Best Electric Shaver For Sensitive Skin

Best Electric Shaver For Sensitive SkinLooking for the Best Electric Shaver For Sensitive Skin? You’ve come to the right place

nick has very sensitive skin I use telling me breaks out when he uses the straightedge and when he uses the electric so he’s gonna try to be able to get out and see how it goes for him nice mmm nice and snug you feel the heat all right good does it have like a nice seal around the you know by your mustache the bottom of your neck

Best Electric Shaver For Sensitive Skin

nice so you leave this on for about 30 to 60 seconds you know let the your hair get soft skin moisturize well shave this guy works out how’s the inside feel feel soft so I say it’s been at least 30 seconds so if you’re ready if you feel like it’s good and we could try this we’re gonna try the electric razor this is a first we never actually tried electric razor after using the blue blanket but uh the Nick was telling me that when you wet your face warm it and prepare. 

it this thing cuts better it’s a better shave soft they actually just feel like a lot better than when I know me Kurt dry offer oh yeah if you feel a lot smoother oh good her so it’s like it’s got its like gliding better yeah yeah that’s what I’ve gotta say oh nice that’s awesome I didn’t know what you know I wasn’t sure like what would happen with the with the electric foot does it good what I normally do it dry like it’s like like sniffing you know I’m fighting you oh yeah it like pulling and stuff yeah that’s good so like for you you usually with this thing you usually take like a hot .

shower yeah yeah yeah or you know just really dry but even with that shower like it kind of like it’s nippy but it’s not doing it now oh good that’s awesome ah damn we should have took up before pic good to get a huge beard on before we shaved yeah good man so you feel like you got like a good shave yes so you tell me like no like that would better than [Music] right yeah we won’t find out I guess until I me really what tomorrow or the next days .

when you would break out yeah so there’s one more step to this now I’ll take that you’re gonna take the mask again instead of using the hot water you’re gonna put the cold water on and do the same exact thing and this is like you know the theory is is that it closes your pores and then it protects your skin for next time so it should help with like the like you said breaking out and razor burn and stuff like that so UK you could make something where .

you could spray it into this mask and then put it on and so it’s up to you but this the cold water power works the best my advice would be like to put this thing on and then put any type of aftershave on after you use the cold water that’s good wrap that on and this one you hold on for like you know like 20 seconds do you feel like a nice little they kind of like a burst of like kind of refreshness like a I refresh me up refreshing burst of freshness hold it .

for like 20 seconds oh yeah my arm you could spray that gives it aftershave or something like some type of mixture you want to put in you could spray it in the mask and put it over you up and that would work too it isn’t it isn’t it just that but it’s not like quick yeah we don’t want to take that shower then thank you so we’ll check back check back in like two days.