Best Electric Shaver For Bikini Area

Best Electric Shaver For Bikini AreaLooking for the Best Electric Shaver For Bikini Area? You’ve come to right place

I’ll show you all the parts and everything that comes up and then I will review it and tell you how I found it okay so the first thing that it obviously comes with is the actual epilator so looks like this um and there’s a bunch of different heads so i’ll show you the head that’s the main one the main head look that it comes with is this one over

Best Electric Shaver For Bikini Area

here and it has the widest gap so this means it pulls out the most hair and this head kind of I don’t know if you can see this it kind of swivels back and forth and that kind of helps go with the bumps and your leg and all that and there’s a little arrow on it so all you do is you just follow the arrow up Oh wrong way there we go follow the arrow and put it on there’s an arrow in the back and the front up here so you just stick them together um so that’s the .

first head that it comes with and that’s like and when you would probably do on your legs it also comes with another head and not it’s wide as well but it’s not the same so basically this head has the massage cushion so I actually like this one the best or the massage rollers so it’s kind of massaging the skin as you’re removing hair and. 

again it just clips on and off the next head this is called the sensitive area cat so this is a much smaller gap so if you’re moving hair say from the bikini line or maybe aren’t underarms or something like that this is probably a good idea just because the gap is smaller which means it’s pulling out less hairs finally it comes with actually not .

finally but it comes with this one is called a facial cap and this this is a smallest gap it of all of them and this is good for like upper lip eyebrows between your eyebrows etc and finally it comes on with this so this is a shaper or oh sorry so this would be the shaper or the hair trimmer I hope you guys can see that it’s a focus yeah um and then. 

there’s just like a cap for us this is a trimming cap so if you want to shave you use this if you want to trim you just put this on and you can use it with the clear cat I’m and what how you would use this one is you would actually remove this bottom part so there’s a button in the back you just push it and that whole thing comes off and then .

instead you put on the trimmer or the slash shaver or whatever and clip it on so it’s pretty straightforward okay so now in terms and now to review the product and tell you how I found it so to start this is actually the very first .

epilator that I ever bought um I actually found out about it because my sister went in bought one and I was always complaining that I just I’ve never shaved in my life except on my honeymoon which is once and um because my I in Middle Eastern I have a lot of hair if I keep shaving I just was worried it wasn’t get really thick and stuff like happened to some other people in my family so I just decided I was going to whack them in waxing since I was 12 .

or actually sugaring on which they call cold wax so if my hair is very thin I don’t have much hair left and I really could go like probably a month or two without ever waxing my legs and you wouldn’t even know there’s hair on it it’s so thick but it was still annoying to have to wax especially now with two kids and one on the way it’s just been .

really hard to find time to wax and not I don’t just like wax my legs I wax my full legs plus the rest of my body so my sister told me about the epilator that she bought she said it pulls hair out by the roots so it’s kind of like tweezing um but it’s much more efficient you don’t have to worry about constantly purchasing new wax or sugar you don’t have to worry about the cleanup it’s just etc etc etc so I thought I’d purchase one for myself so this one .

that I purchased is the bron silk 7 um this one you can use in the shower and oh so it’s for wet and dry um so that’s my phone and basically this one is has tweezers so this is one about the higher number of tweezers some you’ll see might have a 20 tweezers that will just take longer to do if you want to do your full leg having less tweezers takes .

longer so that’s kind of the idea okay so I’m just trying to get through this really quick so basically this comes with a few things it comes with a light which is huge so this light is what will guide when you’re going on your leg or your arm the light is what guides you and you can therefore see the hairs it is a very strong light so you can see .

every single hair that’s sticking out it comes with two speed settings over here you’ll see the one in the two and down here it comes with an A plus and minus sign and that just basically tells you when it needs to be charged so the charge gets plenty of plugs into here and you can still use it while it’s charging you just obviously can’t use it in. 

the shower um when it’s charging but yeah so that’s basically the actual epilator and in the different has that it comes with it this is a charger that comes with and it also comes with a bag to store everything and [Applause] so in terms of how I find it I love it um the best thing it is used for is for me anyways is my legs I put it on the second. 

speed because I’ve been waxing my hair is very thin it really isn’t painful but I do want to say paint all it the amount of pain you will feel just depends on your pain tolerance so some girls say it is extremely painful and others say they don’t feel anything so don’t go by what I’m saying go by just your pain tolerance overall tweeze one. 

or two hairs and see the pain level and then imagine tweezing maybe 10 times that much hair also the speed you go on will increase you know it means you’re playing on more hair so it increase the pain etc so it really just depends on your pain tolerance I have pretty high pain tolerance so for me it’s really not bad at all I didn’t even .

like flinch or anything when I was using it so I put on the second speed and I’m gonna give you at a timeline so it took me about ten minutes per leg per full leg knuckle like pull for half a like so my leg all the way just above my knee um actually a little higher than my knee I would say about like this much higher than my knee and it took me. 

ten minutes to do fully and that’s because you go over it a couple times if you miss some hairs but it really is efficient I find and it really didn’t leave many hairs behind so I didn’t have to go over too many sections um and I really loved it it takes it usually takes me about ten minutes per leg with sugar but the difference is that sugaring I. 

have to you know like clean up the sugar that’s you know that’s there you have to clean the sticks and everything you have to go wash your legs when you’re done etc so I really like this I like that I could take this in the car and do it I sit on my couch and do it etc um so the only thing I wasn’t a fan of I tried it on my face and I loved it I did my .

upper lip and I did my eye between my eyebrows I don’t do here I only tweeze here but I did between my eyebrows and absolutely loved it didn’t hurt at all really no more than waxing wood um I tried it on my underarms and this is the problem so what I found was when I tried it on the underarms I used the sensitive area cap and what I .

found was that it either one it didn’t really pull up the hair even though I went in different directions you know I kind of went with the hair growth but it really it only pulled out a little bit and I still had leftover that I actually do manually tweeze and the second thing it wasn’t painful at least I didn’t find it painful but what it did happen was I. 

had my arm up and you know you’re going like this so I used the epilator of my right hand and you know just went like that I don’t know if it’s someone else is supposed to do it for you but when doing it on my own I obviously not able able to stretch the skin too much when I’m doing it on my own and it grabbed the skin and kind of wrapped it. 

around the light not the blade but like the roller it doesn’t hurt it’s not painful but it’s just like your skin keeps getting jammed so I stopped using under my arms um I will try it again when my hair it you know grows back um but it really I did really wasn’t a fan of how it worked under the arms but I don’t know if that’s just maybe my .

husband should do it and I use one hand to stretch the skin and then the other arm is up I don’t know um another area that I’m on taco is the bikini area so I tried on the bikini area again using the sensitive area cap uh and again .

it wasn’t too painful um I definitely was like no a couple times like I upset hurt um but I really found it it didn’t get much hair like I had to go in so many different directions and it still didn’t really get the hair um so I don’t know it’s it really just depends um it really depends on you it depends on how much skin you have down there and how .

much cuz you need to stretch the skin out so you’re not tugging on the skin it is hard to do it if you’re doing it on your own also me being almost you know I’m like 30 weeks pregnant I can’t really see what’s going on down there so that might have been the issue as well but um yeah so that’s just a couple little things I want to say but overall .

even if you only use it on say legs arms and face it’s still a huge amazing thing but I definitely will use it on my bikini I don’t have a problem uh it’s just I found that was just really hard to get the hairs maybe the hair needed to. 

be longer or shorter I don’t know um but yeah overall it is amazing so this costed me sorry I’m gonna show you one more thing this costed $119 Canadian from Walmart you can purchase it online or wherever and it was on sale. 

so I got a sale for 90 which was awesome and the battery life lasts around I think an hour I think when it’s .

unplugged and then when you charge it I think it takes several hours so usually just charge it overnight um another thing that I’d like that it comes with is this little brush and basically you can take the caps off and then you can just brush like the in the groups of the blade plus the cap head because it will be hair and they’re .

obviously when you’re removing hair so that was one thing that I really liked I’m and that’s basically that’s basically it for this episode if you are a mom who has no time to go to the salon to get your whole body waxed and you don’t have time to do it yourself at home you don’t like shaving if you like shaving and you don’t it takes five .

seconds for you don’t mind shaving every other day or whatever then that’s cool but if you don’t like shaving this is honestly the way to go you can use it in the shower which causes less a lot less pain and you can use it because if. 

you’re in a hot shower you doing it it’s like way less pain and it’s amazing I love it and I really recommend if you were to buy one to buy this specific brand this company just because of the amount of tweezers that it has and .

everything it’s really amazing and they give you a lot of variety a lot of variety with the different caps as well um

another thing I just wanna quickly mention for the trimmer head is good if say you’re doing your bikini area and your hair is quite long you could trim it first and then try to appellate it so that’s a good idea for the tweezer as well and then you still have the shaver if you want to use that okay so I hope you guys enjoyed this review of the epilator I believe a link in the description box to where you can o the right place