Best Pomade For Fine Hair

Best Pomade For Fine HairLooking for the Best Pomade For Fine Hair? You’ve come to the right place

so in this video I’ve got the best product for and the products to avoid if you’ve got fine or thinning hair now this video is something that’s very close to my heart you’ll remember and from the start of YouTube and I started six

Best Pomade For Fine Hair

years ago that my hair looked very different I was always really conscious of it looking fine of it looking thin and that you could see the scalp when I was styling I know that when I was doing certain hairstyles like especially .

anything really close to the head or anything with a high shine but I was just conscious of my hair not looking its best but I’m over the past few years I’ve been playing with product I’ve been trying different treatments and .

shampoos to really boost my hair and really increase the density so really how thick the hair looks and I now have some real go to products I mean a lot of these products should have seen before here and also a man from self com. 

but these are products that I just literally swear by they they definitely do what they’re supposed to know before I get going if you’re new to my channel then hi I’m Robin this is man from self please do press subscribe right now .

the button is just below as videos but belt push it as phone notifications that means you’re not gonna miss anything now in the past two videos that we’ve done for this sort of series best products for it we’ve looked at the .

quiff that was all a bit big with volume in the hair we’ve looked at the pompadour which was last week and that was the huge volume in the front but lot smoother this one is all about making the hair look thick and full thick .

and fuel here really does start at the sculpt your scalp is an extension of your face so when your scalp was healthy your hair is healthy now for the products here I’ve got sham using conditioners I’ve got pre stylers I’ve got styling .

products and then I’ve got little tips and tricks that you can do at home now starting with a shampoo conditioner this is a brand I’ve gone on about forever or forever being like two years in space using it this is my oxen no Nioxinis a shampoo and conditioner treatments products that you’re gonna see and I just literally I love this and I swear .

by it before using this I was really conscious of not over washing my hair I felt like I could remove too much of its sort of natural fullness but with this it has really helped no dioxins all about going to the scalp health and it’s all .

about sort of clearing those follicles which the hair grows from it’s like stimulating hair growth so it’s very much cosmetic actually changing the the width of here you can’t do so you can’t take fine here which is literally sort of the actual strand of here and turn it into thick here that just isn’t possible but what you can do is increase the density of the hair so it’s really like the wrapper around the hair and you can also increase the amount of here just. 

by ensuring that scalp is clean and that it’s got an optimal can optimally for growing hair so I love this and actually over the coming months I’m hopefully going to be doing some stuff with Nioxin and looking at sort of the key .

questions from you guys so you can you can watch that but there are other sort of shampoos and conditioners they I know that I’ve certainly tried some and a lot of them work but this is the brand I swear by in the brand that I’ve .

definitely spoken to you guys about products to avoid and shampoos and conditioners and anything really that makes your hair feel squeaky clean that’s quite literally removed the natural oils from it which we don’t want in terms of conditioners anything which smooths the hair too much and makes it limp so it is trial and error and .

when I sort of try more things they will be going on the site so you can check there now into pre stylist the key sort of stuff that I would use our products which say thickening now there’s two things of looking at this there’s .

thickening and there’s volume volume works from the roots and it literally gives the hair height thickening takes the hair and plumps it and in turn and plumping it you’ve quite often get volume so they kind of go hand in hand .

but go with the thickening products some favorites of mine are the Aveda thickening tone this has been one which I’ve used again for years and absolute swear by evader a really clean brand organic ingredients and this works if .

you want to go slightly cheaper the label M thickening tonic again one of the first products I used years ago I think this is great cheaper than the evader but it still does the job Bumble and Bumble they’ve got a couple of thickening. 

treatments sprays they’ve also got this mousse so that’s going to give you the volume plus the thickening and slightly more of rigid in its movement so if you’re wanting something which is more natural go for a thickening .

spray Nioxin who I think are the king of thickening and for really going against the scalp health they’ve got thickening sprays thickening gels that we saw into last week’s video for the pompadour so there’s definite options .for you products to avoid now this is where it gets like really dainty you and your own sort of here and what looks good and what doesn’t see sort sprays I know I’ve mentioned seesaw sprays a few times in these videos about what. 

not to use see sorts berries are fine for me when they’re combined with other products or quite often I will do a sort of cocktail of products and do a sea salt spray with a primer tonic or a thickening spray just because they work. 

well with the texture but by themselves laying against the head they don’t sit as well and can actually some things make the here for your almost like straw like if you’ve got fine here that’s when you can see into the scalp and it’s .

it’s just not a good look so really for me it is all about the thickening spray just to really boost the diameter of the hair so for this one I’m gonna use a bit of thickening tonic go with the classic straight in this smells amazing and .

with all these sort of thickening products we’re going to use a hair dryer just to activate the product and to really boost it a lot of these products quite literally workers almost like a bubble wrap so they caught the here and they .

instantly make it feel thicker and fuller medium heat fast speed work through whichever direction you want to go okay my hair actually looks like I’ve got more of it now and but really what it has done it’s just thick and the actual. 

strands and in turn we’ve also got more volume and we’re gonna finish on a call blasts of air I’ve been seeing this in the in the past videos I’ve done but what cold air is it shuts the cuticle there’s the outer surface of here it ups the shine and it preps it for styling thick and fool here no ready to style now when we’re looking at styling products .

there are several products to avoid and this is all from me trying stuff and it’s really not worked and there are key things to avoid or anything hi when you’ve got a high shine you can really see into the hair whereas a map product. 

gives the illusion of thicker hair so Matt products are great high gloss or high shine not so good you remember the pompadour video last week that I did that was a very high shine and it was by using this pomade but I’d use a lot .

of thickening spray before a thickening gel so I had that sort of solid foundation so you can go into these products but they’re just not as well suited to our hair types so avoid anything like gels they quite literally clump the hair so. 

the hair strands look thinner they make it rigid and you can then tend to see into the scope so gels aren’t so good also pomades the sort of more orthodox ones aren’t great they are like a hard gel even some of the unorthodox ones aren’t fantastic but you can still use these again this is not like a scare mongering thing you can use these but just ensure you’ve got a great foundation I know that actually I could use these tools and these tools these .

products now because my hair is in a good State for products you do want to use I always go clay you’ve seen in the other videos I’ve done before can I make my most used products clay is perfect for fine to thinning hair .

because by its very nature it tends to swell the hair there there are two really main types of clave is karellen and there’s bentonite in terms of what sort of swelling bentonite is the one that you want that’s got a sort of greater .

ability to swell so when you’ve used it in combination with other products it tends to make the hair look bigger but quite often when you look into ingredients you will see yes so this one at Patrick’s I’m three great product I like it’s

got Carolyn at the top so it’s a clay it’s got beeswax I Petra Latin you’ve got other compounds any what bentonite so it’s got : and bentonite but product by themselves that have just got bentonite or Carolyn I agree this one I .

actually really like this is one of the first products and that I can have got into hands de Fuko very much that sort of youtuber brand and they kind of gone off there off the map a bit but this one at the top has got beeswax then it’s. 

got bentonite and actually this is why I really love this products it did make my hair look thicker and through less so you can go with anything like that but really a matte product and clay will be your friends so for styling I am gonna go with this Patrick’s m3 I’m just going to take a bit of the product we always want to layer especially when .

you’ve got fine hair so if you’d be too much in at first you’re gonna weigh the hair down it’s all about building the volume and the thickness and these products will be linked to a man from self calm also on the hair loss and thinning pages we’ve got some great articles which should help you in kind of if you’re in a sort of stage of thinning we’ve got that there or some of the best products and do’s and don’ts so that will be your Bible okay .

cutting the hair back to from this product is sort of slightly oily but we are gonna be able to style in and you kind of want to go loose don’t push the hair too close to the head because again that’s gonna make the hair look thinner. 

and that’s not what we want we want hair to look thick and full and have bounce and body and if you kind of sweep with your hands you can pick the hair up it’s kind of a bit of an illusion and if you’ve got patches that you’re. 

not happy with or there’s a real sort of area of thinning then by picking up you can start to hide it away I know for me in terms of my hair into the sort of center here always looks so patchy and it does look thicker and fuller now .

and I do think that I mean I know that it’s down to the necks and really sticking with that as a routine but these little tips and tricks for products will just really make the most of what you have and the more I sort of do things .

like this now I actually think the perfection of it is in the imperfect if you keep the hair kind of looking a little bit messy more on the part it actually M helps to make the hair just look a lot more relaxed but also feel a very cool .

what you’ll see actually with the products that you try you’ll be able to find out sort of the best level of shine the best level of hold that really works for you and just by mixing and matching products you’ll be able to find your .

own routine no other sort of products in terms of styling which can work again based on a really solid foundation of the pre styling are powders no powders like their name suggests or powdering styling products you can get those into the root and really help to build up that volume but again ensure that you’ve got a good foundation of .

thickening there are some sort of cosmetic helps in terms of powders label em I think are an absolute godsend in what they’ve been doing if you actually have little patches you’re not too happy with tap-tap-tap and you can just .

kind of cover that up you can even see they’re right on the parting we’ve started to get rid of the skin and there’s other sort of brands that do this topic is a really a popular one watch your shirt which can help to start fill in the .

gaps or another top tip is a brown dry shampoo or hairspray again label em I saw that this one of my work friends.actually from when I worked at ITV her husband was really conscious of this and I recommended this and to this day I’m pretty sure he’s still doing it so it’s it’s a really good type of trick brunette dry shampoo brunette .

texturizing spray you’ll see here it’s bright so if you do have little patches you can just cover them up you really don’t need a lot it’s not about overdoing it you don’t want it to be your scalp to be totally covered in product one .

that’s gonna clog the follicle where the hair growth comes from and also it’s just gonna look unnatural but little bits just to cover up and beast your confidence is absolutely fine but for me for a fine hair and thinning hair the .

key thing is the foundation so the foundation is all about skull and scalp health and then building on so anything to actually thicken the hair in the pre selling phase and then the styling phase avoiding anything which is to gel-.

like or pomades and really ensuring that you’re using something matte that will tend to swell the hair so bentonite.clay products are all there then the little of aesthetic cosmetic things with powders and with sprays totally work .

but there you go thank you very much this one is M very close to my heart because it is something I’ve been very much on a journey with and I’m I’m actually really happy with my hair at the moment and these are products that I swear by and I will be sticking with but there are more products from man from SOUTHCOM also on the .

solutions pages loads going on quite literally at home for any of the sort of problems or the troubleshooting that you’re looking for but thank you again if you’re new to my channel you’ve not yet subscribed then please do press subscribe right now the button is just up there so it’s more.