Best Eyebrow Pomade Drugstore

Best Eyebrow Pomade DrugstoreLooking for the Best Eyebrow Pomade Drugstore? You’ve come to the right place

Testing out a dude when I say testing out I kind of already did it before I did the video and let me tell you I have found the perfect most amazing cheapest most affordable dupe for this Anastacio Beverly Hills pomade this thing

Best Eyebrow Pomade Drugstore

as you guys know is pretty pricey or a pomade it does last a long time though I am gonna tell you that I’ve had this one for a while now and I still have but decent amount however I am going to be honest I don’t really use it that .

often for a matter of reason so one is because I find that this product gets very hard very quickly I make sure to seal it all the time in fact I’ve I kept the box for so long that have thrown away a couple of weeks ago just because I realized that it really isn’t making any difference another reason is I feel like even though it looks dark actually brows doesn’t blend in with the color of my brows if that makes sense so when I apply this product it looks lighter brown than what my ever look this next brow pomade that I’m gonna show you is a dupe for this one and .

they’re the same color and you do does not have any of these problems I’m gonna go ahead and show you guys the dupe for this and I promise you guys if you guys go out to the store buy this you are not going to regret it Thank .

You Freddy so the dupe here is the elf brow pomade and I got this one in the color medium brown and you could tell just by looking at it it looks creamier now the UH Nastasia one it looks darker the funny thing is on Nastasia .

one still applies much lighter than what it shows and this one the elf one applies to the color of my brow which is absolutely amazing so what we’re gonna do today is I’m gonna go ahead and apply both products one on this brow.and another one on this sprout and when I’m applying these two products I’m actually gonna be using the same brush because I want to give them an equal chance you know what I mean so I want to give it a fair shot and use .

this elf brush it has two sides to it so it’s fully on this side and then it has the angled brush on this side now before we move on I do want to say this elf right here this little thing only cost three dollars yes guys this brow pomade is .three thank you and this one I’m gonna be honest I haven’t looked at how much this one cost because like I said it’s lasted so long which is a pro that I just don’t even remember actually I didn’t buy this for myself my sister .

bought it for me but I do know they are pricey I think they’re like 18 no I could be so wrong but okay so I’ll put the price that I must Aussie it up here and then but I do know this one is $3.00 dollars and something after taxes so that is really good and this brush works amazing so I’m gonna shut her mouth now and let’s get started so I am gonna start off with the Anastasia brow pomade and to be fair I’m gonna go ahead and dip into this fresh product .

right here that I have to use though I’d like to do my brows is I like to start off at the end at the top always I don’t know why it’s just for my comfortable that way just okay so already as you can see and I’m hoping you can see it in. 

the camera as I’m trying to blend this part out it like becomes a little bit crusty I can see little balls of the pomade getting stuck to my paws now I’m no means saying this isn’t an awesome product because it is I love it but just the. 

fact that I found something that works just as great if not way better I think that is so awesome and why not share it with you guys alright because I’ll be saving a ton of money so I have gotten a lot of product already and as I’m seeing and I hope you guys could see it too here I put product in there already and as you can see you could still see my skin okay so let’s just keep going I’ve learned to just be messy when you’re doing your brows because .

concealer saves the day all the time another thing I’m actually noticing is this Tommy is getting stuck to some of the hairs and it’s looking darker in some areas such as here this is another thing I do not like is the fact that I do .

not have hair here and so when I try and you know make the color the pomade there to make it look as if there is hairs it’s actually way too light and you could so tell that I’m BSA miss that I just drew product on my skin which .

is very uncomfortable for me this oh I’m starting to notice just by brushing it out that this anastacio it’s like the .

product is just rubbing off do you see that you could see the baldness in my brows again so let’s go ahead and do the elf side and not to mention and I purposely I’m doing the elf on my harder brow so you guys could see how .

easy it is to work with with the hardrock I tend to be a little bit more messier with it just because I have so many more bald spots and on the other side so as you guys could see I’m making the fake hair on my actual skin and it is. 

actually it looks like I’m just putting it over brows it doesn’t look like I just have product on my skin look at how good that looks Larry and it is so so so creamy and I have been using this for a couple of weeks now because I .

don’t want to show you guys something that doesn’t work and it works absolutely amazing every time it was under part I’m gonna clean it up and then we’ll see how they look and as you can tell this one is much lighter than this .

one and it just does not blend in with my brows so what do you guys think this is the outside this is the Anastacio side I do like them both I am going to say that the elf works just as good as Anastacio side if not better and why do. 

I say that is because one as you guys could see the elf color actually blends in with my hairs a lot better than the Anastacio side does I’m hoping you guys can see this on camera Nastasia side looks like it’s just a tad bit too light .

for my eyebrow color um the product doesn’t catch everywhere it’s post too so I could see a bald spot here here whereas on this side there’s very little spots like that one that was my fault I didn’t go all the way in and then there. 

wasn’t really a lot actually now I am gonna say I love love love the elf side because it is so so creamy to put on so easy to work with and then with the earnest thoughts aside I feel like I have to dig into the product a little bit more. 

just because I feel like it tends to dry out a lot quicker even when it’s sealed put away in a room-temperature area um I have been using the elf one for a couple weeks and it has not hardened to this product is just still so creamy and you guys could even see how creamy it looks look at that it is so so so so creamy but yeah I mean hey what do .

you guys think for three dollars versus however much this one cause I think elf is the winner so props to you alpha that is amazing I am not against uh Nastasia I love honest hacia products I’ve been in love with her paw me for so .

long however I did run across the elf one and I was like hey I wonder if it works similar and come to find out it worked just as good if not better in my personal opinion do you recommend the elf one to you guys and I I mean .

hey if you say no I’m good with spending on a more expensive stuff then hey go ahead and purchase on estas get one as for the wear they both wear the same they do not come off during the day they literally wear this thing so that is not an issue so I would say that these two lucky ones are perfect perfect dupes for each other hey why not .

give it a try 30 dollars alright guys I do want to thank you guys so much for watching this video if you have not subscribed already please do so it would mean the world to me and do not forget it hit that Bell right next to it as soon as you subscribe and you’ll be notified every single time I post video if you’d like to see more videos give.