Best Pomade For Asian Hair

Best Pomade For Asian HairLooking for the Best Pomade For Asian Hair? You’ve come to the right place

through a lot of trial and error but I finally figured out how to style my hair in a fashion that works for me when I’m going out for auditions when I’m working out at the gym and when I go to fancy events today we’ll cover the

Best Pomade For Asian Hair

haircut itself the secret sauce every individual skibs and my current favorite products by the end of this video I hope you found something helpful and if you did it would mean the world to me if you share it with someone else who’s struggling with their hair alright step 1 get a haircut if you’re going for a brand new look chances are you’re .

gonna want longer hair growing your hair out gives your barber more to work with and ultimately it makes it easier to achieve your cut personally it took me about 3 cuts before my hair settled the way I wanted it to so what do I ask when I sit in the chair you’ve got to find a barber that actually cares about you I’ve only really talked to my barber wants about styling but here are some things you should really consider one instead of asking for a fade or .

a part bring a photo to your barber and ask can you cut me like this that way both you and your barber know exactly what your vision is there’s less of an excuse for disappointment then ask your barber well this cut worked for my head shape the truth is some cuts just don’t work for certain head shapes which ones I don’t know I’m not a barber but that’s something my barber always mentions I think if your barber couldn’t answer that question .

honestly you have found to keep her alright next step blow-dry if you do this step you’ll never have a bad hair day like ever first start off by dampening your hair I highly recommend a little spray bottle like this you can probably .

find something like this for a dollar at Target but this is actually my roommate spray bottle that he uses to water the plants around the house before this amazing tool I would actually be dunking my head in the sink wasting tons.of water contributing the cold warming and who knows what else spraying it makes it super easy to evenly dampen your hair and from here you take a blow dryer and work its magic if there’s anything you should be .

investing your money in it would be a kick-ass blow dryer my barber personally uses this one called babble is I’m a hypocrite and I still haven’t upgraded from Conair but if you’re spending a ton of money on hair products a .

kickass blow dryer will actually help you save money you see if you actually blow dry it well your hair should actually come in close to the shape you’d be styling it in when that happens you’ll need less products in your hair to actually style it the fastest way I found a blow-dry my hair is to aim the dryer at the roots of my hair then blow-dry in the shape of my head that made sense in my head when I said it but if you watch the video you’ll see what I .

mean and as I do this motion I sort of pinch my hair from its roots pull up and into the direction I want make sure your blow dryer setting is on hot and you finish it all the way through because I freaking hate doing this but you’re. 

gonna blow dry your hair cold so why cold heat helps you shape your hair structure cold locks that structure into place think heap to shape cold to mold have you ever styled your hair perfectly and as you go throughout your day. 

your hair loses volume and retention blow-drying and cool will actually help you with that so I know it seems like a drag but you know what let’s set a timer right now and let’s see how long it actually takes to do this [Music] .

 boom I’m pretty sure if I had a better blow dryer I could do this faster so there’s three products that I keep in my daily rotation will talk about when I use it what I like and what I don’t like about each product the first .

product is imperial gel pomade I use this when I’m going out for formal fancy events think a red carpet James Bond classy types of looks what I like about it is it creates a high shine slick look this hold that’s amazing and it .

washes out really easy as well [Music] what I don’t like about it is it isn’t flexible if you’re moving aggressively and a hair falls out of place it’s not gonna sit back the way you styled it without extra attention so I definitely don’t use. 

this when I’m working out [Music] when I’m at the gym or when I’m going through a typical normal day I’ll use lay write cement clay what I like about this product is the hold is really strong it’s flexible so when hair falls out you can simply re stroke it back is that even a word we stroke nah for me personally it creates a texture naturally when I’m styling my hair what I don’t like about this product is it’s not forgiving if your hair is damp it .

doesn’t apply with a strong hold and it’s marketed as a matte finish but if your hair is slightly damp you’re gonna get some shine into your style I mean this could be a preference but if you’re going for the matte look you better .

blow dry really well and oh my god this might be a preference to but I hate that sticky feeling of leaves on my hands I don’t know why from the hair it washes out pretty easily but on the palms of my hands it just feels sticky no matter how much soap I use anyways the last product in my rotation is davon is this is a strong molding clay .

that’s the name of the product no Jo this is actually a brand new jar that I just opened up for this video and I have no idea why it’s rock solid right now the last jar did not move like this so this one defective anyways this is my .

bread and butter for auditions and when I’m on set the main reason being it’s truly a matte product when you’re filming on set one of the most annoying things that happened with hair is when there’s a shine to it and when that.shine blows out the highlights for videos you can’t recover that you can always fake a shine in but you can never recover details that are lost for videos sometimes when I hop on set with my hair pre-styled at home the crew will .

actually ask what product did I use it seems that everyone has American Crew sometimes Hanz de Fuko but like literally no one has ever heard of davon is at least from my experience Delphinus has an amazing hold it washes .

out really easily and you can even add a ton of it into your hair and it won’t create that nasty concentrated too much product look well actually I don’t know how much product is too much because I’ve never really needed a .

ton to style my hair for an all-day lasting look it’s flexible it’s nearly a perfect product so what do I not like about da Venus this is a strong molding clay besides the name it’s expensive out of the three products it’s the most .

expensive to paint you a picture on Amazon right now layer right clay is $19 for 4.25 pounces Davina’s is $32 for 2.75 ounces I’ve never seen a seller in Amazon or in person sell dhavernas without tax so the most I’ve paid for .

this thing once was $36 if you’ve got the money I’d give it a try otherwise lay right and Imperial Gel pomade are both great products as well well that’s it for how style my hair if you made it this far.