Best Electric Shaver For Elderly

Best Electric Shaver For ElderlyLooking for the Best Electric Shaver For Elderly? You’ve come to the right place

I have the best ones right here and I’m gonna show them to you guys right now and I’m gonna give you guys my top four in that order okay guys okay guys here we have them the top 5 best shavers of 2019 top 5 my top 5 Big .

Best Electric Shaver For Elderly

Al’s barber channel top 5 shavers of 2019 I’m gonna describe every one of them I’m gonna give you guys one con and one flaw of each one one flaw and one positive thing of each one so that you guys know the difference in the end the four and the five machines okay we’ll start off with the least expensive we’re gonna go by price range this .

is what they’re priced at I’m not sure if this one goes here this one goes here but uh put them put them like that because I know this one’s not as expensive maybe they’re about the same price but I’ll tell you guys the price differences this one right here range is about 65 bucks this runway is about $80 this one right here goal is about a hundred and twenty dollars this one right here goes for about a hundred and twenty bucks but you can find this .

one cheap ride but I found it for $50 this one right here the braun series 9 goes for about a hundred and fifty dollars none was about two hundred dollars with it with a charging station so those are our price change the price differences and all them different machines they they all are they’re all really good machines guys there’s none of these machines that you can’t if you already have that you need to really go spend money on to get a better .

machine unless you’re in that position and that’s what you want to do let’s start off with an DS and this is a very very nice machine you know has it relatively good motors it’s nice and strong comes with a charging station I said it was probably about 75 to 80 dollars to good machines to get started if this is what you have this is what you use .

nothing wrong with it at all guys one of the flaws for this machine that I could say is that the foil the flaws I don’t like these foils they just seem to break real easy and I don’t know that’s just me the finale the finale uh this is probably the machine that I use the most this is a machine I started using when I started fading and doing those .

little things and getting them nice and tired I had use this machine for many many years but I hated the foils again it’s just the foil is always end up breaking them they’re always breaking and you know 20 bucks a pop and to me it seemed like I was buying 10 10 different Tenderfoot falls throughout the year is just ridiculous it’s ridiculous one of the thieves robbed back to this machine that I don’t like about it is that to me is this like if you don’t have it on .

the charging station once in a while you’ll pick it up and then be dead BAM you’re dead they’re no good you’re you’re not out of power many times I picked it up and it was in so then you don’t good thing about it you could put the cord in and still use it so if you need to finish that that haircut there’s nothing wrong with it plastic plastic you know I mean that’s the that’s the quality of the material that it’s made from my next one is a Babli’s Pro Oh – now .

this machine I’ve only had for a month I’ve actually won this in the barber battle so I did it purchased it but I believe it’s about 120 bucks this is an exceptional fall shaver way better than these two you can tell by the motor by the by the strength of it super strong super uh cleans it up very very nice I don’t like covers on my machines but I .

do like the cover on this one I don’t know why it’s just you know it’s metal so it’s easy to to remember to put it back on snap it on it’s a good machine really good machine the next machine that I have here and this is not even mind this is I borrowed from one of my barbers but I know it’s a great machine I actually have this machine at .

home I use it on my face every day this is my daily shaver at home this is the Braun Series 7 the braun series 7 and the braun series 9 are pretty much the same thing you know this is a series Savage is a series 9 this is the newer model this is the older model the older model works just as good as a newer model the newer model is just more .

expensive and but they relatively do the same thing this is a removable head it’s this is not this is kind of a personal machine so these come with a trimmers that pop up you can see pop ups root Ripper but there’s this you can tell under the power on that boy this is a great great machine guys and this one right here there’s an outlet .

store that right here down the street from my house they sell these for 50 bucks guys when open boxes 50 bucks that’s how I bought mine 50 bucks that’s the braun series 7 braun series 7 there’s nothing wrong with this one you can pick this up for anywhere from 50 to 200 dollars 100 maybe 120 dollars the third machine is a braun series 9 braun series 9 is is a machine that i that i use the most now because i i buy it it’s just ever since I picked this .

machine up I’ve been using it i-i’ve had it already for I believe March will be two years I have had the same machine the the heads on these last a long time they last a whole year I just barely replace this one it was my second this is the second hat I bought and to date in two years we’re almost two years it’s gonna be a right now it’s probably about 20 I’ve had it but this is a beast sounds a little louder than this one but this right here guys is a .

beast of a machine also it has three two cutting oils pleasant cuts two cutting machines are the two cutting blades in the middle these two cutting blades in the middle just their beasts if you have like whiskers that are sticking out they’ll take that down no problem this one comes with a charging station and a washing station so when you put it in there and charges it always I’ve never ever picked this machine up then it didn’t have any kind of a power in it .

I’ve never picked it up and it was dead because I have my charging station in my washing station I push the little button once a day and the end of our washes my clipper for me keeps it nice and clean for the next day I got it nice I got it ready to go alright guys it’s time to pick my favorite trimmer alright here we are it’s my turn to pick my .

favorite shaver for the 2019 Year guys and um you know what guys and for those of you guys that watch my channel for you guys that I already know me no Big Al cuz you guys have been watching me for a while you’re probably already gonna know what I’m gonna pick you know my favorite trim my favorite shaver of all 2019 guys .

and yeah and 2018 is a Braun Series nine guys the Braun Series nine you cannot go wrong with this shaver guys if you guys want to invest your money if you guys have the money to buy this then I would go with this if you don’t have the money to buy this then go with this or this this is a great machine also this moved my second-place .

machine this is my first place machine I’m gonna end up keeping this one I was gonna give it away and I thought about not even keeping it but after I’ve used it now there’s some student situations where you need a follow shaver instead of this type of shaver this is also a full shaver on top or the bottom but it has a clean in the middle okay but. 

it’s different than this one so sometimes there’s little spots where this one doesn’t get and I come in with this one so it’s good to have a full shaver and a Braun Series shaver so if you can afford both then you know that I would suggest it but the Braun Series 9 is a way to go guys if you guys are looking to purchase a new shampoo front for .

2020 my recommendation is a Braun Series nine and guys the price of this has gone down dramatically when I purchased this machine that was three hundred and fifty dollars I couldn’t even believe that I’ve purchased them but I just bought it but I never regretted it and it’s put in beastly of work every single day I use this machine every. 

single haircut I use this machine like I said the butt heads last the whole year you know it’s just it’s just a super super machine I’ve never picked it up it’s never not had charging it so you know this one and this one are definitely my go-to machines if I was going to pick this is first this is second and this is third like I said this when .

you can pick it up rod to me cheap inexpensive to guys don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with the full shavers guys nothing wrong with these these machines at all if this is what you’re using this is what you got then you gotta go with what you have because that’s all you got no I mean you got you got to work with it and then later. 

on when you guys get more established make more money and you want to get a upgrade to a better machine then then I would go with a Braun Series 9 right now they I’ve seen this one for going on the internet with the Rossi station everything from about 199 199 129 about 100 about 18 about 70 so you guys pictured your choice and let .

me know in the comment below what you guys think is your favorite machine and why and and um what is the go-to machine that you use all the time okay let me know guys I really really want to know what your favorite machine is 2020 is going to be a great year so I incur you guys to work hard and stay humble and just keep .

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