Best Pomade For Thick Hair

Best Pomade For Thick HairLooking for the Best Pomade For Thick Hair? You’ve come to the right place

what’s going on guys so today I just want to do a quick video to show you guys how I do my hair and eyes especially for the guys out there who have hair like mine alright so my hair I always joke with everybody at that and I was telling I have the thickest hair in the world my hair is actually thick extremely wavy course you name it

Best Pomade For Thick Hair

whatever you want to call it and I have a hard time finding a lot of things I can and control my wave in my hair because it is just out of control so the best thing for me and my type of hair is for some reason water-soluble .

pomades I have no idea why it just does I think it’s probably because they harden somewhat which you know me personally I do not like because I do like recalling my hair and you know styling throughout the day and using a .

water-soluble I cannot do that as much you know unless I’m I go to the bathroom in wet comb a little bit but you know whatever so let’s just get to I’m going to show you how I style my hair so first off hair right now has no product in it right now I’m just putting some water and it just to wet it down a little bit I think that is key to .

applying too thick crazy hair like mine um I mean my hair so thickened waving crazy that even you know like .

voodoo broom and highlife heavy Marie’s is just ridiculous to get in my hair because it’s just so thinking crazy so today I’m going to be using lay rights the deluxe um I use I use the super hold as well but I actually prefer this .

because for some reason it just slips the easier in my hair so I am having to use a bit more than other other people just because like I said just cuz I’ll take my hair so for hair like mine I don’t know if you have ever liked mine too thick and crazy really get in there with this pomade with any pommy do you really go to work and you know don’t just over the top of it like that I actually get in there and work it in really well because if you don’t if your hair’s .

gonna split really bad and if it’s wavy it’s not gonna do anything for you so just really get in there with it I’ll focus on the back um me my hair I really love the way duck tails look you know so I always have to have a dove tail and I. 

like to have my side somewhat long because I don’t know when it’s short it just doesn’t slip for me at all because it my hair grows so fast so you know it gets long within you know a week and like I said my hairs so thick that just .

doesn’t do anything for me when it’s longer I can actually slip it down so next make sure you know you comb your hair through thoroughly coat your hair really nice um you know like I have one of these combs right here no thicker and thinner end when I start off with the wider toothed side on the comb just get it nice and coated and then I switch to the other side just a know-how put out even more just to get in there cuz like I said it’s just it’s just really thick now I prefer and usually only do a side parted pump it’s just I don’t I just like love the way it looks so .

when I make my part I actually get complimented on my part a lot because I know me I’m actually really um I have OCD really bad and if it’s not perfect I I don’t know I just I just go nuts with it that’s another funny thing too .

because I have OCD and putting petroleum-based pomades in the palms of my hands I’m really texture guy it just drives me nuts sometimes so you know it’s it’s actually pretty funny I think alright so if the part I know these .

combs own their client combs I think or something like that uh now they have this end right here and I use this for my part and it really works for me so I just pick a side and then draw in my line then I put the whole coma and I .

just pull it down then I hold this down and I make that part just like that I just starts licking it all down getting it all good ready to go all right so usually when I use petroleum based palm aids I don’t use just one pomade you .

know I usually like to mix it up for when I use water cycles I usually use the one primary water soluble and then I’ll use something on the sides you know I usually actually uses own Marie’s beeswax a lot for the sides it’s just I .

don’t know it really helps my hair out so what you get this all slicked and ready to go now if you gotta take your time and take your time you know sometimes for me it takes me a while to do my hair because it’s just my hair .

just fights me because it’s so crazy and other days and I can do it in five minutes and it pisses me off sometimes sometimes it just takes forever so you haven’t once you get it all slicked sides slicked whatever then you start .

doing palm now especially in this part of my hair because it’s longer in the front this part the waves just insane it just goes nuts so I got to really focus on that part of my hair because I said the weight just goes nuts and uh you .

know I’ll post a video on what my hair looks like when I use a petroleum-based by itself and how that wave just goes nuts and it’s pretty ridiculous so no get you here your pump going you know and niacin no I don’t really like um I like going high with my pump sometimes own but I’m like kind of in the middle I like it like that there you go. 

let it down a little bit and focus on the duck tail in the back just no but just to get there all right so they there’s somewhat of it coming together so then I grab grab my Murray’s beeswax some of this my science and in the back. 

because um no no it just really assists my hair in the back because we even with walrus all goes I really like to I wear a collared shirts a lot and always told my head back stuff no mess up it dovetails sometimes throughout the .

day still his stuff likes me allows me to slick a lot easier in the back you know just comb this stuff through again another thing I do too is I’ll take a little bit about that much barely any and I’ll work in between just these first .

three fingers and I will barely rub it in right here around the part just to get just make it stay throughout the day just like that so you said my hair is just extremely thick I mean it has to be from being um having Greek and .

Spanish descent so it’s probably why my hair was so freakin nuts I’m outta control just goes insane especially in the back right here I have a hard time getting the back to really do what I want wanted to do the front actually um. 

when I use layer ID and stuff like that who really works how home now I use I can swap a seat though and monkey brains and no other water-soluble stew but if some reason later it just works the best for me personally alright and. 

there you pretty much had at home know I could set throughout the day this pretty much hold lay right holds really well for me throughout the day but the duck tail does get messed up a little bit cuz I always wear collared shirts so there you have it huh back besides yeah there you go for you people out there who have thick crazy hair .like mine um in the comments below just uh clicking a comment if you know of any ponies o.