Best Pomade For Longer Hair

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men’s mid to long hair sucks I’ve been growing my hair up for about a year now since last April and man it hasn’t gotten blog my bangs come down to about my chin and I’ve measured it’s about thinking 9 inches which is pretty

Best Pomade For Longer Hair

incredible considering the fact that this is the longest I’ve ever had with my hair before so how I style it I just do a quick little like slicked back look with pomade now you can substitute pomade for hair wax even some gel really .

anything that will hold your hair but if you’re like me and you’d like to use like more natural ingredients I highly recommend the pomade made by male chemi and they are actually owned by cocoon apothecary I’ll link them .

below so you guys can check them out this pomade is particularly the bay rum scent from Malcolm II so generally the first step to getting my hair look you know peachy keen and minty in the morning is I basically hand try it with.a towel so that’s really important that you make sure that it’s just kind of damp okay you don’t want it to be too too wet okay like you don’t want it to be you know soaking wet but when you step out of the shower but at the .

same time you don’t want to be blow-dried like when you blow dry with your blow dryer on high high heat or low heat whichever you don’t want to do that you actually just want to let it sort of air dry for a little bit um about like .

a minute or so and as well as that’s happening you know you’re taking your towel when you’re drying it so don’t don’t worry about getting this perfect if yours just moist damp whatever it’ll be fine it’ll work just the same so very. 

very easy to do again you don’t even need a comb for this so what I do is I take a nice little generous a little bit of a finger tips worth of pomade now if you’ve never used Tommy for your infant loaded with surprise it’ll look kind of. 

like Vaseline but when when you rub it together your hands it actually it just becomes a bit more like a coil so as you can see there’s a bit of an oily sort of look to it now very simple form here once it’s nice and covered on your .

hands you’re just going to brush your denier and it’s important that when you do this you know you get everything. 

right as much as you can but generally you want to make sure that you get your sides can you get the top part and you also lift your hair backwards and you get this the underside of the back so basically sort of just fans out a little.bit okay this is just for a typical slicked back hair style again if you want to comb it over you totally can right you .

could find your side part right and come besides coming back not a personal fan of this love for myself but generally that’s will happen now if your plumbing this quality like the one from alchemy you can go outside with it no problem have it air dry and you’ll be good to go you’ll basically it’ll still be damned for about maybe like half an. 

hour to an hour but once it’s not done anymore you can just kind of run your finger and it will look fly as hell and if it’s cold outside you know you can toss something like a little hat or two it’s not going to be too cold and it your .

hair is not going to stick so it’ll be fine obviously if you wanted to be more crisp and more fully slicked back obviously just you know you can use a comb and that’ll actually tighten the hairs back but again I personally .

would not recommend doing that only because that’s too much straining to your hair follicles not really like pulling my hair back I kind of just loving it like letting it just follow who’s just coming back with your hand it’ll be .no problem and your day will go fine like people get really really nit picky when it comes to sort of stuff like honestly deal with it you have long everybody expect like nothing is going to be perfect and it’s important to .

accept that and to actually just enjoy and love the process of growing up your hair which I certainly have a year in like I’ve really just enjoyed the different looks I can pull off it really asks a lot about your confidence as a person .

and as a man to see if you can actually pull off different looks right and something that I definitely went through and something that definitely I think came out on top of because I still feel like me and that’s the essence of .

casually formal so guys that’s how you style your hair for medium to long length hairstyles again the longer you go this will this formula will still apply okay some pomade toss in there and again on the notes of Milcah me they are. 

not a sponsor and they did not pay me to do this it’s just a cool product I personally found I want to share with you guys and yeah definitely something that is definitely worth checking out again Milka mean they make .

everything in small batches all from natural ingredients and it’s 100% plant-based which is super cool and locally grown in Ontario so if you’re Canadian this is a must check out for you and without further ado guys remember to. 

stay casual I love it my hairs on point she’s looking super fly keep kicking ass stay casual and uneven that Chico there got to see by Oh didn’t see you there.