Best Pomade For Hair Growth

Best Pomade For Hair GrowthLooking for the Best Pomade For Hair Growth? You’ve come to the right place

relaxer of there’s a current mean going all over social media that says no one absolutely no one not even your mother this ever asked to see your current skin routine and likewise I’ve seen a similar one that said no one who’s

Best Pomade For Hair Growth

ever asked to see your hair routine but that is not the case we’ve had many comments on the YouTube feed asking for a tutorial on how I style my current haircut and I say lack their route because I’ve really not had a haircut since. 

back in the gym and late June when I have my ball fake by Jake the barber and they had a slight trim as I’ve talked about before by braid barbers earlier in the spring and that was really to take off some of the length in the back to .

even it up a little bit but I have had no haircut so this is my hair out of the shower and I’ll explain a little bit about the timing of that for me I actually go to the gym early in the morning I take a shower at the gym and so my hair is wet I don’t comb it I just tell dry takes about 12 minutes 15 minutes to get to the gym I get back I might have a .

shake or cup of coffee and so it’s probably about 30 minutes 35 minutes from the time I wash my hair and until I’m at this point so for the most part my hair is I would say about 60% dry the current haircut I have really is my .

hair growing out from nine months ago and without doing anything but just trimming a little off the length in the back so the approach stuff taking different layers I’ve talked about in other videos where I’ve continued to cut .

maybe the sides it’s the top cut kept caught up this case I’ve actually just let it grow and I think if ever do this again after I cut this off I we’ll do that again and I think it’s more successful in just letting a hair cut let your hair .

grow if you want it longer you just have to let it go and it’ll get there faster by just doing that so back again back to that morning routine washing my hair letting it air dryer with not even combing it and so you can actually see that I have a bit of wave in my hair not too much it’s not poker straight when I was a kid it was absolutely straight and .

and my hair gets longer it’ll actually start to curl up as you can see back here in the back what’s evident when my hair gets longer there are calyx and different areas where I have maybe a natural part which is since I didn’t comb it into place this is where it fell into place so this is my natural part which coincides with where my hair is .

probably most dramatically colored fortuitous for me but might have some calyx related in the back here where my hair tends to flip out and a little bit in the front related to the fact that it’s pushing up in the front here that’s .

actually not a cowlick that I would be too concerned about so my morning routine for my hair is actually pretty simple it’s always been simple for my hair I just quickly draw it and add a little bit of product and it’s actually not that much different in this case so with my hair almost dry we’re going to show you the sides here and actually see how long it’s actually getting here and how dark it is in the back it’ll often see the back of my hair what I’ll do now .

is actually take a comb these two types of comb here super wide toothed comb in then I use my large beardbrand go so the only thing I do is I blow-dry my hair I’m kind of upside down so this might be speeded up for you a little. 

bit it actually doesn’t take me long using a hairdryer that gets off has pretty hot setting and dry my hair and hot I’m going to about 95% dry not totally dry and I’m going to hit it with cold button in certain areas so I Drive my .

hair overall and then what I do is those problem areas of my hair where I have a cowlick where you might have a cowlick you can actually put the hair in a different direction I use the wrong brush for that but first of all let me get some of the moisture out of my hair so that’s moisture out of my hair it takes enough time I think my hair has .

become porous as I’ve gotten older older hair is different or a parable and older guys just a little different hair tends to get a little more coarse a little more porous it’s basically not as shiny as it was just some of the facts of life. 

so a lot of times this will be my hair and I’ll call it a day in order to show you one little thing I do with that round brush what I’m itching for because I helped a cowlick located in the back here what I do is they take the new round beardbrand brush prior to that you might have seen me use the vent brush or a nylon brush Brown brush from beardbrand works great too in all just well since my hair is almost dry you’re not going to get as much bang .

from a hair dryer anymore if it’s too dry the only styling products will actually main styling product that I use is the sea salt spray as my hair’s gotten longer my hair was shorter it was more styling balm maybe sometimes gels .

but with my hair being longer I’m turning to the sea salt spray without fail so if you have a longer top on your hair I really recommend the sea salt spray so what I’ll do is my hair is pretty much at this point almost 100% dry so I’ll. 

do is take the sea salt spray comb it through and then once it’s gone through that’s distributing the product and then kind of mess it up with my fingers so that’s basically what I’m doing with my hair is it’s longer it’s really relying on the natural wave in my hair so if you have curly hair getting your you might be dealing with a curl in your hair your hair straight you have a different situation but with a medium texture hair that has a little bit of .

wave I’m able to work with some of the kollek’s in my hair and also the natural wave and kind of just letting it go so people say wow must be spending more time on your hair as it gets longer and actually I’m spending no more .

time oh my hair and part of that is by letting it dry naturally so if you have an opportunity to maybe shower in the morning then do your reading check your email eat your breakfast or if you’re doing this at night fill something in. 

and that slot take half an hour 45 minutes let your hair dry naturally you’ll actually see where the natural wave is in your hair and then you can build on that so if you’ve immediately jumped out of the shower blow-dry your hair you kind of don’t know what the natural condition of your hair is so I’m a big supporter of let it go natural let it dry naturally and then see what the wave is and build on that so I know that I have this wave in the front of my .

hair which have always had and it’s becoming more pronounced as my hair gets longer so I’m going to continue to work on that work with that as my hair gets really longer and the goal is to get about 3 more inches on my hair so .

having about six months worth of growth 3 more inches will take it down to about here imagine that this is going to be pretty much the direction that that’s going to go as it gets longer so building on the natural waves the natural. 

patterns in your hair so not everyone has a natural wave that they want where natural pattern what they that they want and that’s where you can take a round brush just like in the back of my hair getting this hair to roll under as .

opposed to kick out use the round brush to actually steer it in a new direction we do that a lot with our beards a lot of guys spirits tend to or curl on different directions by you know taking a round brush you know we I’ve been able. 

to you know shape my beard to get into more manageable shape same thing with your hair so if you have problem areas in your hair or challenges in your hair you can take the round brush or comb and redirect it with the aid of ..

heat so once my hair is in this configuration sometimes enough there’s a little too much moisture from the sea salt spray and might hit it with the hairdryer but in this case I think it looks pretty good this is where I will take some .

hair spray not a sponsored post here but excellent so that’s it morning routine I don’t know if we have a clock on that talking a lot but I’m guessing here we’re about four four minutes it’s the time that actually takes me to start .

on my hair in the morning think about my hair at a longer length if I’m not getting super sweaty at the gym or if I’m not out doing yard work or garden work I can get two days easily of my hair and you know if I’m Michael into .

the gym at all I’m like at three days so as my hair’s gotten longer I’ve been able to spend less time on it I can reactivate the sea salt spray or add more sea salt spray with a little bit of water to bring it back for maybe a secondday kind of Kurt Russell especially with tank top on here anyhow guys comment below I know a lot of you guys .

like the haircut I get a lot of favorable comments in person from people but I also got a lot of people saying hey mr. shorter hair and I miss seeing it at the barber that’s coming up short and I think it’s locked into a particular style I know that as my hair gets longer my beard is going to get a little shorter which I talked about before haven’t. 

done it quite yet waiting for the opportunity to do that but I’m gonna change the proportion around and I will be back at the barber shop but probably not in the next six months or so comment below and tell us what you think of longer hair and guys and if you would consider growing your hair longer until we meet again alright guys stop .

before you watch our next video let me tell you our sea salt spray this product is amazing for your hair it gives movable texture it’s like a dry shampoo so if you go in between days of washing your hair I’ll help your.