Best Pomade For Short Hair

Best Pomade For Short HairLooking for the Best Pomade For Short Hair? You’ve come to the right place

we’ve covered some great air hacks for people with thinner hair if you haven’t seen that it is right up here if you got thin here I suggest clicking it and but today though I’m coming at you with three great hair hacks for people

Best Pomade For Short Hair

with thicker hair this is the category that myself falls into the same years to find a couple tips and tricks to help you get that poofy cloud under control and looking nice let’s go ahead and start out with the most important thick 

hair hack and that is the haircut now opposite two people with thinner hair people with thick hair actually look the best in terms of hair style with a medium to a medium longest length since you have thicker hair your hair .

follicles are able to support one another and keep each other upright and this means that you can get away with having longer hair because your thick hair is naturally going to be able to support that length and give you a good amount of volume even if your hair is longer and it’s because of this that you’re able to have longer hair because .

that long hair is still gonna be supported by your individual follicles and the thing is since they care tends to be a little bit more stiff if you have shorter hair a lot of the time that can result in pieces of strands spiking up here and 

there and no matter what you do no matter how much product you put you look back in the mirror and bling it’s pumped back up and that simply has to do with the fact that your hair is not long enough to lay flat thick hair is .

stiffer stiff hair needs to be longer in order for it to lay down or go in the direction that you want it to I’d also suggest asking to have your hair thinned out when you go in for a haircut now there’s a lot of different methods .

when it comes to thinning sometimes a hairdresser might use thinning scissors other times it’s in the actual cutting technique and the angle I would suggest just letting your hairdresser do whatever they’re the most .

comfortable with when it comes to thinning just simply go in ask for your hair to be thinned out on top of whatever you were gonna have done to your hair that day anyway thick hair has the tendency to get really poofy .

and bulky and and as for myself my post problematic area is towards the back right over here this bit can get real poofy if I’m not careful asking to get your hair thinned out will greatly reduce the amount of pouf that you .

experience and for thick hair pack number two we’re gonna take a look at some products that are extremely beneficial for people with thicker hair this first tip is simple if you’ve got thick hair use thick hair product the .

density of a heavy product adds a huge amount of control that other products even other stronghold products can’t really provide for that thick hair and since your hair is thick it’s not gonna be weighed down by a heavy .

product as for examples if you’ve been around you’ll know that hair clays are my personal favorite styling product a lot of people agree and a lot of people find them overrated and it almost always comes down to your hair type .

heavy clay products such as cavalier work a treat for thicker hair now the other product category that I would .

recommend checking out are here hip hair serums here serums however this is actually almost the opposite to the thick heavy products I was just talking about because the consistency is it’s very soft and squishy but that said hair. 

serums actually work the best for people with thicker hair this is because hair serums absorb into the individual follicles making them appear and feel a little bit thinner with this thinner feeling it’s easier to control your hair .

into the result that you’re looking for and also helps to control additional flyaways and just general poof that thicker hair is known to have I’ve got two hair Sam’s that I think work really great one is a more budget option like this one is a little bit more pricey both can be found in the description down below unless you’ve got your hair .

products sorted out you’re gonna want to wash them out eventually I presume this brings us to thick hair hack number three the use of clarifying shampoo clarifying shampoos specialized in deep cleaning and getting all of .

that product gunk and residue out of your hair people with thick hair tend to build up product in their hair fairly .

quickly and you’re left with just this bulky mess that’s uncomfortable and it also doesn’t look that great clarifying .

shampoos are very effective in removing almost all the residue that you have built up and just one shampoo now .

the thing is because they are so effective they also tend to be a little bit more harsh and not as good for your hair I mean not good if you use them on like a daily basis for example I’ve got these two which are great examples of .

clarifying shampoos the nature of Gina’s shampoo recommends using this just once a week and the red khun’s hair cleansing cream shampoo recommends alternating between this and your regular shampoo so switching back and forth after using either of these your hair is gonna feel super squeaky clean it’s very effective for people with .

thick hair who struggle with product build of course both of these can be found linked down below and obviously down in that description you can find that trusty Cavalier clay by bloom on if you want to check it out thank you .guys for watching this week’s video if you found it useful or entertaining or anything like that.