Best Ionic Hair Dryer

Best Ionic Hair DryerLooking for the Best Ionic Hair Dryer? You’ve come to the right place

thing that you guys always ask is do those ion things really work well let’s talk about what an ion charge is so basically what it’s doing is the ionic charge that is admitted by a blow-dryer or through a flat iron or something like that is basically creating an environment where the cuticle can be closed easier and the water can be taken

Best Ionic Hair Dryer

from the hair the water molecule can be taken from the hair quicker and easier so usually requires less heat less time less energy to get a very polished blow-dry now here’s the thing are they always the best thing for us maybe not and that’s why when we designed our Sam via Artist Series blow dryer what we did is we created an ion on/off. 

switch what we realized is there is times where maybe the ions aren’t the most beneficial thing for you and that might be cases where you have finer maybe up to medium density hair textures that you’re looking for the .

maximum amount of body and fullness from so on those types of hair tech textures what we discovered is by flipping the ionic switch off we can maintain more body and more density so what we’re going to do for you today is we’re gonna do a simple blow-dry on our beautiful guest here and we’re gonna splitter down the middle on one side I’m gonna keep the ionic switch on so that you can see the polish that you get from that ionic switch and then. 

on the opposite side we’re gonna flip the ionic switch off so that you can see how you’re gonna maintain a little bit more fullness and density to the shape before we do that we are going to use just a touch of product I don’t want to over product the hair because I want to make sure that you guys have a really honest result here we are going to .

use the Redken one United mainly just through the mid strand and in a very light spray these mannequin heads can get a little bit frizzy and grippy on the ends so this is going to help and a touch of the satin we’re a zero for again to add just a touch conditioning to these ends and to make sure that we get a really nice polish on the ends .

so we’ll just lightly mist through the one United and then we’re just going to take one single pump of the satin we’re 0-4 place it into our poem emulsify and then work through the ends now we’ll set her up with a center part so that we have our halves to test and for the blow-dry we’re going to use the Sambia artist series blow-dryer .

which is the one that we designed with the on on off switch and we’re also going to use our Signature Series paddle brush the reason we’re gonna go with the Signature Series paddle brush instead of the artist series is the Signature Series has a more open design it does not have the bore hair bristle base so it’s not going to give me as much tension and where as we’re trying to kind of show more of fullness in the shape we want the lower tension to. 

begin the blow-dry I’m going to use my favorite brush my hands alright she’s all set up so watch as we work through we’re gonna kind of speed up the pace a little bit here so that you don’t watch a whole blow dry and then you’ll notice as we get towards the end we’re gonna have one side with the ions there should be a little more polish. 

and then one side with ions off which should have a little more body to it keep watching alright then it’s gonna last finishing passier put the last little touch of polish on these ends go nice and slow at that paddle brush give it a nice polish so the first time that I did this for myself when we were testing the blow dryer was honestly .

really kind of surprised by the results I’m kind of a skeptic to be completely honest with you and when I saw the results firsthand it was a believer so I tried to be as fair as possible about this you guys you know just by watching those couple clips that you saw of me going through the blow-dry I went through the same process started with .

just my fingers and hands to start stretching the base and then I switched to that paddle brush to just polish the ends now you’ll notice on the non ion side there’s definitely a fluffiness here so especially if you’re trying to .

maintain fullness at the base ion’s off is probably the way to go then if you look at this side though you definitely have more shine over here one of the things I found too is if I do the whole thing with the ions off it takes longer and so it definitely has helped me to be a believer in the fact that those ions do what they what all the .

manufacturers claim they do and it allows that moisture to come out of the hair faster and get to a more polished result a lot easier so you want sleek polish ions on you want fullness and a little bit of fluff to the hair ions off and we’re really happy to have that feature for you on our artist series blow-dryer if you’re in the market for a blow .

dryer check this baby out I think you’ll love it if you have any other questions about ions on or ions off let us know in the box below or leave us your comments we’d love to hear from you guys thank you so much for.