Best Hair Dryer For Beards

Best Hair Dryer For BeardsLooking for the Best Hair Dryer For Beards? You’ve come to the right place

in the first corner we have the classic blow dryer and in the opposing corner we have the famous underdog B ceramic heat brush and today my brothers we’re gonna be pinning them together in the ring comparing their specs which one creates the best beard appearance so without further ado let us engage angry mustache mode and

Best Hair Dryer For Beards

a little bit of a manual zoom action so in this beard product battle we’re gonna be comparing these two products in five different categories and lines I do recommend that you stay until the end of the video because the conclusion I make at the end of this video I think will surprise you so stay tuned for that so the first area of .

effectiveness is straightening and problem area management by lads and this is probably the most important category for a lot of people right when we’re styling our beards essentially what we’re doing a lot of the time is we’re trying to get rid of problem areas right this is these are indents in our beards these are things that actually .

take away from our beers we’re not talking about you know natural waves and I got a lot of nice natural waves you know inside of my beard that I’m I could get rid of if I you know style and styled and styled forever but I keep them but I I do make sure that the styling products I’m using our rebuilding problem areas and I have a lot of .

them guys like I have an indent right here when I don’t style my beard properly you know I have a lot of curliness while you’re seeing a little bit of a pre-treating hair here but you know I’m during the year so there’s not much I could do about that and then I have I have a lot of problem areas guys and in my experience blow dryers I’ve tried. 

all of them guys I’ve tried a lot of blow dryers I’ve tried all the techniques you know using roller brushes using you know nylon brushes boar bristle brushes I’ve tried it all guys right and in general the heat brush gets my votes I used you know blow dryers for a very very long time and I was astounded when all of that experience that I had .

with blow dryers was completely blown out of the water on my first try with a heat brush so the problem areas were just you know taken care of to a much higher degree and the level of straightness much much better the heat brush so that gets my vote so the second subcategory of effectiveness is flyaways it’s very very important to me .

that flyaways are tamed with you know the product I am using if you don’t know what flyaways are they’re the hairs that tend to shoot off their nerves that don’t want to be a part of your beard their hairs of chaos they really .

really suck you know like I guess these could be considered flyaways you know but those are just annoying because I mean the awkward stage of growth right now but there is a commonality when I have experimented .

with only styling my beard with a blow dryer only styling my beard you know with a heat brush right I picked two days together I take a picture up all the pictures up here and as you can see with the heat brush the flyaways are .

you know styled to a much higher degree of uniformity every single time this is a commonality and it’s it’s just kind of gone to the point where I can’t really I can’t really get this point to the blow-dryer so the point goes to the .

heat brush and in the third subcategory we see a little bit of revenge going on here because the third subcategory is longevity of hold and to this one I have to give it to the blow dryer because the blow dryers ability to cold blast really really cements hairs in place and I have to admit say it’s in my in my personal experience it tends to keep .

the style that you want for a longer period of time and a lot of people I know use a heat brush and then they they take their blow dryer and then they cold blast it to keep everything in place and that’s a good strategy so a think about it that way so but unfortunately for the blow dryer that’s twos didn’t that’s two losses in that subcategory .

and only one win so that this effect in this category goes to I pull our underdog the heat brush  all right second category is a elapsed time to style and this one’s kind of interesting because I think it’s while you’re gonna .

you’re gonna get a lot of different answers from people but I personally think it really comes down to your beard length your beard style and things like that if your beard is under two inches or you know like even yeah like just under three inches I think that using the blow dryer is going to be faster it really really is I don’t know if it’s gonna. 

be better but it’s definitely going to be faster you can save time in the morning use it but losing a blow dryer in fact in a lot of those cases using a heat brush is probably going to be redundant especially if your beard is under two inches however for my current beard length with just getting very very close to four inches he brought if I were to .

only you know use only one of them heat brush would absolutely absolutely be faster right I can’t say you know anything passed because I’ve never used the heat brush on a beard that is longer than this right so I can’t say you know which one would actually be better for you know a six inch beard or a seven inch beard radiance beard .

however from what I have seen the heat brush is better for you know styling longer beards it’s faster rather that’s what a lot of people say however so I can like I’m going to stay completely nonpartisan I’m gonna give this this category a tie alright so good job blow dryer I will move on to the next one alright so for the third category I’m .

gonna put them angry mustache on because seems appropriate oh you guys so the third category is effect on hair how much damage do these products do to the hair right we actually do have some evidence that’s actually blow drying your beard might actually be better for your beard than allowing it to air dry it’s it’s a really really .

interesting research I’ll I’ll link it down below but I I think it’s pretty fair to assume that’s that ironing out your beard with a you know a heat brush is going to damage your beard it is you know it’s it’s probably a lot more damaging than the blow dryer and that’s why personally I use a very very low heat if you’re going to use a high .

heat with a heat brush then be sure to get some argan oil argan oil has a very high smoke point so it’s probably the probably the best oil that’s going to protect your beard when it comes to using high heat on the heat brush personally these days I used to use about 180 degrees Celsius of my heat brush these days I’m using anywhere .

between 130 to 140 degrees Celsius and I allow it to heat up to a true 130 to 140 degrees Celsius while I brush my teeth and I style my hair and that seems to work quite well actually because it gets because a true 130 140 you’ll be you’d be surprised like it’s actually quite hot and it does the job for me personally but in this category I got to give .

it to the blow-dryer guys definitely definitely the heat brush does more damage to the beard all right we are at a tie going into the fourth category here which is practicality how practical are these products to use you know especially you know you know carrying them around going to other people’s houses and also you .

know like how much disturbance is it causing to the people around you it right away you say okay yeah blow dryers are pretty disturbing like a bobble I’ve always kind of approached it with a little bit of caution you know using a blow dryer while everyone’s asleep I was kind of felt bad about that so I have to get this point to the heat .

brush because a like it’s just so easy to carry around there’s even really really small heat brushes they seem to work really really well from what I’ve heard I’ve tried the little blow dryer so you can little travel blow dryers I .

don’t like them I don’t like the the spread isn’t wide enough and they’re not powerful enough in my opinion it just doesn’t do the job for me but I’ve heard the small little heat brushes are very good and they you know they’re .

pretty much just as good as the big ones so practicality point Heat brush  all right so this last category is going to make or break it victory you will come on top and that is price points right so when comparing the two .

products you can usually get a pretty good blow dryer for about three bucks and you can get up usually you’re pretty good you get brush for the exact same price however there are a few variables we have to consider here but .

pretty much like every single heat brush is around 30 bucks anywhere between 30 to 50 bucks however the blow dryers you find in this range you know there are a lot of them but unfortunately you don’t get the extra features .

until you get into like the 80 90 dollar range right so I you know you might get a speed sanding you might get a cold blast button right but you don’t get a warm button you know you don’t get a hot bun you don’t get in a very .

hot button so there’s a lot of features that you’re missing out on when you buy a less expensive blow dryer and it’s it’s unfortunate guys you really wanted to you know make this interesting that’s I’m gonna have to give it to the .

heat brush Lance so the winner of this belt lads is the one and only underdog the heat brush that keep brush and you get it then like I’m holding up the hand like it like in boxing anyway so my conclusion to all of this .

yes I think the heat brush is better but if you have if you watched my video how I remove curls out of my beards right I’m gonna I’m gonna link that up here watch that video watch how I style my beard because I don’t know I .

don’t use one or the other I use both because even though using this on his own on its own is better than using the blow dryer on its own using them both in conjunction is better than just using one or the other it absolutely the best beard stylings I have ever gotten is when I go in first with the blow dryer are you know I get everything in .

every single possible direction that kind of strains out the entirety of the beard also adds a little bit of volume and then to you know get in and get the rest of the problem areas and add a little bit of extra straightness I could with .

the heat brush and it creates just this beard appearance that’s it is like no other guys so if you guys wanna you’ll get the best beard appearance like I I shoot you not guys use them both but I’m gonna put down in the description. 

you know a very popular blow dryer that a lot of people buy off I don’t think this one is on Amazon and then also another popular heat brush to a lot of people buy it has a bunch of letters I don’t know what it’s what it’s called it .

you can’t really pronounce it but I’ll leave that one in the description as well you buy those two together and use that video that I made how I remove curls from you know my beard and you will get the best view tape of your life I swear to god guys that is exactly what will happen so let’s thank you so much for joining me if you guys like the .

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