one of my girlfriends .

were to call me up and invite me to go out tonight I would feel comfortable leaving and having my hair like this and not having to touch it up or anything and feeling my hair right now I wouldn’t have guessed there’s any hairs right in it and there’s no crunchy feeling there’s no hardness so both hair sprays did a great job you know keeping .

the flexibility of my hair well still doing a great job holding the curl and these styles so that’s one thing I really really like about both hair sprays as far as scent goes I know that I mentioned they sent right when I sprayed my hair with both of these and yeah there’s really not a strong scent that’s coming from my hair it smells very subtle I also love how bouncy these curls ours I can for the most part run my fingers through my hair on both sides it’s a .

little tangled but it’s not like there’s hairspray in it where it’s preventing me from combing out my hair there’s also no residue in my hair from either hair sprays so I think both of them are really comparable in both of them I feel like are very very good hair sprays and I don’t think one was better than the other so with that said I feel like the .

winner of this cheap versus expensive comparison is the Garnier Fructis full control hair spray I am so surprised by this concern I’ve been using this for years and paying like anywhere between 12 to 15 dollars each time we buy this and this was only three dollars and 34 cents so that kind of blew my mind a little bit going into this I think I .

was slightly biased towards this because I feel like we’ve just invested so much in this and I feel like it’s been you know good to us for so long but had I known that I could have gotten these same results for so much cheaper I think I would have done this a long time ago so I’m really surprised with the turnout of this cheap versus .

expensive comparison but I’m pretty excited I’m excited to use this more and see if I’ll continue to like using this as much as I’ve been being this anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this cute versus expensive comparison video have you guys tried either one of these hair sprays or do you have a favorite hairspray that you always go to let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below please give this video a like if you guys enjoyed it.