Best Nail Clippers For Men

Best Nail Clippers For MenLooking for the Best Nail Clippers For Men? You’ve come to the right place

we got to keep our moustaches and beards on point along with of course whatever we do or don’t have up top but gentlemen we got to start looking at other things to improve ourselves and one of the things that we really don’t

Best Nail Clippers For Men

pay much attention to all the time is our hands because let’s face it we’re working on stuff we’re building stuff and one of the things that we can do that is really simple that we all do anyway but we can do better is cut the nails .

now I got a question that I want you guys to answer down in the comment section and that is how many of you guys have picked up one of these basic nail clippers at like a hardware store or grocery store when you’re checking out and lying in you’re like huh that’s right I lost mine I don’t know where it’s at I should probably grab one well that’s where I got this one I had lost mine I completely forgot about it and so I picked this one up at the grocery .

store as I was going through my line but now I know some of you don’t even bother to do that and some of you guys wait and tell your nails are starting to crack or chip and well just pick up one of these at the gas station yeah clipper on a chain gentlemen don’t ever get these they are very low quality and don’t last very good and honestly you probably end up losing them anyway well let me tell you what I spent just a little bit more than the 99 cents .

that I spent on this one for some good decent nail clippers now before you click off this video think I’m gonna try to sell you on some fifteen twenty dollar nail clippers don’t worry that’s not me I’m not going to do that because all I want to do is show you guys nail clippers that I got and have you guys guessed down below as well on how much. 

you think that they cost so these nail clippers that I picked up came in this fake leather case and unfortunately I think the box that they got shipped in got rattled around a little bit too much because when you open it up unfortunately the little strap that the toenail clippers are connected to was it ripped off however it still holds it kind in place anyway oops maybe not these Clippers are made out of 304 stainless steel which is basically the .

same steel that your pans and your cookery is made out of so they should last a good long time because we all know how much we abuse those things and they’re still holding up these are both hand polished which give them a really nice sleek look as well as hand sharpened so you know that you’re gonna be getting a nice edge on them .

this here’s the fingernail clipper that I was using however it was pretty much the same as the toenail clipper and well honestly I’ve got kind of a gut and I’m not that flexible so I was having a hard time getting down and cutting my nails decently on my feet I’m not going to show you that part so don’t worry but the reason why is because .

there’s nothing here to really hold on to they put these little lines in the handle at the end that’s supposed to be grip I guess but let’s face it it doesn’t do anything and we’ll comparing that style to the new one here the new one .

has a little lip here that helps your thumb stay in place so it’s not slipping down the actuator towards the mouth of the Clipper and when I was looking at this set there was a feature of these that I wasn’t sure I was gonna even like and that is the little nail file because honestly on the pictures online I couldn’t tell how it was made but from what. 

I can tell from using it for the last couple of months it’s actually some process that they do it on the metal itself so that it’s not like a little peel and stick sticker that’s a file on there this is just so it then if you’re cutting your nails and you end up with one of those little dinky points it’s probably gonna end up catch it on something later you can. 

just quickly knock that off of there and you are good to go and I have to say it actually comes in a lot more handy than I thought that it would they may be thinking that this here fingernail clipper is missing something well honestly you’d be right but it’s not that big of a deal and what it is missing is unlike these little cheapy ones it does. 

not have a little dedicated little nail pick and honestly gentlemen if we keep our nails nice and short there shouldn’t be junk underneath them anyway so you shouldn’t be knee that little nail cleaner pick thing on here and if you do need one what’s wrong with your pocket night-work shis is good now at the beginning of this I told you guys that I wasn’t gonna try to sell you know 15 20 dollar nail clippers well I didn’t like these are 30 note totally .

kidding they are actually just seven dollars and they are way heavier duty way nicer feel way more ergonomic weight easier to use than your standard little grocery store or whatever you’re using now so I highly suggest picking yourself up some of these I will include a link down below in case if you want to pick yourself up some .

which honestly I really think that you should if you liked this review please give me a big thumbs up down below hit that subscribe button leave me a comment as well and if you do have a nice big old beard or a mustache or even a bald head make sure.