Best Nail Clippers For Infants

Best Nail Clippers For InfantsLooking for the Best Nail Clippers For Infants? You’ve come to the right place

if you’re like me you would have noticed that your baby’s nails go super quick one day you’ll cut them in the next day they’ll be like closed on a cat getting out your eyeballs Eloise and I have tried four different types of nail

Best Nail Clippers For Infants

cutters ranging from really really bad to pretty okay ranking in at number four is this baby comfy nail nail cutter it’s got a nice thick design and this orange lever that you push down on to cut baby’s nails and it only has one .

blade the bottom is plastic and aperture is further than the actual blade so that you can push baby’s skin back while cutting their nails in theory it sounded great but when you actually go and cut your baby’s nails their nails have to be super super long for it to even start clipping I would rank this number 4 as our worst nail color that .

we’ve purchased because the bottom protrudes too far out that it wouldn’t even catch any of Eloise’s nails and even though there was so short on Eloise there was still very sharp so I couldn’t actually even cut her nails with this because the bottom protruded out too much and the blade was too far back so I found this to be a waste of .

money and I’d highly recommend you stay away from this baby comfy nail unless your toddler or your baby’s nails are super super long and you want to just trim them a little bit not only was this baby comfy now quite useless it was also the most expensive nail color that I purchased I purchased this off Amazon and because I had to pay for shipping it came to about $20 coming in at number 3 is this safety first nail color with a magnifying glass now this. 

was the very first nail color that I used on Eloise and I figured because she was in newborn this magnifying glass would help me a lot seeing her tiny baby nails however it is a bit warped when you look through the magnifying glass so when I actually went to go use it I had cut her skin now as a first-time parent cutting your baby’s nails is .

super nerve-wracking you have to take him to consideration a whole number of factors like baby moving around how little their nails are how soft they are and you shaking a little bit because you’re scared that you’re gonna clip this skin when I went to go use this on Eloise I was looking through the magnifying glass and it looked pretty clear. 

to me that I was getting her now but it was just a matter of milliseconds and I went to go clip down to cut her nail and instead of hearing that normal clicking here when you cut their nail she cried out in pain and I had realized I .

had clipped the skin on the top of her little finger and it was the worst feeling in the entire world when you look through the magnifying glass of this nail cutter it does warp the vision a little bit and even though you think that it might be magnifying baby’s nails you don’t really see what’s coming underneath so you could be getting the skin at. 

the same time as their nails and as newborns their nails are so soft so it’s so easy to just clip both of them at the same time which is why I would rank this safety first nail clip all with the magnifying glass number three on our list this baby now cutter also came with some tweezers which I’m not going to talk about but together these were .

995 have baby bunting now my second and first place nail cutters come very close to each other but in second place I would say would be this safety first nail cutter with LED lights the reason why I rank this number two is because I’m still paranoid cutting Eloise’s nails after clipping her skin a couple of times with your traditional nail .

clippers but the only difference is the LED light is super bright so you can cut baby’s nails really safely while they’re asleep now I tried this for the first time on Eloise while she was asleep and it was perfect she was super still. 

so I could really focus on her nails and not clipping her skin and the LED lights are so bright that you don’t need any other lights on in the room while they’re sleeping it also has a little button here that you can quickly push if baby starts aroused while you’re cutting their nails so that the LED lights turn off it’s really comfortable to hold .

and it’s got a rubber addy so it’s got a non-slip grip while you’re cutting your baby’s nails and in order to turn off the LED you just closed the nail cutter as usual and the button gets pressed in and the lights turn off Oh though .

you can’t change your battery in these nail clippers for the LED lights a lot of the reviews on my say that their batteries have lasted a few months this now kind of cost me $10 at Baby Bunting and I would say ranks very close. 

to first place so at number one I am ranking this nails nail moms best nail cutter for babies and infants this nails now is like nothing I’ve ever seen or used before it’s got some safety guards to keep baby’s skin away so that you don’t cut it it’s got a v-shaped blade design so that you can cut smoothly and precisely at the bottom there is an .

alpha to smooth out any edges and at the end there is a tip that can clean underneath baby’s nails and it is also made out of medical grade stainless steel this is the cutest and most unique Nakada that I’ve seen on the market .

and because of its design it is a Anti choking hazard however I still wouldn’t let Eloise play with it because of this sharp pointy end normally this Nelson L comes in at $20 so yes it is quite expensive but I managed to buy while they were having a sell for two for the price of one it has been an invaluable tool for us because I haven’t cut .

Eloise’s skin yet with this nails now and it cuts really close to the nail bed so I don’t have to cut her nails so often in the tutorial videos they tell you to hold it by the snails shell I still can’t manage to get a perfect rounded edge while cutting Eloise’s nails and it’s often quite choppy but I use the nail file to smooth out any rough or sharp .

edges there have been times where I’ve been cutting Eloise’s nails and it divots a little bit so it cuts it quite short but I still haven’t cut any of her skin yet and it hasn’t drawn blood when it’s been too short it hasn’t even bothered her as well this is the easiest to use while baby is away cuz regardless of whether they’re moving or not you still .

can’t cut their skin because of this safety design the blade is quite sharp so you can cut their nails with ease but like I said I still can’t cut it smoothly all in one go it is quite choppy but that’s where the nail file comes in as you can see I’m using the nails not to cut Eloise’s nails while she’s awake because of its unique design I feel confident .

in cutting your nails quickly while she’s moving without having to worry about cutting the surrounding skin the only issue I have with the nails nail is it doesn’t cut smoothly as suggested on their website so I cut Eloise’s nails in segments and use a nail file to round out any sharp edges if this nails now is a little bit out of your budget I would .

highly recommend the safety first with LED lights so you can cut baby’s nails effectively while they’re asleep but otherwise I would rank the nails now mums best nail cut off for babies and infants.