Best Pomade For Straight Hair

Best Pomade For Straight HairLooking for the Best Pomade For Straight Hair? You’ve come to the right place

different today the other day I was in a drugstore and I passed the men’s hairstyling product section and I was amazed at how many different options there are nowadays as opposed to Beck’s before Pete and Pedro when I

Best Pomade For Straight Hair

actually used to shop for it and so I thought it would be a pretty cool idea for me to go and actually buy some of the current products that are on the market that you can find the drugstores and test them out to find the best because I know that there are a lot of you guys out there that don’t have access to Pete and Pedro which happens .

to be the best product on the market or you’re just looking for a more budget-friendly option and so I thought it’d be a great idea for me to test try and let you know what to buy not to mention my hair this is looking a little rough could use some product gentlemen let’s head to Walgreens what’s up man and here we are the men’s section so .

what I’m thinking is that I’m actually going to be looking for a matte product I use Pete and Pedro putty and so I’m looking for something that’s similar to that so that I can actually style my hair with the new products and get .

the best result and give you guys my opinion I Old Faithful American Crew fiber I still love this stuff it is expensive actually about the same price as Pete and Pedro but we’re going to grab this see if I still like it Old Spice now has a. 

nice selection and it’s super affordable eight bucks let’s grab the putty for 9:49 I got to give acts ago let’s try the Dove sculpting paste I love doves products and so I’m excited to try it and got to be alright so I got five products I .

think that’s a good number and a good selection so I’m going to head back to the house get a shower and start testing some of these bad boys out all right guys fresh clean hair and ready for action first things first and a brush .

it into place first of all I’m going to try is the American fiver I used to love the stuff I still love the smell kind of lemony and fret it actually looks like there’s less in there and there used to be which I think is interesting is .

definitely less in there all right I’m going to use similar amount that I would with Pete and Pedro putty emulsify it.still smells great like I said and work it in I feel like I need more get it in there all right now it’s time to style and.Best Pomade For Straight Hair 

done not bad not bad a little bit of shine not too much the hold is decent I think my hair will go flat in about 10 minutes once I go outside and that was one of the issues that I remember having with the American Crew is that it. 

would look great as soon as I would style it but if it was hot outside or I went out into the Sun it was sort of flop down but in a pinch American Crew fiber great product it really it smells the same it works the same from what I can remember and it’s a good product now it’s good and it’s also the most expensive that I bought but now let me .

wash my hair again and what do you say what do you try yes all right so I use shampoo to make sure that we got the most accurate representation of how the products work axon has gotten a bad rap right because of those .

stinky ass body sprays but it’s uh it’s super messy which is one of my pet peeves this is much more tastes like juice that much and it’s really sticky but let’s give it a try um it is not I used I think too much all right I am going to style and I will be right back  all right um it isn’t as bad as I was expecting but my my hair .

feels dry when I was using the crew along with team Pedro cutting my hair when I run my fingers through it it still feels nice and soft and a little bit silky this my hair feels super dry and almost damaged it’s not damaged this didn’t damage my hair but it just it it obviously is leaving like some type of like waxy residue or something it’ll not wild about but in a pinch it would probably do let’s try Old Spice Forge one thing to note I shampooed my hair .

and I still smell the Axe fragrance on my hand so I’m going to drop that down to like a three because one of the things that I hate is a very pungent and fragrant hair product and one of the problems with acts as a general rule is. 

that their their fragrances are just really powerful overpowering actually and that’s one of the issues they freakin stink so this drops in ranking but as far as performance pretty good next up let’s try the Old Spice forged putty .

looks like putty smells very mild not bad oh it’s really soft for you guys that like a soft product I actually like a little bit harder product that typically so will go there it emulsifies basically it’s much much more who added now I’m selling it more you heat it up who that that is very strong as well and not necessarily to my liking in terms of the fragrance but fragrance is subjective that’s just really strong it goes into my hair a lot easier then the accid and ah .

so far this is my least favorite much lower hold than the other two and it really does smell and so that just in and of itself kind of knocks it down a peg I would rate this probably on the same level as the axe the whole is much lower on this then the axe but once again my hair feels dry it feels really dry and I honestly hate the smell but that’s my personal opinion I really love dove deodorant the Dove shave cream the fragrance of this is really mild .

dove has just really come a long way and honestly I’ve been super impressed with them so I’m excited to try this but first I got a wash why did I decide to do five I think three would have been sufficient alright here we go let’s .

comb it into place like I said does has really done a great job in terms of men’s products the fragrances are all nice and mild they’re not overpowering like axe or Old Spice this one really mild and it is a little bit more of a stiff not .

as this is like the putty but it’s still pretty stiff in terms of a product and still very mild very mild multiplies easy and it’s worth that bad boy in and okay you know the drill I’ll be back in a second all right and nice ah my hair .

does not feel dry which I like there’s not a super powerful fragrance the hold is not great it’s definitely not as good as the axe but it’s definitely on par with the American Crew and for the price it literally is half the price of .

American Crew the holes is kind of medium it’s not great but it actually says it’s medium hold on the container which would probably be the reason why and so does I’m going to say good job not super high hold but definitely .

solid and last but not least got to be alright last product it is got to be the spiking wax I actually saw this on my way out it was actually a higher hold so I grabbed this there Myles smell it is very similar in consistency to the .

Dove the fragrance isn’t bad it’s not great but it’s definitely not as bad as acts because that’s in my opinion can’t be too careful never knows out there watch and wait for you to slip up these days we were crazy and let’s see ah I .

think my hair’s just tired though um this doesn’t really do it for its real it’s still sticky it um I’m not really feeling it’s very sticky um I don’t know stickies the worst it’s weird it’s heavy feeling it feels waxy in my hair this is .

probably I would say my least favorite in terms of performance the axe is the highest hold that I tried though but in terms of fragrance this one like is it is this intense the forged putty not that great in my opinion the American .

Crew fiber is still a great product they haven’t changed anything but I would say that in this little experiment my favorite that I tried was actually done here’s the deal depending on your hair the way you style it I mean you .

obviously saw how I file and I use keep it softens it up and so it makes it a little bit more bouncy luscious and a little bit softer if you were to put any of these products in wet hair and let it air dry it’s probably going to lock it .

down it is definitely locking it down if you use the axe you’re also going to smell you from about three blocks away. 

but none of these even remotely touch Pete and Pedro pine I’m not just that I’m not saying that just because it’s my product if this is a superior product and one of the reasons why we designed Pete and page or the entire line is. 

that usually you’d go shopping and you’d find one product out of a line that’s good like I really like the American .

Crew fiber and the forming cream I think is good the pomade I’m not nuts about a lot of their other products I’m not crazy about dove this is the only product I’ve tried it’s good I would imagine other product they have is good it’s also super affordable and you can pretty much find this anywhere you can find a drugstores you can find it supermarkets the price super affordable why is it affordable because it’s not the highest quality stuff it doesn’t .

have the tentacles or hair healthy nutrients like Pete and Pedro putty but this is a bit more expensive bringing us to another point good ingredients with skincare and hair care they’re expensive the way that they’re able to sell .

these products super cheap is because the quality is a little bit lower quite frankly my hair is something that I cherish and you know for me to save you know five bucks as opposed to using something that’s a high quality like .

a Pete major product I personally would would spend a few extra dollars but this is a good product all of these are decent this I would say is really good this I would say is really good the other ones are decent and depending on .

here your hair style you may want to give them a try got something going going on here I’m not watching my damn hair again it’s tired guys if you want to try a super high quality product and you’re looking to up your hair game give Pete and Pedro a try there’s a link down below to Pete and Pedro comm along with a discount code if .

you’re not sure what products right for you we help you out there’s an email address down below all you got to do send us a picture of your hair and the current product that you’re using and we will be happy to make a PDA drove. 

product recommendation but in conclusion if you’re looking for a cost-effective good product you can find anywhere gives us a try if you like this video give it a big thumbs up if you’ve got a product that you would love for me to review down in the comments let me know and