Best Facial Epilator

Best Facial Epilator

Today’s list will be looking at the advantages and disadvantages of using a facial epilator instead of more conventional methods of facial hair removal such as waxing, bleaching or even using a simple safety razor. For starters, waxing can cause sagginess and is quite uncomfortable in the long run, from blisters to burns. On the other hand bleaching exposes the skin to extremely dangerous chemicals which can be harmful for your lungs and your skin. And technically bleaching does not remove the hair as it simply lightens them. Finally, using a razor means that you expect your skin to be as rough and tough as a man’s which is really not the case for female skin.

To opt for that super soft and silky smooth facial skin, the best method according to us is the mighty epilator which plucks out hair much like a tweezer but really fast and efficiently. Another reason why facial epilators are super useful and convenient is the fact that their heads and blades are usually designed in a way that they can reach your eyebrows and upper lips easily unlike full epilators which are better for larger areas such as your arms or legs. Electric epilators are also super-fast at what they do as all you have to do is swipe against hair growth direction and you will be done with your task. Today we will be reviewing the top 8 facial epilators that are in the market today based on their ability to precisely remove even the tiniest or hair and the comfort and convenience at which they accomplish this.

If you are in the market for the best and most affordable product on our list, we recommend the powerful Remington Smooth and Silky epilator which is unbelievably low priced and does an amazing job thanks to its 6 automatic tweezers. However, if you like many other users would rather know all your options before you actually make a decision; we suggest that you keep reading on till the end of this list to find out more!

Best Facial Epilator

Let’s take a look at all the Best Facial Epilator.

Emjoi Epilator

​Our first product for the day that we are starting this list off with is the Emjoi Epi Slim Epilator which to be fair is a fairly unknown brand and yet we felt it was necessary to add it along for the ride as we are super impressed by its ease of use and capability at tackling facial hair.

According to the brand, although it has been designed specifically for the face region, you can just as easily use it along the underarms and bikini area as its slim and precise head allows you to target any tricky area that requires detail. The narrow head on top ensures that you only cover the area you intend and its 9 tweezing heads make it perfect for smaller regions especially your face. This makes it a very easily customizable product which means that you have the control over how you will use it. Another great thing about its size and compact stature is the fact that it is the best device to be taken along for the ride when you travel. Although you cannot really expect to clean your legs or arms with this device quickly, you can touch up on already clean legs or body parts while on holiday.

You will receive a cleaning brush, details regarding the device’s warranty, a user manual, a handy safety switch and a protective cap to go on the epilator’s head.

Coming to the flaws of this product, it is not waterproof which for us is a huge let down as we need that kind of convenience in our lives! Since, it cannot be sued near damp or wet areas, it is recommended that you take a hot shower or bath before you actually use it as this will unclog your pores and make your hair easier to remove and that to with less pain.


  • Portable and compact
  • 9 tweezing heads
  • Additional accessories


  • Not waterproof


Gillette Venus Face Perfection

Next on our list is the Gillette Venus Face Perfection which as the name suggests is a premium Venus product that will get rid of all your facial hair without any issues. It claims that once you use it, you will be hair free for up to 4 whole weeks! Without ever having to visit a salon or spend another penny at expensive treatments like waxing or bleaching your poor hair. Gillette’s slogan might be the best a man can get but their products for women are the real stars in the business!

The Face Perfection epilator is equipped with ten tiny micro openings that lie in wait of the actual tweezing head missing out on some gullible fine hair and then trapping hair as short as 0.2 millimeters for the most salon smooth plucking experience. That, along with its patented wand like design means that you can maneuver the device all over your face even the hard to reach and tricky bits like between your eyebrows. The design also allows for a super ergonomic and strong grip so that the product will be under your control at all times.

Now haven’t we all been there ladies? You have a shaver but you risk cutting off your eyebrows if you use it as the size is too big. Well with the face Perfection you will have to worry no longer as the slim head design ensures you get in between the eyebrows with ease.

Although the pain experienced on the face is already minimal, with the Face Perfection epilator it you will feel no painful sensations at all, making it one of our most comfortable products on this list. The second best part after the precision this product provides is the hypoallergenic qualities it possesses as you can be sure it is safe to use even if you have super sensitive skin. It is however harder to use on areas that are curved or have bumps in them so that’s kind of a flaw.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Great Design
  • Ergonomic
  • Micro openings


  • Not water proof
  • Not best for curved areas


Phillips Satinelle BRE 630

Our next product is one from the Phillips Satinelle range and we have included this as the reviews for this online were gushing with its amazing uses. Straight off the bat, the first thing you notice about this product is its amazing style and design. The beautiful purple design makes it super attractive as a product to buy and can be a great gift for your teenage daughter since it is so cute.

The Satinelle also has an S shaped sleek handle which makes it so easy to grab and hold for longer periods of time. The material is also ergonomic and fun to grasp. The entire product itself is very lightweight which adds to the element of ergonomics as it prevents the device from becoming a burden. The epilator head is our favourite aspect of this device as it is made out of cool ceramic discs instead of the typical metal blades that may cause allergies or irritation if not cleaned properly. However, that is not a real problem with ceramic based features. They are spread out on a wider epilating area and are embedded in a curved design which makes them hug the contours of your face without any issues. This makes the plucking experience very precision based, comfortable and smooth.

You also find a handy LED light integrated within the product which is a god send for finding out where the really fine or light hair are situated. You have a lot of these cool little features in the Satinelle including a battery indicator icon that basically lets the user know when it is time to charge the device by flashing a red light. This ensures that you are never left without a charge when you really need to touch up on some areas. It does, in our opinion take a long time to charge which can be frustrating. Although the LED light is literally made for the purpose of capturing finer hair, the product needs the user to make more than one swipe to get such hair which is annoying and wastes time.

If you are used to different hair removal techniques then the pain that should be felt in via this epilator is extremely minimal and perfectly bearable as it feels more like a sharp tingling sensation rather than extreme pain.

You will also receive a facial epilator cap, a shaving head, a trimmer comb, delicate area epilator cap and a massaging roller cap which is really neat because each of these attachments has a different and unique job to do. This is also good in the sense that you will not have to go out to separately purchase these items.


  • Additional accessories
  • LED Light
  • Beautiful design


  • Needs multiple exposure
  • Long Charge time


Phillips Satinelle

We had to include another one of the Phillips smooth Satinelle series because their range of premium quality hair removal products is just so vast and effective at what they are meant to do, which is of course to provide the best silky smooth and hair free body parts that we all love! So whether it is for a night out in town or just stay at home for a night of self-love and care. You no longer have to run down to the salon or spa to get yourself groomed and pampered. All of that can be achieved right within the comfort of your home.

The device is both lightweight and compact which of course makes it discreet and an easily portable device that you can just pop into your travel bag or your gym bag so it is always there when you need it. Since the device has been specifically designed to tackle facial hair of all kinds, it has been reported to cause less painful sensations than waxing as it targets individual hairs while waxing grabs a lot of your skin with each application. You will also not have the issue of redness or irritated skin as is very common with waxing.

To further improve the pain free quotient, the Satinelle provides the user with 2 unique speed settings that let you decide how fast or how slow you would prefer the intensity to be. If you’re a newbie, we recommend you carefully read the user manual which is provided in the packaging and use the first setting before you get a grip on the process. One more reason why we recommend a little bit of practice is because if you use the device too haphazardly, instead of plucking the hair, it may get cut instead. The device is also a very affordable one as it is mid-range and luckily it is available at most online sites with reliable reviews much like this one.

You also get an extremely long cord which ranges up to 250 centimeters in length which is a great solution to the corded dilemma. If you were worried about not being able to use the device with absolute freedom, now you no longer have to worry about this as the extra-long cord is a dream come true.  The one flaw that we found in this device was actually the fact that it does not support both wet and dry functions which means that you can only use it dry even if your skin is super sensitive. It also cannot be washed as it is not waterproof so it must be brushed clean with an epilator brush which is included with the epilator.


  • Long cord
  • 2 speed settings
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Not for wet and dry


Braun Silk Épil 7 880

Our next product is the Braun Silk Epil 7 880 which is from their series 7 range of epilators. In terms of technology, this product is light years ahead of its competition as it has a unique pressure sensing technology that actually lets the user know when the pressure applied by them is too much! Now that is really impressive! This system is called the Senso Smart one and it tackles the age old problem of irritated skin because the blades or tweezers were brought too close to the skin. Whenever the device senses that the user has applied too much pressure on the device, it turns on a red light which lets you know to soften the touch.

This is great because not only does it remind the user to soften the pressure application but it also prevents the motor to be over used in any capacity and therefore hinders heating up of it.

The micro grip patented technology which has fast become a Braun standard is behind the real cleaning process as they are able to grasp hair as tiny as 0.5 mm which is extremely short and fine so this is definitely a precision based device! The tweezers play a massive role in this fast plucking action as they are arranged independently and work individually to capture hair by an opening and closing action that gets them easily. The best part about the device being able to capture such tiny hair is perhaps the fact that you don’t have to wait for it to grow a little before you can actually remove them again.

You will also receive a shaver and a trimmer along with a foil shaver for that added hypoallergenic and irritation free usage plus a comb guard to guide you how much you want to cut.

The device functions just as well in wet conditions as it would dry. Although most epilators are designed to provide a dry plucking experience, there is no denying the fact that wet lathers provide moisture and comfort on a whole other level. Sometimes you just need that extra level of protection especially if you have a low tolerance for pain. It is most effective when used in the shower as this allows the tweezers to glide along the skin.

Since the device is a 100 percent waterproof, that also makes it wash safe. Simply run it under some lukewarm water and you are good to go. Although the product also comes with a fully functional trimmer attachment that can simply be snapped on and off, it does not work as well as the actual device but the shaver comes close as it cuts the hair as short as possible.


  • Wet and dry usage
  • Trimmer and shaver attachments
  • Senso Smart Technology
  • Micro grip


  • Trimmer is not as good


Remington Smooth & Silky

The Remington Smooth and Silky provides the user with a very compact design that makes it such an easy little device to carry around with you wherever you go for the best touch ups. There are also 6 tweezers which are automatically rotating ones that use a rotating movement to carefully pluck out all excess hair for long term smooth and silky skin. The fact that this device is so compact is also a great design element as the small and sleek head can go over even the trickiest of areas such as between the eyebrows and underneath them as well.

The device is 100 percent cordless and therefore allows the user even greater freedom of mobility which is great but of course this means that you will have to keep purchasing batteries again and again which can be a bit tedious especially if your routine is extremely busy. In that sense, this is where rechargeable products trump this kind.

You will also receive a state of the art cleaning brush which lets you clean out the device after usage and a protective cap that acts as a protective layer between the tweezers and any other surface while you are travelling. Of course the cleaning brush implies that this device is not wash safe and that is a bit of a letdown.


Epilady Facial Hair Remover

Our last and final product for the day is the Epilady Facial Hair Remover which is a fully electric device. It is from a lesser known brand called Esthetic but there is no lapse in quality of this device as it is one of the finest ones out there. It claims to eradicate all traces of fine facial hair using its state of the art and innovative coil epilation technology. It states that if used correctly this device allows you to go hair free and smooth for up to 6 weeks! Now that is truly incredible.

Its coil technology ensures that you do not need to go over the same area twice as it is super precise and effective. The worst kind of facial hair is not the upper lips but rather is the super frustrating peach fuzz that practically covers the entire face and makes your skin look darker than it really is. Now, you don’t have to worry about that problem anymore as the Epilady Hair Remover plucks out even the tiniest of fuzzy hair that is there on your face. And what’s best is that you won’t have to be judged by people at the salon for this as you can simply get rid of the fuzz at home!

Having gotten rid of your peach fuzz, you will also feel like your makeup application has become smoother and neater and your face will look brighter and more refreshed than it usually is. The epilating head in this device moves so fast that you can barely tell it is moving and yet you will definitely see the results. This ensures that you are done with your chore quicker than usual.

In the past, we have had several products that just didn’t adapt to all different hair colours and textures well. Such as reds and whites, however the Epilady from esthetic is a truly versatile device which doesn’t shy away from a challenge.


  • Works on all hair colours
  • Coil Technology
  • Targets peach fuzz


  • None really