Best Electric Nose Trimmer

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his product that I got on Amazon I don’t know if you know or may not know but I do have like really long nose hairs like really long every time I take a makeup pictures like my hairs are like right there on your face so I finally

Best Electric Nose Trimmer

decided to do something about it and I ordered from Amazon a nose trimmer which I already throw away the box you guys know who I am I’m always a thirst bucket but I received the product yesterday and I’m gonna read a little bit about the product and actually have like really nice reviews I think I had like 4.5 stars with like 6000 reviews .

so the product is from toiletry products it says it is a professional water-resistant heavy-duty steel nose trimmer with LED light and then it has a lifetime replacement warranty so you know if it gets damaged I can always send it back and I got it for 1495 and I definitely got on Amazon Prime so I got it within two days so let’s open it up so it .

comes it doesn’t feel heavy on the hands it has this plastic thing I guess to protect them to protect the trimmer now I did notice that it’s not like charged boar anything like that and you need two double-a batteries so I went ahead and already got two double-a batteries so I’m just going to insert that into the trimmer oh you only need .

one perfect so we’re gonna okay say was on okay so let’s put this off okay okay so I’m a little confused this does not want to turn on so let’s you see it has this on-and-off switch button right now I seen that it’s on and here that it’s .

fall so I got this like damage I hope it’s not damaged I’m still gonna use it because I need to try this to see I’m turning it on and off I’m hitting up the switch and this is not one of do anything like it will only turn off if I go like this here but then that’s kind of like the battery compartment and I really don’t know but I’ll be right back guys .

I’m going to go grab a small mirror so I can see what I’m doing and I’ll tell you guys okay so it seems like I’m just gonna have to ask for a different one on Amazon Amazon has great customer service like I freaking love Amazon so much oh my god this is so confusing cuz it feels like it has two different speeds but then the button says on and. 

off of cells here guys wish me luck [Music] this is acting really weird so I actually don’t feel bad but it just turned off it’s actually trimming my hair guys and I don’t feel any pain I was a little bit skeptical at first because you know it just sounds like really scary whoa it’s working it’s working now I think I needed a little bit of warm enough to now it’s on  you see does it take some time to like turn off I really don’t know if I’m doing this wrong okay so it’s off it smells like burnt Oh oh by the way guys the product also came with this little brush of hairs I .

guess it’s for you to brush this I mean I do not know what the hair is for yeah I think it’s for you to clean the nose trimmer dude I feel like I can’t breathe a little bit better man um so it did take out pretty much a decent amount of. 

hairs it ain’t completely like you see when you wax your hair and it’s like completely gone so if this is what it says it is a trimmer so you would still have hairs but not like super long and honestly that’s exactly what I wanted because I don’t know what it feels to not have like most hairs and I think that will feel weird and like it will hurt I .

don’t know like it will hurt if you take off all your nose hair I personally give this out of 5 stars I’m just gonna give this a 4 star and the reason why I’m giving this a 4 star is because the on and off button was not working as you .

guys were seeing it in the beginning and I was a little bit confused as to why it seems like like I don’t know something was wrong with it but I guess now it seems to be like working like it seems to be working you see seems. 

to be working but not like to the fullest potential but then again this was just only 15 bucks and has a lifetime warranty so that’s really a good price I mean I’ve never had a nose trimmer but this one did the job it did the job I am happy with my nose and how it looks now I feel like you know much better about it and I feel more .

comfortable with it again 4 out of 5 stars I’ll give this product and I really like it yeah guys thank you all so much for watching if you want to purchase this to the right place