Best Noise Hair Trimmer For Women

Best Noise Hair Trimmer For WomenLooking for the Best Noise Hair Trimmer For Women? You’ve come to the right place

yes so let me tell you if I definitely just drinking eyes yeah don’t mind me I definitely just drink a dozen about drinks more like two seconds yeah yeah don’t mind how I’m looking I’m looking about like you ready to lay down I guess this is Jim Carrey little I own it I own is but you main light on this but you me lie on this yeah it’s okay so I

Best Noise Hair Trimmer For Women

wanted to make this video because I know I’m not the only one I struggle with this so my thing is we gotta start living in our truth you so I’m saying like I hate people try to act like they don’t be going through stuff you know I’m saying like and I’m gonna tell you what I mean if I’m if I was like let’s spin a little bit just I have my retainers .

in and they’re not coming up so anyway I won’t lie to you I’m a very hairy female I have to blame my mom and and my father yes I have to blame both of them because um yeah I’m just Harry I’m sorry let me fix my hair because it’s a little loose yes girl let’s get a little step on me yeah so yeah I’m Harry y’all like I get my face shaved .

wait like once a month because like my sideburns be coming down to here a little mustache he’ll be coming in chin hairs coming in and it’s so funny because when I was younger I kinda gonna put my grandmother like that there my dear mine nevermind what I’m getting at is y’all I’m hearing everywhere so like check this out nose hair is .

about long is like I don’t know or they get long I don’t know why but like is it just me my nose has given me long I don’t know why but like I’m dying Barris it’s okay I’m not very so yeah my nose hair is like I don’t know what I’m .

gonna live in my truth my nose hair is getting longest okay over time I don’t know what be happening but they be bout to touch my ankles like real like let me let me show you cuz y’all know I have a big smile and when I smile my nose crinkles but let me just show you this No I gotta go I noticed that when I was smiling down my dam here do .

what does happen what just happened here because they’re all my equipment when I start acting up ok thank you thank you for you bet thank you so yeah like I noticed that I was like oh my goodness I gotta get him cut so normally I will get them trimmed by my aesthetician but the last time I know what was going on with that session. 

but she showed up uh failed the trim obviously because there was different loans like those are full grown nose hairs I don’t care what anyone says like my smell is too big and people bees too close to my face for my nose hairs .

to be hanging down like some goddamn icicles ok so we got it we gotta fix it so let me just tell y’all how god be working so I’m sitting on my phone one day and I get a email from an Amazon company and literally in the subject it said nose hair trimmer and I was like oh my god and they say review we want you to review our nose hair trimmer and I was like oh my goodness oh my goodness this is God and they were just like you know would .

you be interested I’m like hell yeah I’m sorry yes I would definitely be interested in reviewing your product please let me know type of review you would like for me to do all that stuff I’m gonna take these up hold up maybe just the top one oh yeah yeah yeah yeah that’s good so we’re gonna see if this works because I do have the packaging .

well actually I have a lot of packages over here but like I gotta find which one is a nose hair trimmer and we’re about to put it to the test because like I’m about to make a hair review video and you know see you guys all the .

details will be in the description box however right now I’m justifying the package put it on the camera we’re gonna see if it works and put into this heads because like this right here this is not cute okay boom found the package so it is I got check to see what the company’s name is but I’m gonna just tell you what’s on the box okay .

remember odd details will be in the description box down below okay oh yeah touch Beauty let me turn the light off on on really quick yes this is what it look like I’m a little nervous it’s lighting better is this better lighting is this. 

better lighting it is Wow oh why didn’t I do this in the first place sorry so let me just open this thing up and get it cracking I have you scared of stuff like this because like what if it goes up in there cuz what is it doing is it like .

spinning is like a razor what it’s like you know I’m saying it catches something and it like and like my nose start bleeding or something you know I mean I wanna then people I think about all types of crazy stuff like yeah ever .

like have a q-tip we were just talking about this actually my go-to q-tip and clean out your ears have you ever .

thought like what have you just left the q-tip in your ear and then like maybe someone like hits you on accident or like my thing is like what if you lift the q-tip in your ear and like I don’t know you’re running and then like you fell over and it you don’t and it just like went in no something else I think about like what if you were running up the .

steps and you were smiling you’re like ah and then like you tripped about rock on your teeth oh boy those are things I think about these are the things I’d be worried about so anyway are you freaking serious I need a frickin .

battery there’s no battery included oh that’s definitely not a battery I had to go to this store to get a battery the audacity one second it’s okay we’re not gonna we’re not gonna do that we’re not going to be negative we’re not .

gonna be negative okay so I’m back that’s definitely gonna go down as a con so this is a little contraption this is what it looks like let me try to show you off Jeremy so I got a little battery or whatever and I’m just gonna put it in. 

there all right I see the plus sign so I put the battery in here I’m sure you get boom put the battery in there and in the little bottom part cuz the bottom part unscrewed I’m gonna put that okay are we gonna go alright it’s great idea doesn’t screw just presses okay I let’s turn this baby on whoo-hoo okay it sound like something else I know .

about okay again we’re gonna up close and personal for sure for sure for sure for sure oh my gosh that is so trifling ah yeah right there oh my goodness oh no no we still there scare me to scare me get all up in there yeah yeah Oh Micah breathe I don’t know if he’s supposed to go all the way in there because it’s like I can feel it pulling a little .

bit it doesn’t hurt it’s just a simple fact that I feel like I can feel it snatching oh okay rotation yeah you got to get like right up in here right up on that corner yep right there and then I’ll sit right here on edge so I get really long all right huh all right done yeah yeah it just kind of circular motion circular motions huh all right moving on to the. 

next nostril Oh shucks so I definitely just blew my nose sorry this is nasty and I can see the little hairpieces because when I sneeze I felt like there was probably some still caught up in there and my nose was trying to like .

get it Scout but um wow it’s really cutting it’s crazy let me get the rest of it okay look at this mm-hmm cuz I’m at this I met this next nostrils here real coming for your whole life tickles Wow I got a lot of freckles I’m sorry some .

corners get some corners get right there oh yeah right there uh-huh I wonder where it’s going yeah I don’t know probably like depending on how long they are they kind of get stuck in that chamber like your nose hairs because like I’m touching it it’s nothing sharp but it’s like I guess it’s just trimming obviously nose trimmer does I like it .

alright so yes I was definitely definitely pissed off about the fact that this did not come with its own battery but it’s okay besides that though y’all besides the fact that it did not come with a battery like boy this is like this yo y’all need this like if you have long nose hairs or if your nose hairs get long and you’re looking for some portable this is very female friendly that’s something that they do advertise on their little I want to say on a site because you get .

this off of Amazon which all of that would be in the description box down below another thing is I know this steel or the metal that’s used is hypoallergenic so like that’s great for my people who have allergies y’all like this is great it’s like mini as Frick and I’m not really a fan of purple but like if this wasn’t pink if this would have had like a .

tennis hand so leading up to my review I’m definitely gonna give this product a 10 on its head the thing I’m really liking about this one I never really had a nose hair trimmer always just tried to trim them with scissors but like this is so easy like let’s say if you were like at the mall or something or anywhere really and you just notice that you. 

have like a little you know a little straggly brush you just and just get that thing and it’s gone like this is so easy to use in like all you got to do is snap this off and clean it up in an insect and like you’re done not just that y’all emphasis on the size it’s very mini like this can go in a little purse a little clutch anything like this is like perfect size y’all need to go get this this is cute and this is nice this is very convenient and I would recommend this to .

anyone so yes in the packaging it does come with this little brush and also I believe I don’t know what this is I think that’s like another oh it’s a cap little cap on there so you could just you know hide it away nobody’s even knows look at that look at that no one even knows it’s a nose trimmer they probably did some lip gloss of .

something look how look at that discreet yeah they have this little thing right here and I think this is like to brush the excess maybe I don’t know or it’s you know for easy cleaning for the product is so so yeah y’all I don’t have much else to say like their products long for itself you know we did a little demo and like oh my goodness.