Best Mustache Trimmer

Best Mustache TrimmerLooking for the Best Mustache Trimmer? You’ve come to the right place

want to talk to you about something today’s video is all about mustache trimming this is kind of a video on two different ways you can do it and comparing the two what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna get my burger beard scapes

Best Mustache Trimmer

best beard trimmers in the damn game and I’m gonna trim this side of my mustache with these and then with my little eight dollar scissors I’m going to trim this side of my mustache left side right side we’re gonna see which one I like better which one works better Sally works better just like a personal preference really but let’s jump into it .

sorry I had to set up some better lighting here so we get a cleaner picture here so we’re starting with the Brio beard scapes you’re not gonna find a bit of a pair of beard trimmers and you might also know these things sell out quick they just got back in stock on Amazon so if you if you were looking for a pair I’d get them now because who .

knows when they’re gonna go out of stock and they sell like hotcakes people are freaking out about these things they’re amazing we got the adjustable built-in ceramic blade ceramic keeps it cooler sharper and you got the gold .

back on it which looks awesome and then you have your built-in battery that last 180 minutes on a full charge that’s forever you don’t have to charge this for like three months blah blah blah point is these are phenomenal and. 

they’re gonna sell out again soon so get them while you can and I’ll put a link down the description below where you can check that out if you don’t know how to do that if you’re on your phone what you do is you go down to the. 

bottom like this side I believe and be the right side of the video and there’s a little arrow you just click it expands it down it’ll show you the description and there’ll be a link right to these they’re amazing alright really get nice and close above my ugly mug here use my camp comb right here get the month the hair straight I have an actual Kent .

mustache comb I don’t know where it’s at but they’re really cheap tonight they’re made exactly just for this purpose of styling and trimming your mustache so I’ll put a link down the description below for that as you can .

give me like five bucks maybe but if you don’t have one use the narrow tines on your boot comb the wider ones the nagas me is good for you know like combing your mustache okay so I haven’t use the trimmers on my mustache in a while so I’m not sure the exact height I use I’m gonna start with the twelve millimeter put it on the Brio just like .

that turn it on and here we go here’s some here’s some mustache trim porn for you guys [Applause] and some of you guys are gonna think I’m an asshole for trimming my mustache a lot of you guys like it I noticed when I have the fuller mustache personally I cannot stand it when something’s in my mouth and I have to constantly brush it .

to the side and stuff I can’t I can’t handle it I understand like the idea of mustache wax and it does work I love it I use it but for me taking the extra time out of my day me president a very very very low maintenance person so almost everything and my life is dictated around what’s easy what’s quick what works like if I walk out the door .

with matching clothes matching socks deodorant teeth brushed beard done that’s a good day that’s an amazing day usually it’s two out of those four if that beard is always done it’s always done the other three sometimes and I have the mustache wax in my room I’m not gonna get it it’s from seven potions it’s the it’s the moustache wax .

from seven potions just the best I found so far it’s the most hold I’ve ever had in a wax I’ll put a link down below for that as well for all you guys that are keeping the mustache and keeping in keeping this thing going okay so this isn’t even that extreme of a trim my ideal mustache trim is right right with the lift line okay I don’t want anything .

hanging down below my lip because mustache hair is getting my mouth and like curling up and tickling my nose drives me insane pick the guard off we’re gonna flip it around and now we’re gonna use the nine milli here we go and boom really you’ve done your job you may go back to your dock okay thanks but don’t call me dad you’re a .

robot I’m a human okay so me personally this is like perfect I want every mustache there I don’t want to be the guy with no mustache now we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take these these are from a company called ace VV I got these a long time ago probably a year and a half two years ago and I’ve been using them ever since like every time .

I trim my beard trim any mustache trim they come in handy for all like the little strays around your beard and then especially for mustaches to give away the end result these are what I use every time I trim my mustache I don’t use the brios when I trim my mustache and I’ll show you why so with the breo’s or any beard trimmer in fact what you’re doing is you’re going with the skin of your lip so you’re running up with it so every hair on your .

mustache is gonna be trimmed to that exact length that you set the guard to that could be good or that could be bad for certain occasions or certain situations with the mustache there’s a benefit to not doing that it’s a little trick and what you do you know how my goal is to keep everything above the lip line what I can do with the scissors is .

literally just comb down like this and just trim right with the lip line so what that does is it cuts down all the hairs the the edges of the hairs that are right at my lip line but it leaves the body of the hairs up here thick and full once I trim this line you’re gonna see how much thicker and fuller this is gonna look than this it’s just a trick I’ve .

learned throughout the years of trim and mustache and trimming my beard and stuff but yeah let’s get to it these scissors are like less than $10 you do not I repeat you do not want to use the scissors that you find in like the .

bottom of your wall beard trimmer kit or hair trimmer kit you don’t wanna use a little cheap ship spending eight nine bucks and get a pair of these they’re like professional barber scissors and they have this little hook thing right. 

here for your for your middle finger and in the hand it’s so much more steady so you’re not gonna make any cuts that you don’t mean to make and when you’re trimming your moustache that’s invaluable you don’t want to look like a complete dickhead with half a mustache and I’ll put a link down below for these I think they still sell these I’ll put a link down below for these literally they’re less than ten dollars get a pair of invest in a pair of these okay .

we’re everything out okay and then we’re just gonna go right with the lip line just like that boom now for for helping for the sake of helping you guys I trimmed half my mustache with that so I do have to trim the other half .

with that to make it look even I can’t like magically grow this side back that would be nice but here take a close look tell me which side you think looks fuller this side or this side so yeah if you do in fact trim your own beard .

and you trim your own moustache there’s something you should definitely know steer clear of the trimmers when you’re trimming your mustache you want to keep as much volume and hair as you can your must that’s gonna make it look thicker you can just trim the ends off and it still gonna look thick on top that’s here in my mouth I .

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