Best Hair Clippers For Barbers

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I mean if you guys don’t agree with this or agree with it leave a comment down below I also do want to know what your guys is a top 5 Clippers are so once again this is my personal opinion so yeah stay tuned for the video I just start this countdown off with number 5 I do have to give it to the end is masters now out of all the Clippers I 

Best Hair Clippers For Barbers

n really say this clipper is really good for beginner barbers student barbers yeah it’s a it’s a rogue grade clipper to go ahead and start off with just because this clipper has these notches right here on the side and it also opens up to a number 1 and what I mean by that is like closed all the way starts off in a I believe a triple 0 and then when .

you go ahead and open the lever all the way it opens up to a number 1 so by getting that big of a distance I mean I personally think it’s really good just because like you could you’re able to pretty much stiff skip steps but getting back to these notches right here it’s really gonna help our students just because they’ll really allow you to see exactly what step you’re on because like if you guys watch my tutorials I I use the term clothes a lot lever halfway a. 

lot and lever all all the way open so by having these notches right here will allow you to know exactly where you’re at in the haircut now this is also really strong clipper it got that magnetic motor so the blade actually moves really fast I I find like whenever I’m using this I could really cut through any type of hair whether it’s wet or dry any type. 

of hair texture as well it’s really great to go ahead and cut all that this this hair this clip right I feel like it’s the most famous one in the barbershop community just because like if you go to a barber shop every barber is gonna at least have a pair of this so I definitely recommend this and now the only thing I do not like about this clipper why it’s at number five is because it’s way sauce by look freaking how heavy this is if you’ve held one of these before .

you’ll understand exactly what I’m talking about and after a couple of haircuts it makes me want to go home I don’t even want to come here no more I bet you I’m gonna get carpal tunnel just by using this every single day so yeah the weight sucks it’s one of the heaviest Clippers you guys to get really it’s only it’s only about the weight that. 

really makes this at the number-5 except that it does get hot and this thing really does get hot the whole metal housing and the freaking fast motor come on this this has to get hot so I mean if they change a couple things about it and even make it cordless it will definitely go up in the list other than that just make it lighter so a number four .

we do have the corded senior and this clipper not this exact model but this clipper was one of the first ones that I actually started or not really started but one of the first professional Clippers that I ever started with so this does .

have history with me it will always be in my arsenal just because it is one of the first Clippers I started with but other than that I mean this clipper is a great clipper it’s pretty much like the andis master is super strong it cuts through any hair texture and the blend is nice I mean I learned off of a wall system so I’m pretty much gonna be .

using wall for the rest of my career because I’m so used to their guard system the way their machines work and I find wall the company makes really really great high quality Clippers now the reason why I like this clipper so much is because it’s super easy to zero gap what I mean by that is getting that part of the blade actually so close to. 

where you’re able to get out the ball guide line so I really like that because it’s really easy to zero gap it doesn’t open as much as the andis master but I mean by having that extra guard from the wall guard system that doesn’t really bother me that much and Plus this one is not that heavy so I mean that’s why it’s that number four now this. 

slipper it does get kind of like and this master just not as hot if you know what I mean one of these Clippers can last you a really long time which is why I also do like this clipper a lot and I find whenever I using this clipper my .

hair could just come out like super fire like fresh now another good reason why this is still at number four and not further up on the list is because yes we still do have a cord I personally like cordless clipper is just because you could take them anywhere if I’m doing a house call I don’t have to worry about an extension cord I mean going .

cordless I mean it’s 2019 we’re going up in technology the cordless Clippers have great of batteries in them nowadays so I mean I personally prefer cordless Clippers that’s really the reason why this is at number four if not it would be higher up all right so now moving on to number three we do have the cordless bagless Pro X these are .

the rose gold version they do have I believe two colorways which is the rose gold and the gold version I went to the Barbican convention out there in New York and they had this one in stock so I thought it was pretty cool I Marta trying them out I tried the corded version of these before and I personally didn’t like them but once I got these .

and was able to use them I actually really did like them so like I said it does have the notches on the side so you will be able to see exactly where you’re at in the haircut also really like this Clippers just because I don’t know about you guys but by using a clipper for so long I tend to get kind of bored of using the same thing every single .

day this I find is a great alternative to any other clipper if you ever get bored and plus the design is it’s nice I mean just look at that everyone’s look at it and wonder exactly what it is I know I’ve had a couple clients that are always .

like Dan you rich you rich I mean it’s not real gold but I mean it just looks it just looks dope now I’m chaining online and at the on the bailiffs Pro website it says the lithium ion battery that this has is supposed to run for two hours long and that’s longer than the cordless senior but really it does not run for that long this clipper I feel I .

have to use it for two haircuts and then it’s dead like I don’t take know two hours on two people I and then plus I’m always constantly turning them off turning them back on so with that 2 hour runtime it should cancel out like. 

when I turn it off like if I only use it for 30 seconds and then turn it off it should only count as 30 seconds right .

but I mean when I’m using this I could really only use it for 2 hours I don’t know if it’s just my pair but that’s really why it’s at number 3 I mean if it would really runs for 2 hours while it’s running it would definitely be a .

higher up on the list because this is a great clipper but other than not lasting that long it stays at number 3 now we’re getting closer to the number one spot though we still have number two and my number two is the austere fast feed now I know a lot of you guys are probably saying like what’s so good about this it still has the cord but really this is a great great clipper especially for fading I find like this I get like the most detailed fades that I pretty. 

much get this clipper is so easy to use I mean like you’re never leaving such hard guidelines with these I know it’s called fast feed but I really think that this motor is really I wouldn’t really use this to cut down bulk or anything like that just because the motor is slow but for fading and everything else this clipper is magic for this clipper I did. 

also do a little bit of modification to it I did add the ceramic blade to it of course is to go ahead and zero gap it but that that’s all I really had to do to this clipper I mean if they would make this clipper cordless it would definitely be at my number one because I like it that much this clipper I mean it’s so great it uses that the magnetic guards .

which I prefer them over the wall guard system so unlike the wall coordinated seniors and the end Asst masters this clipper does not get hot so you could run this thing all day and they just would not get hot this clipper is great on little kids I find that it’s so soft it doesn’t really hurt them when you’re going around the ear or anything it’s a .

baby so really you could use this on everybody old young it doesn’t matter the age this is a great clipper for anybody so if you guys are new to the barbering industry I definitely recommend you guys picking one of these up I can’t really think of anything negative to say about this clipper other than I would just wouldn’t use them to take. 

down both because it does snag a little bit not pulling the hair but it ends up not wanting to go through especially when you’re working on really thick hair but other than that this is my number two now for those of you guys are .

still with us we are moving on to our number one spot and that number one spot I mean most people will probably already guessed it I had to go with the wall five-star cordless senior so this clipper if you guys do watch my tutorials it’s probably in about 90% of my videos it’s really that great I mean I never really get tired of this clipper but if I do once again I do go to either these or the fast speeds of this clipper is everything that I like in this. 

one just cordless like I said it is 2019 we are moving on to better technology so with these lithium ion batteries making the Clippers cordless it does make the Clipper a lot better so I really really do like this clip right and I know if you guys aren’t able to get a pair of these a good alternative to this clipper would be the five star magic .

clips the cordless one they work pretty much the same I personally just prefer this one a lot better just because it’s slimmer and it fits perfect on your hand as these little indents right here it’s perfect for your fingers to go on so with that being said this is just a great flipper once again I started using a wall and I grew up using them so this .

clipper is just perfect and the runtime for this clipper it says 70 minutes and this actually feels like it does last a lot longer I mean I usually start cutting hair around like nine o’clock in the morning clipper usually dies on me once I go to lunch which is around like one o’clock so I I do cut every 30 minutes so just imagine how many haircuts I do. 

in that time this this clipper really lasts a lot longer than these FX’s which are supposed to run a lot longer but they don’t I don’t know if they just use a better battery in this or I don’t know what they do but this clipper does its job it’s a great clipper I do recommend it for anybody so what I usually do with this what this clipper is I usually .

keep two Clippers at all time I usually have one charging while I’m using one and once this one starts to die on me right around like what I do is just plug this one in and then this one should be fully charged so then I’m I’m good for the rest of the day and then I just switch on and off with them just to have these running all day so like I .

mentioned a good alternative if you guys were not able to pick one of these up it is the cordless magic clips this these are pretty much the same these do feel just a little bit cheaper but it gets the job done and again using a cordless of any cordless senior it’s gonna be a great clipper so I definitely do recommend these ie2 so that pretty .

much sums up my top 5 Clippers once again I want to thank you guys so much for watching hi you guys so that pretty much wraps up my top 5 Clippers leave a comment down below of what you guys think your guys’s top 5 .

Clippers are and I would love to know what your guys’s recommendations and also let me know if you guys like .

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