Best Pomade For Curly Hair

Best Pomade For Curly HairLooking for the Best Pomade For Curly Hair? You’ve come to the right place

me with more volume using the hairdryer and the round curling brush nineteen thirties with a comb and with a pomade hello how are you yes very well thank you very well indeed welcome to my how to use pomade video in

Best Pomade For Curly Hair

this one I’m going to show you how to do four different hairstyles just using one product ah so for me pomade is a bit of a godsend I’ve been using it at for the past two years really since I’ve been doing videos with you guys and I love it because it doesn’t dry hard it’s really versatile and you can do loads of different looks which you will see Oh. 

before it starts should also say next couple of weeks and your Q&A so if you’ve got any questions for me then pop over on to my Twitter or on to my Instagram there’ll be a picture that you can leave comments on and make sure you leave me your questions but guys without further ado here we go I’ve got four styles for you or using pomade .

I’ve just washed and towel dried my hair I’ve not used any shampoo because I have been using water-based product so it’s just kind of straight out in the shower and the thing with pomade guys is that you should be layering it up so don’t use too much at first if you do then your hair’s gonna come really close really saturated it’s .

gonna be really shiny but for all the wrong reasons so I’m gonna take just about a dime-size or a ten piece I’d paste by that much and you can see in this with a pomade that so jelly shine that it’s gone I’m going to take the pomade .

into the hand and we’re gonna warm it up and make sure that we can get it straight through the hair we don’t want any clumps bumps or bits there we go shiny on the hand first of all I’m going to show you a really easy slick .

back so I’m just gonna coat the hair from back to front because we’re gonna flick it front to back next I’m going to grab tiny little bit more product it’s a little less than what we had before get into the hands warm and now we’re working on the underside of the hair so just going to flip back again just coating at the edges and I just want this to be quite messy so the more sort of modern look so just pushing with this side just with my hands I’m going to .

put it apart just coming down these sides and the back for the hand and there you go one very quick and simple use of pomade just a super simple slicked back just using your hands so I’m going to take this messy modern .

slicked back and I’m going to turn it into a 1950’s combed palm so I’m going to grab a comb and I’m going to do is just lift the hair and slip straight back working the side towards the back to picking up and placing down just to .

add that volume into the fringe okay 1950s palm style everything slip right back Center up my head the next aisle I’m going to do again just using this is I’m going to take this palm and I’m going to instead of pushing it from the .

front I’m gonna take it from a side part so it’s more like a sort of core mover I’m going to mess this up now breaking up the stone up just done and I’m just taking it from the side of my head and straight over again you can. be quite rough with the sides or grab your comb and neaten them up just by the other hand holding on that party .

there we go super quick 1930s the comb and with a pomade okay so the very final look I’m going to do is I’m going to take it from this I’m going to go back to the pomp family or for big big volume so I’m just gonna add in a hair .

dryer and also around curling brushing with this I’m just going to point I’m gonna point the heat of the hair dryer. 

directly into the hair I’m gonna work this up and through ready okay I’m just curling up and through and then .

placing back build that palm with the sides again just pushing back so there you go the very final look it’s that sort of 1950s pomp again but this time with more volume is in the hairdryer and the round curling brush hope you’ve .

enjoyed this video guys it’s been four different looks just using pomade hopefully it’s giving you a lip of an insight into how you use pomade and maybe a little bit of hair style inspiration and make sure you do let me know what .

you thought by thumbing it up or down and also leave me a comment down below and if you’ve got any questions. 

that remember I do that Q&A coming up in the next couple of weeks so make sure you tweet me or Instagram YouTube questions and I will answer as many as possible but until my next video next Wednesday bye bye and that a day done so