Best Pomade For Natural Hair

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Which hair product to use and when to use it… Taking a look at clay, gel, pomade, and cream. Hi guys, how are you? I’m Robin. Welcome back to my YouTube channel and welcome to this new video. Now, we all know that

Best Pomade For Natural Hair

when we’re hairstyling finding the perfect product can make a real difference from a good and a great hair product. And it’s difficult to sort of get our heads right, you know, the difference between hair products, when to use them, who they suit. So I thought I’ll do that exactly in this video, you know, take a look at four main hair .

product types. In this video I’m working with Bumble and bumble – you guys know I’ve worked them before – and I wanted to do this one because they’ve got a breadth of products across pre-styling, styling, fixing or finishing and. 

treatments, and actually the four product types in this are really well covered by them. Now, I do have an exclusive discount code for you so you can get money off on the products that you see. Everything is linked below in the .

description. Right, we’re going to start with clay. Out of all the different product types I find clay to be one of the most versatile and probably the best product for that sort of everyday casual look. I would also suggest using a .

water-based product for a clay that includes either kaolin or bentonite. Now, kaolin and bentonite are the 2 main types of clay. Kaolin is great at swelling the hair. So really, it’s perfect for guys with fine to thinning hair types, .

really that is why I love it. It makes my hair look thicker and fuller. In terms of texture, you’ll find that clays have a slight grit to it and that really works well, as I say, for these everyday hairstyles. Get it into the hair, work throughout, and up and over. And you’ll see here I’ve gone for this really relaxed hairstyle. It’s not going to dry .

hard. It’s not going to go crispy and you’ve got fantastic matte finish. Next on my list are hair creams. Now, these are probably the least defined in what they are across brands. You’ll get ones which are slightly softer, easy to scoop, work through for your relaxed styles or you get ones which are slightly harder. Now, the one I’m using here is called Sumotech. This one is part paste, part wax, and part cream. But really for me, a cream product should be .

smooth, versatile, and workable; really something that you can get in and really move into whatever type of hairstyle you want. Now you’ll see here I’ve gone for a very similar hairstyle as that clay, but it’s just slightly softer.. 

There’s not nearly as much texture and it’s just sitting a little bit looser. Actually, the hairstyle I’ve got right here. The perfect cream could really be you are hair hero to work whatever style you want in across loads of different .

hair types because it is so versatile. Now, in terms of the ingredients you’re going to find in this, it will be a combo of various things like glycerin to soften, lanolin wax for conditioning and moisture and hydrogenated castor oil for. 

shine and easy rinsing. You’ll also get something called PVP which is for body and fullness. And this one, as with all Bumble and bumble products, is cruelty-free and free from parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, and .

formaldehyde. Next on my list actually is my least favorite across all hair products and that is gel. Now I’m saying that because gel just really doesn’t suit my hair type. For me, they add shine, they’re defined and they’re hard. So .

for a lot of guys out there, you will absolutely love them. If you go for a slightly more premium gel product, like this one, then you’re going to find that there’s gonna be no flaking, you still got that great water-based product, .

they’re still going to dry hard, and you’ll still get that shine. So, if this is the kind of style you want, then perfect. I would say, if you hear is fine like mine, it’s not thinning or you are thinning and you kind of can see into the scalp,. 

stay away from something like a gel because it is going to make the hair look thinner. For you, go back to that clay or the cream. Now, next and finally on my list are pomades. Now for me, pomades are all about having hair that is. 

sleek, glossy, and formal, but they can be versatile too. Think about the sort of 1950s, 60’s styles, those huge rockabillies or even go back further into the 1930s and how that great side part with their hair sweeping. .

Depending on what you want they can be versatile, but really, again guys this is all about having hair with high shine and being very defined. More often than not you find that pomades like Semisumo are oil-based. So they’ll .

have something like microcrystalline wax or beeswax on the top. You’ll find that this helps to define the hair, sort of give it that really sleek and glossy look and also add a great shine. And because they’re oil-based, the key thing about this and the real selling point of a pomade is that it won’t dry hard. You can manipulate it throughout the day, grab a comb, work it in for whatever style you want. Because it is so defined and it’s got that high shine, you .

might find again if you’ve got thinning hair or your hair is really very fine that you might be able to see into the scalp again. So if you do you want to use a pomade, then use a pre-styling product, something to thicken it or .

something just to give it an instant boost. And what I’ll do is I’ll link some of my favorite ones down below. Also, because it is generally oil-based, it will be harder to wash out. So, if you’re a guy that likes to change his hair .

product from day to day, pomade might not be your friend. But guys I will link that discount code down below in the description. Also, you can check out all the products that I’ve been talking about, but thank you very much for. 

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