Best Epilator For Sensitive Skin

best epilator for sensitive skin

Have you ever been in the situation where you have to rush to your important meeting or to special date night and you find yourself unable to wear that perfect dress because guess what? Did you forget to shave that day?

This has happened to all of us at one point or another and that’s because our lives are so fast-paced nowadays with almost no time for rest and reflection throughout the day. However looking nice and tidy is not just a form of feel good self-care anymore as you need to look your best professionally as well in order to get that dream job. But the problem still remains. How are you supposed to get rid of the daily struggle of shaving where you are susceptible to cuts and bleeding or the bi-monthly waxing visits which basically cost and arm and a leg to maintain?

The answer is quite simple really as it says change your hair removal method! If you suffer from sensitive skin a safety will just cause more irritation where as waxing causes redness and burns. To avoid all this invest in a good epilator which provide precision based cleanups and that too with in the comfort of your own home. If you’re on the lookout for a reliable product that will not cause any harm to your skin, then you should consider the Braun Silk Epil 7780 which is equipped with SensoTouch technology that applys just the right amount of pressure on your sensitive skin.

However if you are not entirely convinced then stay tuned for more information as we list out the 8 best epilators for sensitive skin. We try to provide as unbiased opinions as we can to our readers so they can make the right choice for themselves based on each product’s specs and features.

Best Epilator For Sensitive Skin

Let’s take a look at all the Best Epilator For Sensitive Skin.

Braun Silk-épil 9 579

The first product that we are going to be reviewing is the Braun Silk Epil 9 579 which is of course from a company that takes pride in its impressive range of electronic devices and gadgets. And why shouldn’t they? After all Braun is one of the original pioneers in this industry as they have been innovating and creating amazing products for decades now.

The Silk Epil 9579 has Brauns Patented Microgrip technology which basically means that the tweezer blades on top are so precise and wide that they capture even the finest of hair and claims to remove 4 times as much hair as other forms of hair removal such as waxing may remove.

This also has something to do with the device’s 40 percent wider head that grabs more hair as it covers more surface area than most. This means that you will get up to 4 weeks of hairless and baby soft skin.

The 9579 has both wet and dry functioning available in its design which allows the user to use this device wherever they please without any worries. Use it in the shower, in the bath or even dry in your bed. The main point is that this brand allows you the greatest choice ever! The device claims that it does not hurt when you use it and especially after 5 to 6 treatments.

You will also receive a facial brush, a skin contact camp, 7 shaver heads, a charging stand and a high frequency massaging cap.

Thats not all that you will receive however! This product comes with the Braun facial brush which is basically the best way to prep your skin for a hair removal experience. Remove all makeup, dirt and other impurities from your skin and deep within your pores for a smooth clean face. This also makes it easier for the epilator to do its business.

Your skin will thank you for the massaging and cleansing functions that this device offers and of course this means that the device is 100 percent waterproof to add in that added layer of protection and comfort.


  • Microgrip technology
  • 40 percent wider head
  • Facial brush
  • Wet and dry usage


  • Braun products are expensive


Philips Satinelle Prestige Epilator

Moving on, we have the Phillips Satinelle Epilator in their Prestige range. Phillip’s products rarely are in need of an introduction as they are known for their quality and reliability in all things electronic. As the name suggests the satinelle will leave your skin as soft as satin and as clean as possible.

It works just as well on your body as it does on the face. It is so soft to the touch that you will not feel pain even in your intimate areas as it handles the bikini line very well. It does however have a limit to the length of hair it can pluck and while that might be a slight flaw, if your hair growth is fast, it shouldn’t be a problem.

The tweezer blades are rotating discs that use a rotation action to grab as many hair as possible in the least amount of time. This is different from any run of the mill epilators which simply remove hair in one direction.

The lithium ion battery that powers this device us super strong and allows the user to run the product for up to 40 minutes at a time. However the charge time is 1.5 hours and that is a bit of a buzzkill.

You don’t just get an epilator but rather this is a 4 in 1 product complete with a massager to reduce painful sensations, an electric shaver for those areas that have really fine hair, a body exfoliator to prep your skin beforehand and of course the epilator itself.

The Satinelle Prestige also has a wider head for epilation which captures double the hair in one go as opposed to a normal epilator. It also manages this without pulling or tugging at your hair and thus protects the skin.


  • Wider head
  • 4 in 1
  • Rotating tweezer discs


  • Charge time too high
  • Limit on hair length


Philips Satinelle Epilator

Next, we have another Phillips product and this time it is the original Phillips Satinelle which came before the Prestige version. This device has a whole array of interesting and cool features that we are really impressed by.

It unlike it’s successor, removes hair as tiny as 0.5mm which means that it is far better at plucking out tiny and fine hair that can otherwise become a huge problem.

This version however does work via a charging cord so if it’s portability you require, this might not be the best one. Although the auto volt feature means that if you do travel with it, charging won’t be an issue. And it definitely saves the hassle of having to buy batteries again and again.

The device itself isn’t fully waterproof but luckily for us the head is wash safe and makes cleaning out plucked hairs super easy and convenient. The head itself has a remarkable 21 tweezers attached which work quicker and more efficiently.

The dual speed modes ensure that the user has the freedom to chose whatever intensity of epilation they deem best for their skin. The design of the product itself is very compact and and lightweight which prevents any potential hand cramps and makes for a comfortable experience throughout.


  • Dual speed settings
  • 21 tweezers
  • 5 mm hair removal


  • No wet or dry function


Braun Silk-Épil 7 880

Next, we have the Braun Silk Epil 7 880 which is a premium device as all Braun products are. You will receive additional accessories such as a facial cap, a skin cap, a travel pouch and both Trimmer and shaver caps.

However the main selling point of this product is the Senso Smart technology. This is a method that the device applies to ensure that only the adequate amount of pressure is applied to the skin when removing hair. So this device is a blessing for those users with super sensitive skin as it keeps your pain and pulling levels to a minimum.

Its offers long lasting hair removal and does works really well for both your legs and your entire body. It is cordless which means you won’t have to trail behind long winding wires and cords. This makes it your perfect travel partner as well!

The super convenient integrated light allows the user to see all the finest hairs so that none are missed. The microgrip Patented tweezers are the star of the show when it comes to a painless plucking experience. They work independently and can capture hair as tiny as 0.5mm.

You will receive a foik shaver, a comb guard, and both shaver and trimmer head attachments in this product so you can cover both larger and smaller areas with ease.


  • Extra attachments
  • Senso Smart technology
  • Integrated light



  • None really


Remington EP7030E

This list would be absolutely incomplete if we didn’t mention the Remington EP7030E as it is a one of a kind product that offers users a premium and super powerful performance.

Along with a detail light that allows you to gain the best view of your selected area that needs to be epilated. It also ensures that you can tell where the small fine hair are situated. The massive 40 tweezing blade head is pretty impressive as it offers maximum capturing and coverage of hair.

The dual speed settings also ensure that you get to decide what speed or intensity works best for you. Start off slow and increase speed settings as you progress into the session.

The additional caps such as a precision one for more trickier areas such as one’s face and intimate parts plus the massage cap infused with aloe vera that allows the user to epilate away in peace as it limits the amount of pain and tugging that the user may feel as the hair is plucked.

The pivoting head is another fan favourite as it flexes in all different directions that you may need it to work in. However it is necessary to note here that upon usage, there have been reports of user’s citing that the product is quite painful when used on the under arm and bikini line area.

There was also a need to repeat the exposure over several areas which is not great as this means there are more chances of getting your skin or hair pulled.


  • 40 tweezing head
  • Additional attachments
  • Dual settings


  • Repeated exposure


Panasonic Wet and Dry

The next product is the Panasonic Wet and Dry or the ED 90 as it is called. This too is a multifunctional epilator which has a razor included as well. The shaver head which is also in the package, is equipped with hypoallergenic blades which means they are safe to use on any skin type and will not cause acne breakouts, irritation or any bumps in your skin. There is also a pop up trimmer that is built in and can simultaneously trim up hair on the sides.

As its name suggests, the ED 90 is best for both wet and dry functionality which allows for the most convenient and efficient usage possible. You can use it in the shower for best results as water or a quick lather will provide an added layer of protection. Or you can use it on your bed as it is all about ease and comfort.

There is also a cool option to pamper your feet within this device which is the Pedicure Buffer that gets rid of your dead and dry skin so that your feet become as smooth as your legs will be once you are done epilating. There is however the limitation to the length of hair it cuts with ease as it recommends the hair should be at least 2mm long.

One of the main flaws that this device has is its charge time. Now for those users who are experts at using such devices, 30 minutes may not be that less. However we feel that this amount of time is way too less especially if you have more hair growth than usual. It also takes an hour to fully charge.

One good thing about this is the fact that it has an almost universal power adapter which adapts to any voltage between 100 to 240V. This makes the Panasonic Wet and Dry your perfect traveling companion as you will never have to worry about where to charge your phone while on the go.


  • Wet and dry functions
  • Universal voltage
  • Pedicure buffer
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Charge time is too less


Braun Face 851

The Braun Face 851 is one of our top picks exclusively for the grooming of facial hair. It has been engineered to tackle all your hard to reach and ultra sensitive areas without any pain or issues.

This epilator has been designed to help pluck out and ecen shape your eyebrows, clean up your upper lip and even get those peach fuzz under control. You should never use a conventional razor on a woman’s face as it causes the hair to grow out rougher and like a man’s. Instead opt for this delicate and sleek product that gets its way around easily. It works like tiny tweezers that work your face and practically do all the work for you.

A reason for such excellent precision based control is the sleek little head that it has. The tiny size allows for greater maneuvering capabilities and the user has complete control over the device. It also comes with a handy facial cleansing brush that really gets into your skin and pores to clean up all the dirt and sweat to unclog your pores in no time. This Braun epilator both preps your skin via the cleansing brush and makes your skin silky smooth by removing all traces of hair.

The 10 micro openings on the surface of the head are there to grasp all the fine and super short hair that might have evaded the tweezers. They are super small, only 0.02 millimeters in size and yet they do most of the work as they trap hair. If they leave any thing behind, the 10 tweezer blades are also there to make sure everything is taken care of. Many brands we discussed today had the inherent flaw of not being able to target hair tinier than 0.02 mm however with the Braun 851 you don’t even have to wait for the hair to grow and the growth can be tackled even the very next day. This is all due to the high frequency plucking which moves up to 200 times per second for the best precision based experience.

Many times the issue that arises with hair removal is that it becomes harder to accomplish that as your skin is clogged up a lot and to counter that the cleansing brush not only cleans but also exfoliates the skin so that all the dead skin that has clogged up your follicles will break free.

One of the most underrated features in any electronic device is the dual functionality when it comes to wet and dry settings. Since shavers, epilators and razors all bring blades in contact with the skin, it is always wise to opt for devices that are water proof and wash safe. This will help add moisture and an added cushion of protection to your skin, preventing any cuts, bumps, redness or irritation. Use it with your favourite soap, gel, cream or just good old water.

Cleaning is also easy as can be as this device is wash safe therfore you can simply run it under some lukewarm water or even add in a sanitizing cleanser and voila! You’re done!


  • Waterproof and wash safe
  • 10 tweezer blades plus micro openings
  • Cleansing and exfoliating brush
  • Small and compact


  • Braun products are expensive

Remington Smooth and Silky

Our last product for the day is the Remington Smooth and Silky device that is both lightweight and compact which means that the user can take it along with them wherever they go. Whether it’s for a vacation or at a business trip, ladies Remington gas you covered! It is small and discrete and fits into almost any bag you carry.

It is primarily for your facial hair and it means that you no longer have to keep making visits to your spa or parlor for expensive treatments such as waxing or potentially harmful ones like bleaching your hair. On the contrary you have the freedom to use it easily at home.

You get 5 tweezers which are automatic and get your hair out from its root. They are for all skin types and for all ages as they are completely safe to use and would make an excellent gift for a teenager or your mother! Save your time, energy and money with a smooth and easy product such as this so you can divert your attention to more important things in life!

The protective cap makes sure that unnecessary pressure is not applied to the skin. However if we’re looking at the cons, we see that there is only one battery which is not rechargeable so you will have to keep replacing those. Not all that glitters is gold indeed! On the plus side you can purchase rechargeable batteries instead to counter this problem.

The device is also ergonomic in nature which means that along with providing the most comfortable hair removal and plucking experience to you, it is also making sure that your hands do not get tired or get cramps easily. So even if you are using the product for an extended period of time, you can rest assured that you will be able to get through with the process comfortably.

The product is not waterproof and that is a slight let down as cleaning up after becomes a real chore. You will also have to worry about germs and sanitation of the device so it is extra super important to clean up with the brush. Just pop open the head and brush away till you are sure no hair is left behind.


  • Ergonomic
  • Protective cap
  • 5 tweezers


  • Not waterproof