Best Eyebrow Brush For Pomade

Best Eyebrow Brush For PomadeLooking for the Best Eyebrow Brush For Pomade? You’ve come to the right place

point I actually agree when people say babe your eyebrows are really good and I’m like oh no I draw the hairs on like it’s a technique honey and I’m proud of it so I’m going to teach you the way I’m gonna change your life okay

Best Eyebrow Brush For Pomade

about to teach you in like 10 minutes because I have an appointment with at cocktails coming up so alright before we start there are a few things that you’re going to need some makeup wipes you’ll find out why in a minute trust .

me it’s not to rub my makeup off you’re going to need those any makeup wipes will do eyebrow brush of your choice one that’s slanted preferably not this one but you’ll understand why in a minute and one was like a spoolie on the end to brush the hair a brow pomade of your choice I’m using the elf one so whatever you would like no .

power just darling alright pomades only so a pomade of your choice a pair of little scissors or anything you can stick with it’s up to you you don’t have to have this one but I will be using a brow gel afterwards just to set my .

eyebrows into place honey okay let’s go alright so we’re gonna get started and previously to this Hun’s I cut my brush I mean hell and I know this is gonna look first-class ratchet and that’s because really it kind of is look you .

want brows like me honey you’re gonna pay the price and you’re gonna cut up your mother-fucking my brow brush I think this is an old Anastasia Beverly Hills wrong right do you stay there I don’t know if that’s even gonna .

focus at all but it’s really really thin at the tip like literally how do they do it check out that that should do it right it’s very thin and nappy honey this is a different Anastasia Beverly Hills brush and it’s got the flat top I’m not .

going to cut this because I like to use this but what I did do is with my pair of scissors I took off a section like this so there’s still that section left you say I hope you can see that if not imma be furious and so I’ve like lifted up the .

flap and then I would just snip that a whole section off all the way down then I turn it round make another part in so I get that and then I would snip all of that off please excuse my nail just probably poo and everything .

underneath rose and then you’re gonna snip that whole section off as well so you’re left with something literally wafer thin like a strands strands width or something thanks to you which has left me with this and then it’s got .

like a spoolie bit on the other end you look how gross that is or insta god I would hate to put on those magnifying glass things over this and watch how many Tricia’s are probably crawling around but it’s okay because my brows are snatch time so I don’t care about the critters okay no I decided that real gift I’ve been putting up with your shit. 

all year get me something even if it’s some flowers off the corner you know the little flowers get them for me then you’re just gonna take a makeup wipe out of your makeup wipes I’ve already done this because I’ve literally just .

done one eyebrow for you prior to doing this little clip take the pomade of your choice okay I’m using an elf one .

it’s all rubbed off I actually think this is the best one I’ve ever years I’m gonna open up the lid scratch out a bit the .

pomade and this doesn’t look like much maybe get a little bit more than me just because I already have a little pile stuff down here fold that over just that you don’t get any of that all over your fingers rub this into the what’s this cold face wipe makeup wipe Yap okay the reason we’re doing this is so that we can get like the most even pinch on. 

this brush okay you’re gonna hold it in between your fingers like this so it’s like a little vagina you’re going to get your brush into it and squeeze really hard as you pull the brush back out which not only flattens all the bristles .

into literally like the tiniest little hair widths so you can draw on hair strokes but it also makes sure there’s no like haughtiness if the products all over the brush I hope then I have explained this all properly but without survived .

out of honey and there’s pink gin where I’m going Simon over okay okay so we’re really zoomed in right now I’m pretty sure the contrast is making me look orange but I’m not I’m telling you it’s this new camera we’re gonna .

start guys it’s dead easy this eyebrow is already done as you can see I’m gonna do min for you actually just quick bitch it’s all not real but I fooled you right so you can see all around here these hairs are not actually real at all and. 

the hairs on the top fake honey and then all these hairs at the end are not real either so it’s really filled out my brow but in the most natural way possible right honey I’m proud bird yes I am ill she’s doing all the way in so .

really what we’re doing or what I’m doing anyway because I have a base of hairs there to start with like I’m not like totally gone I’m filling them in but instead of filling them in black color I’m filling them in to look like eyebrows sounds like someone’s going for a piss in the room next door but I’m the only one in the flat side if that as a ghost .

that is a road are there any poltergeist in the room yes I don’t want to say that when I’m here on my own actually I’m just waiting to get bought the fairy liquid flow at my skull you’re gonna take the spoolie end of your brush .

brush it all upwards I’m gonna be bending down and hopefully my eyebrows are still showing okay so taking your makeup white vagina you’re gonna pinch it just like I said so dip it into the pomade that you put in there literally pinched all of the hairs on the brush and you’re ready to apply so starting in the middle this is so hard to do on camera already that’s just brought the middle of my eyebrows I’m not closer I start with this bit then I go straight .

to the end and then I do the middle portion don’t ask me why it just feels right hand I’m just going to give you an example of how thin the hair strokes actually are because you’re not going to be able to see them entirely because I. 

already have hair there right but this is this is how thin your strokes can be that is just like four little strokes that .

I’ve done that are like wafer thin this can go terribly wrong if your brush is not thin enough you’re going to end up with like obvious obvious hair strokes okay but this is like crazily thin back to me my brows okay it’s now .

definitely starting to take place again these cameras be washing my brows right out but this side as you can see is looking all full this side is missing some shit across the top so we’re going to fill in that shit brush your eyebrow .

hairs downwards to begin with and then you can see exactly where to follow you want to follow the directions that those hairs are already going right could your drawing in more hairs it’s my voice really annoying but if you’ve .

watched you Instagram videos of micro Glade in but that is literally what you’re doing but with a non blade and pulling a non blow down pomade then with the remainder of products you’re gonna have some Baldy patches .

throughout your eyebrow like I have one sort of right here and like it’s just a sparse area I’m gonna go in there and not to do hair strokes I’ve made the outsides of hair strokes I’ve made to talk with hair strokes all down here is her. 

strokes it ain’t a giveaway hon now I’m just gonna fill in the inside for density yeah because the hair is not doing its thing like I’m missing a few patches that’s all we can’t be florists everywhere such a fucking video okay I thought I was finished but I’m not finished I’m not happy with the underneath bit just here it’s not equal to the other side and I’m not about that your hands are twins or whatever they say no they say your eyebrows are sisters .

they have fucking sisters honey they are identical twins and that’s all they won’t ever be Mary Kate and I gotta hurry up my friends are coming in like five minutes okay it’s gone really bomb so I’m about to come up close and .

it gives you and just show you these hairs middle section hairs fate just like the rest of me and then all over well I did that just do that on its own I’m telling you poor guys honey  so I’m really happy with the outcome I do .

not want them going anywhere especially whilst I go and don’t think these cocktails side I’m using a brow gel of my choice again you don’t have to do this on people don’t like bright brow gels I never like them at all before I .

found this one so I’m using the cheapest foot Wet n Wild mega clear brow and lash and shit whether it’s cold and then we’re just gonna brush all the hairs into the exact position on our one which is up and then I’m probably just gonna smooth off that edge a little bit guys if you found this video helpful at all or am i.