Best Pomade For All Day Hold

Best Pomade For All Day HoldLooking for the Best Pomade For All Day Hold? You’ve come to the right place

we did one for 2018 we did one for 2017 and here we are again this is like the Grammy nominations for hair products hosted by yours truly self-proclaimed hair master bloomin no one asks for it but you get it anyways if

Best Pomade For All Day Hold

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nice very good this is when I give you a little breakdown of some of the hair products that I’ve been using for the past year stuff that I’ve gone back to that perhaps you haven’t seen that often on the channel and then also some .

products that I’ve tried and they’re not so great so we’ve got three categories we’ve got the worst in the middle and the best of course throughout this video I’m gonna be demoing the hair product so you’re gonna see them in use .

I’m not just gonna talk about them and I kick this off I gotta give two runner-ups because I don’t include blue .

mom products in the categories I don’t think it’d be fair because obviously I’d say that they’re the best but I got to give a shout out to original by bloom on without this you know none of these hair products would be good it’s the .

priest styler that I’ve used for every product you’re gonna see today it’s the pre style that I use every day that I style my hair you can see from these clips I literally get so much volume so much control from using original as a .

pre styler it’s a fantastic foundation for any hairstyle that you’re gonna be using a blow-dryer with and it really does enhance the performance of any product that you’re going to be using as a finisher and then quick shout out .

to fit sample the newest in our edition well it came out it went away it’s come back as far as the pump it goes in my opinion this is the most versatile you can use a lot for a medium shine slick look you can use just a little bit for a .

matte finish look and one of my favorite ways to use it is on the sides that’s what I’ve done for today’s video too slick down any bits that might be sticking up really really good at aiming for is all-around great product and of .

course we’ve got those conditioning benefits in there as well that they’ll runner up to the beginning of the hairstyle rewards show starting out with the worst unfortunately I haven’t come across a lot of products or outright terrible. 

so for this year just got to to show you at the very bottom the absolute worst product that I have used in a long time perhaps even ever is cocaine clay the name says it all everything from the packaging I mean look at that they .

do have this blue hair you know blue Mon I respect that but the packaging is terrible it arrived to me in the mail all chipped up on the sides the product itself hardest product I’ve ever felt and I kept bits of just chipping off I’ve .

done a whole review of this product already so you can check it out up here but just to give you the gist super hard to scoop out it’s a rock solid product tacky packaging and the hold is not even that great compared to other .

traditional clays in the st. like in the competing field I know I’ll give you this list fairly often but cavalier clay Hanz de Fuko claymation and factors of Baxters of california clay pomade they’re all competing with this they’re always. 

easier to use and they all have a higher hold and this stuff also is pretty greasy so cocaine clay is a big pass for me next up I’ve got Pacino’s cream here at the bottom I’ve got a different Pacino’s product in a different category that will show in a bit but I also did a budget breakdown with Pacino’s if you want to check that out I’ve got that here .

as well in my opinion Pacino’s cream just kind of misses the mark as a product that anyone would really have a use for it’s almost advertised correctly I mean it says it’s a cream and if you go online it does say it has shine in it .

although they don’t tell you that on the packaging which i think is a little bit iffy but my problem is why do you want shine in a hair product unless you’re using a pomade as you can see from me testing this out I’m just left .

with not a lot of hold a little bit of texture but that texture is mixed in with shine and then it just looks kind of dirty greasy and unfinished therefore it’s kind of you know hard for me to categorize exactly because it almost .

performs as advertised but what they’re advertising in my opinion is a product that no one would really want to use but that’s it for the worst like I said haven’t stumbled upon too many terrible products so it’s go ahead get into. 

the middle you know products that are pretty good we’ll carry on with Pacino’s cuz that’s where this one falls in .

this is the Pacino’s pomade again you can learn more about it if you watch the budget breakdown I made for Pacino’s but what they’ve done is managed to make a pretty solid water pommie so my biggest problem with .

water-based palm maids in general is that when you put them in they harden up I’ve said it before but a water-based palm made is typically just a glorified gel you put gel in you wait a bit and turns into plastic it’s all spiky and. 

it’s just not nice that’s usually what water-based palm maids do as well but with this one they’ve managed to actually not have it harden up like most do it still feels and performs for the most part like a water-based pomade .

it’s easy to scoop out it’s easy to break down it does feel a little bit like gel and it applies really easily as well you do get a lot of shine when you first apply as you can see here and so combing it into place the slickness factor all of .

that is pretty good the only slight downside and this would be for some people not for everyone is that that shine does disappear almost fully after about 45 minutes and that’s quite typical of a lot of water-based gel pomade that. 

said as mentioned it doesn’t harden up so you can restyle throughout the day and it does a good job of controlling my hair keeping it in place and taming my flyways it’s kind of the things that I want out of a pomade so for that .

this stuff is you know you can you can go for it and it’ll give you a trustworthy performance next up we’ve got a shampoo and conditioner this is by the groom demand Co I shared this with you and my testing out the weirdest .

hair products again you can check it out right there to find out more detail but the reason why this stuff is unique first of all both of them don’t have sulfates or parabens and what does this will not have as well silicon so already 

if you’re looking for a shampoo without harsh detergents such as sulfates or you know you want to just kind of play it safe and stay away from parabens this is a great option but in addition to that it’s kind of a unique shampoo. 

because of its color it has activated charcoal no parabens no sulfates no silicones in the conditioner the .

conditioner is more normal but still a solid performance and therefore because of its uniqueness factor because of its effectiveness this is one that I could recommend the shampoo and the conditioner I’ve got all these products linked down below and for the final in our category we’re going a little bit old school a little bit bloom on old .

school and that is Paul Mitchell’s super skinny serum now if you’ve been around at all you know that I really like Paul Mitchell super skinny serum but I’ve got it in the middle category today a reason that I’ll get to in a second and by the way this is like a special edition when they’re usually not in pink jars I’ve got one at the office that’s in .

the normal jar as well what’s super skinny serum is really good at doing is smoothing out your hair and offering temporary conditioning benefits the way that you use this stuff is before you blow dry so in damp hair as well I .

usually combine super skinny with original by bloom on it just really makes your hair softer and more manageable and more controllable generally speaking the softer that you can make your hair the more easy it is for you to .

place in the direction that you want it to go so I like to use this stuff before I’m blow-drying my hair and it allows me just to manipulate my hair is that much more easily and I just feel silky and this stuff itself feels super slimy .

kind of weird but kind of nice that said the reason why it’s in the middle category even though I really do like this product is because its benefits are always temporary so the ingredient list is both mostly synthetic there’s not a lot. 

in here that actually provides long-term benefits in terms of making your hair softer you know like the more you use it it’s usually just for the day that you put it in when you wash it out the benefits are kind of finished but that’s. 

what this product is meant to be it’s not advertising as you know a long term hair health product it’s a short fix for the day and it does a good job at smoothing your hair out making it softer and easier to control so Paul Mitchell .

super skinny serum is a product that I’ve been using for years now and I really like and I’ve got that link down below that’s it for the middle category of course there are so many other products that are great and deserving to .

being here but I don’t want to take up too much time I’ll try to have a couple more list in the description of products that I recommend you can also check out last year’s video because I’ve talked about more products there. 

as well that are still good this brings us to the last category the final four that’s right we’ve got four fantastic .

products in here I want to open this up quite literally I’m going to open this up I want to open this segment up with this right here this is brute and muddles solid grooming tonic this was also featured in my testing out the .

weirdest hair products video check it out if you haven’t you know go back up here or I’ve found it link down below and the best way to describe this stuff without getting into too much detail is the it’s the perfect lazy man’s leave-.

in conditioner it’s the type of product that I would personally like to add to the Uman range at some point because it’s really beneficial and really easy to use which is what guys like this stuff is packed full of healthy and natural .

ingredients cocoa butter jojoba oil sweet almond oil castor oil grape seed oil Chia butter apricot oil soy wax etc there’s some beeswax that provides a little bit of hold but I wouldn’t use this stuff as a hair product in itself it is so. 

shiny and it doesn’t have a great hold but that’s not what this is advertising to be and instead I would use this as an intense leave-in conditioner and the reason why I say it’s the lazy man’s leave-in conditioners because usually .

with leaving conditioners they’re kind of messy they’re wet or you have to make them yourself and it’s just a lot of effort it gets everywhere nobody’s got time for that but with this you’ve got it in a nice simple solid state hence the. 

name solid grooming tonic let your hair soaking that goodness wash it out before you go to bed and your hair’s gonna be soft this is something that you can use and the more you use it the more beneficial is gonna be for .

adding health back to your hair and speaking of things that are beneficial for your hair we’ve got forced ensures hallelujah hair oil this has been a 2018 staple of mine this might be a UK only product I’ll try to find some similar .

products and link them down before for you guys based in the US but I’ve actually been using this stuff over my .

argan oil and you guys know how much I love argan oil or at least I’ve talked about it quite a bit in the past but what this is is completely natural as well but instead of just being one such as argan oil it’s a mix of like six or .

seven or eight different oils that all have different specific health benefits for your hair and that’s why I’ve been using this more often argan oil that’s one eye but you get like seven in there boom seven different benefits going .

on don’t ask me what they are with this stuff I would typically take two to three drops and use it in a similar way to pull Mitchell super skinny serum so I wouldn’t use them together but if you’re using this two to three drops mix it with you know your original bob blue one that’s what I do and you’re essentially adding a bit of a leave-in .

conditioner throughout your day you are gonna have some smoothing benefits some controlling benefits like the .

Paul Mitchell but I find Paul Mitchell to be a little bit more capable of providing that smoothing and controlling ability but again like I said Paul Mitchell is more temporary and more reactive whereas this stuff is a little bit .

more subtle but has return benefits so I kind of switch back and forth between the two and then we’ve got a product here from Lockhart’s that have been enjoying a little bit more recently and still quite unique I don’t know. 

if you’ve noticed but I like things that are kind of unique and kind of different but still work really well that’s what I like to bring to you guys to showcase this is Lockhart’s antigravity I’ve done a video on this as well along with a .