Best Ear And Nose Hair Trimmer

Best Ear And Nose Hair TrimmerLooking for the Best Ear And Nose Hair Trimmer? You’ve come to the right place

well I’m not sure about beard but maybe maybe it will work for eyebrows I mainly use it for nose and ear hair trimmer so overall it looks like any trimmer from no-name Chinese manufacturer but this one is actually

Best Ear And Nose Hair Trimmer

Panasonic branded and I’ve had a few of these including really cheap Chinese no names I emphasize this is the best overall quality feel and look and function it works really well and materials materials are nice to the touch and overall it feels like a really high quality product so quickly packaging it comes on really nice-looking box with .

some basic information and it’s really amazing that Panasonic is packaging even cheap products like $20 products in nice-looking packages so you get basic information so here the cutters are apparently as they occur upon de-spawn the sides as well as on tops as the cutting part so it’s supposed to cart better than those no-name cutters I .

guess and here again nose eyebrows beard and ears and it’s washable the product is he our GM 30 so he also get very very very good manual I’m not sure they have to include this kind of mono but they do and you get a brush so well packaged comes with a cap I guess for travel and it runs on long bevery hey a sized battery and I’m actually .

using a rechargeable battery so this battery is a 1.2 volts as rechargeables usually are and non-rechargeable 1.5 volts but it works really well is rechargeable battery if you don’t want to buy batteries all the time you can just use a rechargeable battery with it so hear the sound that it makes the sound is not high-pitched and it’s not very loud .

so really really nice and here’s a look at the cutting point looks like any other I guess but works really well and I would also like to quickly compare this to another trimmer from Panasonic that I bought before this sounds like if. 

you maybe wanted to use and this one is model er 407 it looks good as this plastic is kind of fancy and all it also runs on one battery and overall quality mate but this top part if you compare if you look at them side-by-side this is that this one is quite a bit bigger and it actually has a different construction so the problem is this thing doesn’t .

cut anything and just nothing and because it’s big it will not even fit into everybody’s nose this is really big and plus it doesn’t work so it’s really it’s really the first product from Panasonic that somehow just doesn’t make any .

sense so if you’re looking for Panasonic trimmer don’t buy this er for several things they hope the market maybe they don’t sell them anymore but anyway if you come across this one this is useless it doesn’t cut anything it will not even fit into everybody’s nose so if you’re looking for a trimmer this one is was this one to get just the little .$20.00 Ronson one AAA battery and that’s what it’s supposed to do really.