Best Pomade For African American Hair

Best Pomade For African American HairLooking for the Best Pomade For African American Hair? You’ve come to the right place

 you haven’t already seen Reggie’s cam to burn you video where he does his hair but the can’t – lon right now it’s at 72 k views and it has a good bit of license so we really thank you guys for checking that idea out and in that video

Best Pomade For African American Hair

he used the regular can to you know the regular ones but this one is the can’t you for men and here is we’re gonna be using two of them the leaving conditioner and then they have the cream pave excuse my hair I had a hat on on .

a day so yes well you can do it anyway n didn’t matter but yeah so this is just a four-minute version so we’re gonna see if this one’s any different than the regular can’t see that we use and you guys haven’t checked out the last video. go ahead and check that out with some right here sorry I’m just squirting water on it cuz it’s like really dry so I’m gonna pick it up alright so this pink dough now put this olive oil doesn’t happy getting dry so it’s the Olive. 

miracle growth oil and all the description of the products we use will be in the in the description box below and make sure you just distribute it everywhere yeah yeah cool it in my balls get in the back definitely the balls and I .

know like some people be asking like from the last video a lot of people was asking like do I do this every day no I don’t okay I usually just get up and go but like I prayed it is like twice a week I don’t I don’t do it it it take way too .

long yeah to do that every morning anyway You Got class I’m saying you have time for that and then sometimes you twist these here so hey yeah I’m taking out a twist out video is really right here you can check that out with .

that that one active sword it is  now all right now I want to leave in condition that the k2 for me and not weigh you into the smell life it’s not a smells different honestly it’s but it’s a little more masculine it smell .like a really yeah you got that yeah it definitely got that yeah that sounds like to say it’s no I can come on I’m gonna put more in here  it definitely some more much that’s crazy it definitely some more masculine yes .

my leg Cologne yeah it definitely smell like a lot it definitely smells like a man and the girl like the one the regular normal one does smell like you know womanly feminine little smell so now this is the cream pomade this is not I .

don’t want to say anything wrong Bob don’t think this is in the regular line I’ve never seen this one before but yeah and you can use this for all here’s it says you formulated for the needs of men with wavy curly and coarse hair .

don’t know why guys Icelandic question does this work if you don’t have curly hair so it’s formulated shoe is really super divine is this way yeah that’s how I think that’s just how everybody says because my this on my it looks good. 

it looks really curly like these curls up here like whoa one’s less however you use like anything alright times don’t feel like you’re gonna good well well you guys that’s it what’s in your product what you guys think what you think .

of the product I like it I like it I would say I would definitely buy it again like I mean it’s gonna take a while to like yeah there’s a lot of stuff they definitely give you a lot of prize that’s the thing about can’t see they give you a bunch. 

of product for the price which is this was like this was like four dollars and Reggie sings and now four dollars ninety six and you’re not breaking the bank and then this how much is it that was like two dollars that’s nice to .

know this is the finished product well I hope you guys enjoy the video be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe share it share this video if you feel like this video is final share the Facebook share to Twitter shirt you know and make sure you watch the other video she said are yeah.