Best Pomade For Braids

Best Pomade For BraidsLooking for the Best Pomade For Braids? You’ve come to the right place

out to thank you for watching my first youtube tutorial on how to do straight back braids this video will give you all the tricks and trades on how to get a nice shiny slicked natural look so we’re going to start off with step one

Best Pomade For Braids

which is products if you don’t know what to use I have the perfect product for you that is Vontae silk effects if you’re from LA you can get it from any local Beauty Supply we have one on every corner in a hood no I’m just .

joking but if you’re from the East Coast are down south you can find all my contact information in the description of this video so don’t forget to Like comment or subscribe you also can order it on eBay that I’m sure there’s different Beauty Supplies that have different websites I will give everyone as much information as I have on how .

to get Fonte a silk effects but if you want the exclusive on a silk confess that’s clear you will need to get that directly from me which I get distributed to directly from the actual owner of Vontae silk effects okay enough about that we’re going to start on how to hair style so now you need to make sure you saturate the hair a lot so you’re .

going to take the Vontae silk effects and don’t be stingy with it because you’re going to need at least half a jar almost a whole jar on each person’s head so you’re going to put the Vontae silk effects on the left side and you’re going to use it on the right side as I’m doing right now in this video you’re also going to need a small tooth comb .,

because after you saturate the hair you want to go on both sides and comment through the reason you want to do this is because you don’t want your fingers to have to fight with the hair once you start to braid you want your .

fingers to just be able to glide through so you can do what you got to do all right so you’re going to just take the time to smooth it out nice and slick get all the kinky bugs out the way and you have a nice smooth braid depending. 

on their hair type will determine if you need to do a light press before particularly her hair she had a short haircut so I needed to press it out a little bit just to pull it out as much as possible okay step two is to start off you want to .

start off with three small pieces reason why you want to start off very very small because you don’t want a gap in the middle in the beginning of the head you don’t want anybody to know where you start it off so you want to .

make sure your pieces are nice and small also depending on how thick their hair line or then we’ll determine how soon you need to start adding in the braiding hair her hair line is quite full so I was able to start it off with her real. 

hair then add in the hair so now we’re going to take this video back and rewind and replay so that you’re able to capture the trick that I just did you want to take a small piece of hair and you’re going to slide it right under your index finger then you’re going to continue to braid and start the step all over again don’t worry is going to play .

again now as you can see her hair is very dry so sometimes you’re going to have to add in a little Vontae product to make it stick to the brain here so no one can tell where you add it in the hair don’t forget this step because it’s one. 

of the most important parts take your time and you’re going to slide the hair right under your index finger and you’re going to continue to braid repeating these same steps over and over again the more hair you add in the .

bigger the braid will start to get and there you go my first view tutorial on how to do straight back braids using Vontae products adding in the hair invisibly to give a nice shiny look if you like what you’ve seen don’t forget to .

Like comment or subscribe to book your appointment you can locate me on my local cell phone at three one zero seven six six six two three six thank you for watching Styles bye jazzy you too tutorial don’t forget to Like comment or subscribe for more upcoming videos have a good day sit with the kiss I like the wa.