Best Pomade For A Pixie Cut

Best Pomade For A Pixie CutLooking for the Best Pomade For A Pixie Cut? You’ve come to the right place

I use on my pixie hair today I’m gonna be talking about the products that I use I am going to be talking about specific products and give you give you recommendations however a lot of these products you might already have

Best Pomade For A Pixie Cut

in your cabinet so you might not have the specific when I talk about but you might have something similar so I .

would encourage you to of course use up the products that you have already but if you’re looking for any specific recommendations or to figure out if you might have any missing holes in your product lineup then I hope this video is really helpful for you if you’re new welcome my name is ava and I post videos about my pixie hair and .

other cruelty free beauty and lifestyle videos so welcome and let’s get into the products so one thing that I talked about in my tools video was a hair wrap that I use when I get out of the shower and I use that to let my hair air dry. 

just a little bit and get a lot of the moisture out so then I it takes less time to blow-dry my hair so on damp hair I like to apply a serum this is the one I’m using right now but the things I look for in a serum are something that .

will protect my hair against heat damage and also tame any flyaways and frizz that might be going on stuff like that so I really like this one from Giovanni the Beth the brand it’s called Giovanni eco chic haircare this is the first. 

product that I’ve tried from theirs but I saw Tichina from logical harmony talked about this brand and they are logical harmony cruelty free approved so I found this one at Whole Foods but I’ll link some places you can buy it .

online as well as all the products I mentioned I’ll link some online retailers down below this is their to chic cherry blossom and rose petals ultra luxurious super potion silken hair serum that’s a really long title but what got me .what the reason I purchased this was it says it teems Frizzle I always silk ins stressed silken tresses with shine couldn’t read that for a second protects from heat damage and fights static so I have my hair does get staticky in .

the winter which we’re going into now so I decided to pick the up and I love this it doesn’t look like I’ve used hardly any at all which is weird because I’ve usually used it for a couple weeks but also with pixie hair you don’t go. 

through products as much or at least that’s what I find is that it takes me a lot longer to go through products because I’m only really applying this to this portion at the top of my hair and a little bit at the back just to keep .

those flyaways down so I love this because its first of all it smells freaking delicious it’s I don’t know if it smells this they’re like rose petals to me but it smells like a really luxurious hair care product you know when you go to the salon and they use really nice smelling shampoos and products that’s what this reminds me of and it just smells really good but also does the job it leaves my hair let more shiny and silky but it doesn’t leave my hair .

greasy which is a problem I have my hair gets really greasy very quick and this does not increase any grease eNOS but you can really find tons of serums out there on the market just find one that fits your budget and your you .

know any specific brands you like and yeah apply this to damp hair and then I blow-dry it with my round brush which you’ve seen in tons of my tutorials so definitely recommend getting a serum even if you don’t necessarily .

want the added shine or anything definitely at least get some sort of heat protectant in your hair it will just help with eliminating heat damage I actually do use one more product in damp hair but I don’t use it every single day and it is the feed your roots mousse the volume enhancer and I got this on the pedi Boris is the sample or travel size and it’s lasted me quite a long time I really like this one I’m looking for that extra volume that really opened .

my hair especially when my hair grows out a bit and gets longer it kind of weighs it down a little bit so I like applying this to my roots I just put one pump of this it’s not an aerosol it’s like a pump and you I just massage it .

into my scalp at the top again just to really lift those roots and get that volume up there it does provide a little bit of grit too so if you have very fine hair I have I don’t have fun hair if they care but if you have fine hair I feel like .

this would be really awesome for you if you want to get that extra grit and texture into your hair again there are tons of mooses out there but this is the one I really love right now so the rest of the products I wanted to talk .

about are all products I use on dry hair and I don’t use all of them every single day but I do use one almost every single day and that is some sort of styling creme styling creams are great because it does conserve so many .different purposes if you’re going for a sleek look you can really run it through your finger or run it through your hair and slick it down which I do kind of on this side of my hair I kind of like to slick this down a little bit but also .

you can use your hands in like this kind of motion which I do to give myself a lot of volume and kind of bring out those layers in my hair especially with dark hair it’s all kind of one tone so I don’t have highlights to really show .

off my layers so what I do is I run that cream through my hands and kind of go like this and massage my scalp and kind of work my work it into my hair like this which will kind of break up my layers and really bring out that cut .

and all the different layers I have going on this specific one I’m using is from Josh rose Brook again I got on petit four it is his styling cream and it says medium hold this I think is again the smaller size and it’s lasted me so long .

it I’ll provide close ups but this has just lasted me so freaking long and I really really like it you do have to really warm this up in your hands it doesn’t it kind of comes out more thick so then you want to just massage it into your. 

hands warm up the product and then run it through your hair one trick that Jonathan from queer I taught me is to work not me specifically but is to work from back to front which has really helped me a lot so I get a lot of the .

product in the back on my hairline because I really want to smooth those down and then I kind of work my way up here again pull like kind of slicked down the sides and then I run the rest starting from the the crown of my head I. 

run it and make it all messy moving towards the front and finally adjusting my bangs this is a really good product if you want to adjust your bangs – sometimes things aren’t looking good and they’re not looking exactly how I want. 

but this I can kind of mold my hair into the specific shape I want so moving on I wanted to talk about a specific type of product that I would recommend if you had pretty thin or fine hair and that is some sort of texturizing .

spray this one is from dry bar is called the triple sec three-in-one texturizers amplifies and refreshes I don’t really find that it refreshes my hair it doesn’t act the same as a dry shampoo but it does provide a lot of texture and grit .

in your hair again if you have thin hair and you really want to add some volume and texture to your hair this type of product is great there are also a bunch of sea salt sprays something like that would give your hair more grit and.volume and stuff like that this one specifically from dry bar is pretty pricey however it has lasted me so long I’m .

out now or there’s like the tiniest amount left but it did last me a long long time again with all these products I find that I just don’t go through them very often but yeah so this would be a great for thin hair I feel like it wouldn’t be a haircare video if I didn’t discuss a hair spray so the one I have is from Josh Rose Brook and I got it .

on the pedi Bora in the travel size and has lasted me forever I feel like a broken record in this video but what can you do so I really like this hairspray but I’ve obviously tried tons of hair sprays throughout my life but I really like .

this one and I don’t use hair spray too often just because I feel like between the molding cream which I use almost every single day and any sort of texturizer or the volume mousse between those things my hair does really hold on. 

to those products really well so I don’t use the hairspray everyday but I did use it for example on my sister’s wedding day I did my own hair even though as a bridesmaid I just did my own hair because I’m fine doing my and so I did spray this on just to give it that extra hold because I didn’t want it to move throughout pictures I .

just wanted to be able to style it feel good with how it looked and then be done for the day and not have to worry about it so that’s the time those are the instances that I would use a hair spray but most of the time I’d want to be able to play around with my hair and have it moved throughout the day yeah so I really love this one from Josh Roseburg if you have any hairspray recommendations or any recommendations for these types of products that I’m discussing leave them down in the description box so finally this is not a product that I use super frequently .

but I wanted to mention it because it is something that I feel like a lot of people would like to use and that is a dry shampoo I when I had longer hair I loved using dry shampoo because on second day hair I could just spray my hair with dry shampoo and put it in a topknot and look totally fine and my greasy roots would be hidden but unfortunately with the pixie I just can’t do that very often it just doesn’t work for me and I don’t know it just .

doesn’t work for me so if I do have if I do go two days without washing my hair then I’ll just throw a hat on but occasionally I do use a dry shampoo and currently I’m using this from I don’t know how to pronounce this brand .

name captain Blankenship I got it on the petty 4 website and it is mainly made from arrowroot powder white clayrice powder baking soda etc so this is just a powder form that you can just pour into your hand and it is very .

messy so I mean if I do use this I make sure I don’t have my shirt on for the day so I apply it before I put my clothes on for the day and it is pretty messy and it is white it leaves a bit of a white cast in my super dark hair so .

for that reason I don’t use it all the time but I do sometimes use a minimal amount of it just to give me again more texture and volume in my roots if you can’t tell I really like texture and volume in my hair if you have any dry shampoo recommendations for me please leave them down in the comments down below you always have great recommendations and yeah that’s pretty much it for today’s video thank you so much for.